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            Carrand Products

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            Carrand: The Authority in Detailing and Cleaning Tools

            It all started in 1982, when Carrand focusedon niche product categories. They are the company behind some of the industry's finest detailing tools and top-notch cleaning tools. Due to their leadership, relationship with their customers, and never changing the innovative mindset, Carrand's success in the detailing and cleaning tools industry has penetrated the market. This is why they became the authority in detailing and cleaning tools.

            Carrand's product lines are divided into 3 divisions: Carrand Cleaning Tools, Carrand Brands, and Carrand Heavy Duty. They specialize in quality-made cleaning tools, such as wheel brushes, car wash mitts, applicators, microfiber towels, and much more. They are also the innovator behind Auto Spa Tools, Microfiber MAX, and Grip Tech TPR handles for their detailing brushes. Every tool is crafted to be safe and efficient on vehicle surfaces and comfortable to use. Up to the present, Carrand had already become a leading consumer products company that designs, engineers, markets and distributes a full line of cleaning tools.

            Efficient wash brushes

            Carrand is changing the way cleaning products are used by understanding the need for innovation, design, functionality, and quality in every product they develop. The wash brushes by Carrandare designed to clean all surfaces quickly and easily, tough on grime, and a preferred cleaning tool by car collectors and professional detailers. It includes telescoping aluminum pole and soft wash brush head that comes with an adjustable slide water control, built in hose swivel, and a super heavy duty die cast threaded metal tip.

            Reliable brush heads

            Carrand's focus has been and will always be on creating breakthrough ideas to build value and care for every customer. The Carrand's cleaning brush and wash heads live up to this ideal. Best used for SUVs and other vehicles. It has soft bristles that won't damage your car's paint. There are different types of brush heads and wash heads available in the market. One has an attachment to fit most pole handles and some features soft feather tip bristles and protective rubber bumper. Carrand's cleaning brush and Wash Heads are definitely ideal for washing automobile, boat, SUV, truck, van, siding, window and more.

            Dependable handheld vacuum

            As expected from the authority in cleaning tools, Carrand's core ideas have laid the foundation for their continued growth and their constantly evolving list of innovations. Carrand's handheld vaccum shows what innovation is.

            If you want to give your vehicle interior a thorough clean without too much stress, this vacuum is definitely an obvious choice. This handheld vacuum has a variety of tools to help the driver access all areas, clean the dash, blow dirt and liquid away and get rid of pet hair. Its ability to make a myriad of cleaning tasks easy is the driving factor in its high ratings among consumers who are fortunate enough to find out about this product before purchasing a less capable model. Carrand's handheld vacuum boasts multiple benefits. Consistent suction power, the ability to blow, flexible hose for easy reach, protects surfaces, and easy storage are just some of its highlights.

            Carrand Applicator

            If you're looking for a tool that can help you wax, buff, and clean your car, then what you should get is a Carrand applicator. It's a handheld washglove cleaning system, which has several features that are very helpful when cleaning your car. What are these features, you ask? Well, for one, this product uses a 100% sheepskin cover that efficiently removes dust from most surfaces. The Carrand applicator measures 10 inches in diameter, so it covers a bigger area when you clean, unlike other cleaning mitts and sponges that are only as big as your hand. Its clever, four-point flex design helps you clean your car with less effort. This applicator also has a flow-through design, allowing you to attach a hose, so the water flows through it as you scrub and clean. And because the Carrand applicator can be used with poles or telescopic handles, this allows you to reach those hard-to-clean areas. Flexible and versatile, this applicator offered only at Auto Parts Warehouse is one of the best cleaning tools there is.

            Carrand Bonnet

            Time for your vehicle's polishing? Then take out your polishing solution and polisher. Almost any polishing compound will do, but when it comes to your polisher, you need just the right one—the Carrand bonnet. Carrand offers two types of bonnet: the foam bonnet and the wool bonnet. The foam type comes in six, eight, and ten inches, each featuring an elastic edge to keep it snug on the applicator despite several uses. Foam bonnets are very soft, which makes them perfect for waxing and polishing. The wool type Carrand bonnet, on the other hand, is also super soft and has an elastic edging. It's more ideal for getting rid of oxidation on your vehicle. The wool bonnet can be easily washed, so it can be used for your next polishing and buffing task. Aside from these two types, you can also get the special wax applicator type with a special vinyl lining that keeps the wax on the bonnet only. Check out our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse and get a Carrand bonnet for your easy vehicle polishing today!

