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Carpet Kit

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Warning - you're not alone when you enter your vehicle. Every time you get in, you take with you harmful outside elements like snow, dirt, and mud. So even if you're strict when it comes to eating and drinking inside, there's still a good chance that your interior components can be damaged by these elements. And the part that can incur the most damage is your carpet. So if you want to save yourself the hassles of buying a new one, consider investing in a Carpet Kit. Instead of forcing you to shell out your hard-earned money, this product allows you to do the opposite. With its help, you can get rid of the stains and other spots in your carpet without replacing the whole thing. All you have to do is to place its pre-cut carpeting pieces on the blemished spots. What gives this kit value for money is that each piece that comes with it is made exactly to the specifications of several vehicle makes and models. That way, you're assured that you're getting parts that are able match the color and style of your vehicle's carpets. Installation is also made easy since you simply need to snap the new carpet material in place and you're done. Lastly, this kit is made from durable materials so you won't have to worry about them wearing out quickly. With a Carpet Kit, you can easily restore your worn-out vehicle carpet. So to avoid spending on a brand new carpet, be sure to get this kit instead from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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Buying the Right Carpet Kit for Your Vehicle

It happens to the best of us: you're eating breakfast while driving, cruising slowly because you have enough time on your hands before work. You're being very, very careful, but you unluckily hit a bump on the road-your breakfast falls and your coffee spills right onto your aging carpet. You've been thinking of replacing that darn carpet, as it doesn't look all that great now, but have never gotten around to doing it. It has become an eyesore with all its burns, stains, and faded fibers showing. A replacement is inevitable, and today we'll turn your luck around by helping you choose the right carpet kit for your car.

Choosing the right fiber color and texture

The first thing that you should consider when shopping for a new carpet kit is how well it matches your existing carpet. You might choose to keep the undamaged part of your carpet, so before committing to buying a new carpet kit, make sure it has fibers of a similar color and texture. Carpet pieces that do not match can look odd and will definitely stand out. Another feature to look for is the material that the carpet's backing is made of, as it will tell you how durable the carpet is. The constant pressure you apply to your carpet every day can take its toll on both its fibers and padding, so its service life is very important.

Custom-tailored for your car's model

Some manufacturers customize carpets by closely matching the fiber's color and texture of your car's stock carpet. Sometimes a custom design is also needed for the carpet kit to perfectly fit your vehicle's flooring. Aftermarket manufacturers can offer a carpet kit that fits the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle. It is necessary for the owner of some expensive cars to choose a carpet kit intended for the specific brand and model. These cars feature specialized types of carpeting that can't be found in most over-the-counter repair kits. They can instead be found in online retailers, although a safer bet would be to ask the dealership the car was purchased from. Additionally, some aesthetic features to consider are colored heel pads on the driver's side and padding for sound deadening.

A good carpet kit can make your vehicle's interior look and smell new, and give it a plush look and feel. Never forgo the chance to replace your carpet kit once you feel that it's time for your car's interior to come alive again.

Repair Guides

DIY Installation of a Carpet Kit

Want to keep the fresh look and feel of your cabin? Then replace its worn-out carpet. Carpet kits are available in different shades and designs to mix and match with the rest of your vehicle interior. Choose one that is a direct fit to your automobile so that you won't have to cut it or hire someone else to install it. With these steps, you can replace the old carpet in no time:

Tools you need:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Trim panel removal tool

Difficulty level: Moderate

Safety tip:

Wear safety glasses and other protective gear. Park your vehicle on a level surface, turn your engine off, and disconnect the negative cable of your battery.

Removing your old carpet

Step 1: Take off the floor mats. Then remove the seats by pulling out bolts at each corner or studs that go through the floor. Don't forget to unbolt the seat belts as well.

Step 2: If your vehicle has a center console, remove it by unbolting the screws that secure it in place. Also take out the front kick panels of your ride by unbolting the mounting screws.

Step 3: Remove the door sill plates, along with other components, to free the edges of the carpet.

Step 4: Pull the carpet from one corner and work around its edges until you can pull it off the vehicle. After this, you have to clean the metal floor.

Installing the carpet

Step 1: Lay the new carpet over the old one to ensure it fits. You might need to cut holes for the mounting hardware of your seats and belts.

Step 2: Use adhesive spray to keep the carpet still along the edges.

Step 3: Reinstall the sill panels, seats, center console, and belts. Now that everything is back in place, put back the floor mats.

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