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            Bussmann: A Frontrunner in the Industry of Automotives’ Electrical Acessories

            Automotive's electrical industry is as important as the accessories remanufacturing and all the other products and services. Bussmann, which is a division of Eaton, develops and manufactures critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative circuit and power electronics protection. The Bussmann business serves its customers in the commercial, data centers, electrical vehicles, food and beverage, and other markets. For the automotive industry Bussmann develops a wide range of circuit breakers, fuses, switches, lights, flashers, battery accessories and many other electrical accessories.

            The Bussmann brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks as well as engineering, training and testing services. From electrical power fuses to fuse blocks and holders and engineering services, the Bussmann brand stands for protection you rely on.

            Innovatice compact high-speedfuse

            Eaton's electrical sector, develops their own Bussmann series compact high-speed fuse for compact drives. Their 50-400 amp fuses use up to 48% less enclosure space when compared with the classic high speed, round body fuses. This 48% less enclosure space allows the reduction in the overall size of power conversion equipment. The ingenious design grants for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance, preventing extensive equipment redesign. Also, it offers a traditional installation with a fuse block or bolt-on to busbar for improved design flexibility.

            Diverse automotive flashers

            Bussmann also offers a complete line of flashers for a wide selection of applications. These flashers meet SAE standards and other applicable state and federal guidelines. Bussman's line of flashers includes thermal flashers, heavy-duty electronic flashers, and super-duty electronic flashers.

            Reliable battery Isolators and separators

            Battery isolators are important since they prevent auxiliary batteries from draining main battery power in vehicle electrical systems. Bussman manufactures their very own line of battery isolators. Suited for light truck, RV, commercial and marine applications, this solid-state technology isolates each battery circuit to extend battery life by allowing each to charge and discharge according to need.

            Multiple batteries are usually connected in an electrical system - one to start the engine and another to power accessories. This can become a difficulty when a fully charged battery is connected to a partially discharged or dead battery. The current in the fully charged battery will flow to the less charged battery, until both reach a common charge level, or worse, discharge completely. Regardless of how many batteries are available, this current flow from one battery to another will continue until all batteries in the electrical system reach the same charge level and may block the engine from starting. This is why a battery isolator is very important as the ensure reliable engine starts. Busmman's battery isolators can eliminate the problem of battery drain altogether.

            Another great line of electrical product Bussman offers is battery separators that actively manage multi-battery electrical systems to ensure greater reliability. It gives a solenoid priority system for multi-battery electrical systems. The separator will utilize the auxiliary battery power to assist in vehicle starting when the main battery is low.

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