            Carrand Bucket

            Water may be free-flowing in some places; but in other areas, water shortage is an imminent problem. This calls for conservation. One way to help conserve water is to clean your cars not with a hose, but with a bucket. With a bucket, not only can you help conserve water, cleaning is easier, too. Thus, getting a Carrand bucket is highly recommended. Carrand offers two types of buckets for you: a regular, circular bucket and a rectangular-shaped bucket. The circular bucket has an easy-grip handle and a nine-quart capacity. It's ideal for washing your car using a brush or a towel. The second type of Carrand bucket, called a squeegee bucket, is shaped in a way that squeegees can be dipped into it without any difficulty. This bucket makes it easier to clean your windows because you can easily douse your squeegee in and out of the bucket. With the Carrand bucket, you don't only conserve water; you also make cleaning your car quick and convenient.

            Carrand Bug and Tar Remover

            Are you struggling with bugs getting stuck on your car? Do you always find traces of tar you can't completely remove? While these things seem to be minor problems, they will soon cause major headaches. These eyesores will keep sticking on your car unless you do something about it. Your best solution is to get the Carrand bug and tar remover from Auto Parts Warehouse. The Carrand bug and tar remover is perfect for your car because it eliminates traces of bugs, tar, and tree sap. Plus, it acts as a repellant against other unwanted debris. Aside from your car, the product can also be safely used on glass and on chrome. It comes with an easy-flow application tip, which allows you to conveniently squeeze the product on the desired surface. The Carrand bug and tar remover is sure to give your car an extra clean and extra shiny look. Auto Parts Warehouse offers you the Carrand bug and tar remover. You don't have to step out of your house to get this product, just browse our extensive catalog of cleaning products. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to bugs, tar, and tree sap with the Carrand bug and tar remover from Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Carrand Car Wash Brush

            If you're looking for a car wash brush that's more than just a handle with bristles, then you're in the right place. Auto Parts Warehouse has a Carrand car wash brush in stock for you. Carrand offers several types of car wash brushes: those with telescopic poles, those with flow-through brushes, and those with fan-spray controls and allowances for soap dispensers. So if you're tired of that substandard ordinary brush, then get the Carrand car wash brush. With Carrand, you can be sure that whatever type of brush you choose, its car wash brushes will effectively clean your car all throughout. These brushes use soft bristles that are gentle with your car's paint, but are unforgiving to dirt and stains. Their handles are designed with protective edges, so they won't scratch or damage your car's surface. So if you want a brush than will clean your car efficiently, a Carrand car wash brush is what you exactly need.

            Carrand Car Wax Applicator

            Want a sleek and shiny vehicle that screams "Look at me!" to onlookers? There are a lot of waxing and polishing formulas you can choose from, but you must be ready to get into some work before you achieve that head-turning look for your vehicle. To ensure that you do not encounter so much hassle, get a Carrand car wax applicator. Carrand offers not only applicator pads, but also a gripper to ensure easier waxing. The brand's car wax applicator pads come in a set of two, three, and five pads. These ultra absorbent microfiber pads are ideal when applying metal polishes, tire dressings, and wheel waxes, as well as vinyl and leather conditioners. And if you want a mess-free and smooth application, you can use Carrand's innovative gripper, a handle that holds the Carrand car wax applicator tightly to ensure even application of wax without making your hands dirty.

            Carrand Chamois

            Tired of seeing all the streaks and scratches on your car's body despite regular cleaning and polishing? If the problem is not with the quality of your cleaning and polishing fluid, then something could be wrong with the material you use to clean or polish your car. Because the wrong material can only cause more damage, you need to get one that's tough on dirt but gentle on your auto—a Carrand chamois. Available in full skin or synthetic type, this chamois cloth from Carrand is perfect for cleaning and polishing glass surfaces like your auto windows. The full skin Carrand chamois is available in three sizes—2.5, 3.5, and 4 square feet (sq. ft.). It can absorb liquid up to six times its own weight and ensures clean finish. Meanwhile, the synthetic one is offered in 2.5 sq. ft. with a dimension of 20 by 18 inches. It's strong but soft, lint-free, and extra absorbent, perfect for the sensitive finish of your vehicle.

