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            Cataclean: Taking Fuel and Exhaust System Cleaning to the Next Level

            The service engine light comes on, the fuel consumption goes up, and the exhaust emits excessive smoke. From a beast under the hood, the engine has turned into somewhat of a slowpoke. It hesitates, idles roughly, lacks power, and doesn't start instantly. All these could boil down to one thing: the need for thorough fuel and exhaust system cleaning. A single pour-in treatment can be used to maintain the efficiency and overall optimum working condition of the fuel and exhaust system. Cataclean is specially formulated to remove carbon buildup within the valve train and combustion chambers of the vehicle. This patented fuel and exhaust system cleaner is a product of Mr. Gasket, a well-known brand under Holley Performance, manufacturer of wide-range fuel system solutions. This fast-acting formula is a tried-and-tested solution for fuel and exhaust system maintenance.

            Fast-acting formula

            Cataclean is scientifically formulated to keep the fuel and exhaust system clean, removing deposits and contaminants as it flows throughout the system. Deposits that have gathered and built up due to the hydrocarbon's oxidation and polymerization in the fuel delivery system is broken down by the solvents found in Cataclean. Aside from the solvents that get rid of the deposit buildup, it also contains acetone, an ingredient that enhances fuel combustion efficiency. Acetone helps improve octane ratings and keeps fuel burning more evenly. As such, this active ingredient has been used in race vehicles for better performance on the track. When poured into the system, the fuel and exhaust system cleaner burns, which releases and forms compounds made up of carboxylic acids, aldehydes, and active peroxy. When mixed with exhaust vapors, these compounds can reach through the insides of the catalytic converter and clean the surface. Deposits that have settled from the core's surface are then removed. This makes the catalyst even more effective in expelling harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

            The Cataclean advantage

            The patented formula is specially designed to maintain and restore the vehicle's fuel and exhaust system. Cataclean removes carbon buildup in the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, fuel injector, and cylinder heads, keeping them safe from contaminants and allowing them to work at their best. The solution also eliminates resin, gum, and deposits left behind by fuel blends without altering the fuel composition. It can effectively clean the diesel particulate filter (DPF). All these lead to increased fuel efficiency, a cleaner, better-performing engine, and up to 50% less total hydrocarbon.

            Tried and tested

            Cataclean has been tried and tested by industry experts. This is guaranteed safe for all types of engine—gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. To assess its features and benefits, this has been used on GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. Results from this series of tests confirm that the solution works in keeping the catalytic converter and other crucial parts of the system clean and protected. Proven to reduce harmful emissions, Cataclean is often used by vehicle owners before taking an MOT test. Since this is safe and effective, this product is declared legal in all 50 states in the US. For best results, this single pour-in treatment can be used 3 to 4 times a year, throughout the different seasons.

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