            Carrand Detail Brush

            The mark of a true auto enthusiast is his strict attention to details. And if you fit that description, then one thing you'll need is a Carrand detail brush. It comes in two types. One is a set of three brushes, which includes a nylon brush for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, a brass brittle brush for minor rust stains, and a steel brush for major rust removal jobs. All three brushes feature ergonomic handles for easy grip and handling. Another type is a car detail brush used for interior cleaning and detailing. It has flared bristles, so it can easily clean dirt and lint from your carpets and rugs—leaving your interior spic and span. Not only that, it also doubles as a car wash brush. You can use it on your car without worrying about scratching or damaging its paint. For someone who pays a lot of attention to every crevice and corner of his car, a Carrand detail brush is indeed a must-have.

            Carrand Duster

            Dust inside your car is fine—if you're going for the Sahara or Gobi theme for your car's interior design. But since most of us aren't really into that, better keep dust where it belongs: out of your car. For that, getting a Carrand duster is a smart choice. This duster contains fine fibers that efficiently and easily remove dust from any surface, whether it's on your dashboard, seat covers, or windows. And it doesn't just push dust and dirt around, like most dusters tend to do. Instead, it captures and removes them completely. An even better news is, the Carrand duster isn't only for your car's interior, you can use it for the exterior, too. Because it has a long handle, it allows you to easily clean the roof or any other hard-to-reach areas of your car. And you know what? It even comes with its own storage bag, so that your car won't look like a janitor's closet. Pretty good for a cleaning tool, don't you think? Surely, dust doesn't belong in your car. So keep it out with the Carrand duster.

            Carrand Mud Guard Lock

            To keep your spare tire from getting muddied in its storage under your vehicle, you install a spare tire mount and bolt your spare tire on it. After having parked in some dark alley, however, you return to find no tire mounted on your tire mount anymore. Well, wrenches aren't exclusive to a few, so you should have used the Carrand Mud Guard Lock. Produced by a company that has been offering vehicle maintenance solutions since 1982, this mudguard locking system keeps spare tires, tool boxes, and equipment securely tied to your vehicle. It consists of a lock and a cable made of hardened steel and wrapped in a thermoplastic casing that's highly resistant to extreme temperatures and UV rays. The Carrand Mud Guard Lock has a 1.5-inch body and 2.5-inch shackle length, as well as a double-locking mechanism that makes it theft-proof. It also features a snap-open dust cap to keep dirt and corrosive agents from the keyhole. On top of all that, this mud guard lock comes with the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Search and place an order for this Carrand product now only at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Carrand Mud Guards

            When it comes to vehicle maintenance, nothing is truer than the adage "prevention is better than cure." While you can invest in expensive cleaning and polishing solutions to keep the shine of your car, nothing beats banking on products that prevent the onset of grime. And since the undercarriage of your ride and everything placed there are most exposed to road elements, installing Carrand mud guards is a wise decision. Mud guards are components placed at the underside of cars to deflect the road elements rolling wheels throw on the said area. The mudguard set Carrand offers is a spare tire mud guard that comes in two configurations: 1.5 inches and 30 millimeters. Both are perfect for keeping the undercarriage area and everything in it mess-free—even during harsh-weather drives. So before you think of investing in other automotive cleaning products, consider a set of Carrand mud guards first and you'll surely have an easier time cleaning your car, specifically its undercarriage. Find a set in our easy-to-navigate online catalog now!

            Carrand Polishing Cloth

            After cleaning your car, do you use a worn out rag to dry it? Using a worn out rag won't get the job done. You'll spend more time drying your car because a worn out rag isn't absorbent. You need a special cloth to save time and effort. That's why you should get the Carrand polishing cloth. The Carrand polishing cloth is much better than a worn out rag. Why? First, this cloth is extra absorbent, which makes it perfect for wax removal and polish. Second, the Carrand polishing cloth is completely washable and reusable. Lastly, it is hemmed for extra strength?guaranteeing quality that lasts. The Carrand polishing cloth allows you to clean your car efficiently: less effort for a better clean. Are you convinced now? Then get the Carrand polishing cloth from Auto Parts Warehouse. This site has a wide selection of auto parts and accessories. Our catalog features only the best manufacturers in the automotive industry, including Carrand. Carrand has been manufacturing innovative car cleaning products for 26 years. When it comes to auto maintenance, it's a name you can trust. So put that rag away, make life easier on yourself and cleaner on your car with the Carrand polishing cloth.

            Carrand Sponge

            Giving your car the care it deserves means cleaning it regularly. Sure, it's something you're not looking forward to but it needs to be done. Without regular cleaning, your car becomes an eye sore. To make your car cleaning activities easier, Auto Parts Warehouse offers you the new Carrand Sponge. Carrand has been manufacturing car cleaning products since 1982. When it comes to car maintenance, Carrand is a name you can trust. The company's firm tradition of excellence is preserved by the Carrand sponge. This sponge is extra-absorbent, making it perfect for eliminating bugs, stains, tree sap, and other unwanted debris. The sponge is equipped with nylon netting for maximum durability. You won't regret the money you spent when you see the wonders that a Carrand sponge can do for your car. Getting a new Carrand sponge is made easier by Auto Parts Warehouse. You don't have to step out of your house and waste precious time rummaging through auto accessory chains in your neighborhood. All you need to do is browse our online catalog. Auto Parts Warehouse has a wide selection of auto cleaning accessories. Order today and give your car the care it deserves with a new Carrand sponge from Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Carrand Squeegee

            To get something done right, you need to have the right tool. For cleaning your car's glass and windows, it's got to be a Carrand squeegee. Like other squeeges, it has a rubber blade that helps clean your glass and windows. But this blade is the very thing that makes it a standout; it's made from EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber. You see, the properties of this material make this product the ideal cleaning equipment. EPDM is very soft and smooth, so it won't scratch the glass's surface. EPDM is also extremely tough, so it's very resilient against abrasive elements and very flexible at both high and low temperatures. Definitely, you won't need to replace this squeegee anytime soon. Every Carrand squeegee also uses a nylon net and a heavy-duty sponge that make cleaning your windows faster and easier. Just use the sponge to apply the soap, then use the blade to wipe it off the glass. With this product, glass cleaning is fast and easy!

            Carrand Tire Wash

            Your tires have an average life span of 10 years. Cleaning tires regularly stops dirt accumulation and extends the service life of your tires. Clean tires also have better traction. Dirty tires, aside from being an eye sore, also compromise performance by decreasing traction. What can you do to maintain your tires? Get the Carrand tire wash from Auto Parts Warehouse to keep your tires clean at all times. The Carrand tire wash is applied on your tires for extra shine and better performance. Just apply a thin coat of this product to your tires after cleaning them. Your tires are rid of dirt and grime in no time. Plus, it extends the lifespan of your tires. Who wouldn't want that for their tires? The Carrand tire wash comes from a leading manufacturer of car cleaning products. Carrand has been manufacturing car products for over 25 years. It's a trusted name in the automotive industry. If you want the Carrand tire wash, just browse our extensive catalog of auto cleaning products. Auto Parts Warehouse is the easiest way to get your car needs. You're just a click away from cleaner tires and better performance. Get the Carrand tire wash today from Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Carrand Towel

            Time for car cleaning? Be sure that you have a Carrand towel with you! The right cleaning materials can add more years in the lifespan of your vehicle, so you must not settle for inferior ones. Even the simple towel that you use for vehicle washing and drying must be of the highest quality to ensure that it's tough and gentle at the same time. Carrand, one of the innovators in the field of automotive cleaning, offers a variety of towel choices for your specific needs. It offers a cotton terry towel, a microfiber towel, an evaporating drying towel, and even a shop towel. All these are crafted from soft materials that will easily get rid of dirt while taking care of your ride. Each ultra-absorbent Carrand towel is scratch-, streak-, and lint-free. It is sold either by piece or by pack. Or if you want something unique, you may opt for Carrand's Bag of Rags that measures a pound and is perfect for washing and drying.

            Carrand Wash Mitt

            Keeping your car clean is easier said than done. Everybody knows that a dirty car is an eye sore, as well as a threat to overall performance. Without regular cleaning, your car is prone to corrosion. But with the proper initiative and the right tools, you can avoid these inconveniences. That's why Carrand, a leading manufacturer of auto cleaning merchandise, continues to manufacture helpful products for car owners across America. One of its latest products is the Carrand wash mitt. The Carrand wash mitt makes cleaning much easier. On one side, the mitt is equipped with chenille fiber designed to gently buff your auto body for an added shine. On the other side, the mitt comes with a micro fiber mesh that removes bugs, tar, tree sap, and other sticky substances. This combination makes waxing and scrubbing an easier task. To add to these features, the Carrand wash mitt comes with waterproof lining that allows your hand to stay dry while washing. Auto Parts Warehouse offers you the Carrand wash mitt at an affordable price. If you want fast and reliable service, then order this part from our catalog today. With the Carrand wash mitt, making your car dirt-free is easy.

            Carrand Wheel Brush

            Well, it's not strange for wheels to get dirty all the time. What's strange is when they are kept dirty—that's just poor car maintenance. Feel like we're talking about your wheels? Then stop making excuses, get a Carrand wheel brush and get started on cleaning your wheels right away. The Carrand wheel brush is exactly what you need to achieve that spotless, shiny black look on your wheels. It has a round head and double-loop bristles, so it can easily pass through and clean the area between the spokes and other wheel crevices. Not only that, you can also bend this wheel brush easily, so you can clean the area behind the wheels or along the hub. Its easy-to-grip handle thus makes cleaning your wheels effortless and quicker. So don't leave your wheels in that sorry state, clean them up with the Carrand wheel brush that you can easily find at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Carrand Wheel Detailer

            You want your ride to give a positive overall impression, so you got it a new set of stylish wheels. And because your new shiny wheels are expensive, you're short of cleaning them with cotton balls just to keep them scratch-free and looking new. Well, don't be such a dainty cleaner. For your auto wheels, use the Carrand Wheel Detailer. It's a Carrand innovation that's crafted to keep your wheels clean and looking great. Specifically named the Wheel Wedge, this microfiber detailer removes dirt and dirt alone, making it safe for cleaning both clear-coated and painted wheels. It can safely remove not only road grime but also brake dust without causing damage to the wheel rim's coating. Plus, this wheel detailer has double-sided hand pockets that make wheel-cleaning easier for you. With the Carrand Wheel Detailer, keeping your car's wheels, expensive or not, clean and appealing is never a problem. Check out our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse and order this wheel detailer now.

            Carrand Products

            A little bit of rubbing and scrubbing with a set of well-made cleaning tools would go a long way, especially when it comes to your vehicle’s exterior. The polish, paint, windows, and hood are the first things people notice when checking out your ride, so you have to make sure the exterior is completely spotless and presentable at all times. Regular maintenance and cleaning is the key to eliminate all traces of dirt and grime on the surface, but you won’t be able to do this routine upkeep without the help of Carrand cleaning tools. This brand is the number one expert when it comes to car maintenance, and it has been a leading manufacturer of automotive cleaning tools since 1982. To give the best possible service and to maintain their top spot in the industry, the company only manufactures top-of-the-line cleaning products that bring excellent and immaculate polish to any vehicle. Carrand carries over 200 high-quality cleaning tools, including car wash brushes, squeegees, wash mitts, sponges, spray nozzles, drying towels, and applicators, to name a few. Each product undergoes a rigorous testing process first to determine its quality and durability before being distributed to various retailers. The company’s headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, California houses cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology that are used to engineer superior-quality tools. Based on the four main principles of innovation, functionality, quality, and design, the brand strives to change the world of cleaning tools and help car owners better understand the importance of a spotless exterior.

            A well-maintained car will give you better service and performance. Reward it with a polish and a scrub every now and then, and your ride’s good condition will last for a long time. To get that pristine, clean look, invest on Carrand cleaning tools. You can purchase the complete line here at Auto Parts Warehouse without having to break your budget. We have the best, most affordable selection of high-quality parts, tools, equipment, and accessories from topnotch brands in the industry, so there’s no need for you to empty your wallet when shopping for your automotive needs. We understand the value of hard-earned money, and that’s why all of our products are marked with absolutely low prices to help you save more cash. And you don’t have to search anywhere else to get the parts or tools your vehicle needs. With our massive inventory of more than 550,000 replacement pieces, accessories, devices, and equipment, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for right here. This means you’ll be able to save not only money, but also time, effort, and energy. If you want fast and reliable results for Carrand cleaning tools, just enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model on our user-friendly search engine. You won’t even lose your way around our website because we’ve designed it with an easy-to-navigate interface to avoid confusion and complicated options. And if you have any questions and concerns before making a purchase, just dial our 24/7 toll-free hotline to reach our customer service representatives. Buy Carrand cleaning tools from our selection today for a spotless, polished ride!

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