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            Centerforce Products

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            Centerforce: Engineering Excellent Clutch Systems for Over 25 Years

            Centerforce banks on its reputation for being the leading brand in the US for performance clutch and pressure plate systems. Bill Hays, the legendary Hot Roder and SEMA Hall of Fame member, developed an innovative design of plate system that addresses the problems faced in older models of clutches. Hays' invention of a competition-rated clutch and pressure plate system paired with non-asbestos friction facings became a major hit on the market, prompting the Hays family to form Midways Industries, Inc. in 1982.

            Midway Industries, Inc. became the primary source of Centerforce products. Beginning as a small shop in Midway City, California, the company branched out to a 48,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Prescott, Arizona. This facility accommodates the production of a wide range of Centerforce products that are in demand among US consumers until today. With nine separate US patents under its sleeves, Centerforce boasts a top-of-the-line product catalog that includes various clutch series, flywheels, and other clutch-related accessories. To date, Centerforce is a proud manufacturer of more than 1,700 various non-asbestos clutch and pressure plate applications-all of which reflect Centerforce's excellence that was recognized in 1998 when it won the PWA's Manufacturer of the Year award.

            Top-quality clutch assemblies and kits

            Centerforce ensures that it meets all of the market demands as much as possible. With Hays' goal, his company that is now managed by the third generation of the family delivers a number of product series, each with specialized functions. The DFX line is geared toward high-end applications that give prime importance on strength, holding capacity, and drivability. Speedsters can opt for a DFX clutch system to enjoy maximum performance while maintaining safety.

            The Light Metal Clutch (LMC) series, on the other hand, is the best pick for vehicles engaged in road racing. Thanks to its lightweight build and low-inertia performance paired with the patented 'Ball Bearing' actuated diaphragm, this series is a popular choice. Meanwhile, owners of other types of vehicles can choose from Centerforce's other product series like Centerforce I, Centerforce II, and Dual Friction series.

            Long-lasting flywheels

            This brand's flywheels are engineered to provide an extended life and functionality that easily make them the best choice for high-performance driving enthusiasts. Its flywheels are made of various materials that are designed for specific applications. The 400 series features OE replacement wheels made of cast iron, the 700 series boasts the billet steel material, while the 800 and 900 series both take pride in aircraft-grade billet aluminum.

            All of the flywheels manufactured by Centerforce guarantee durability, but they are also known for easy installation and top-notch performance. Opting for the premium-grade billets and setting aside castings, Centerforce manages to stand out among its competitors and even maintain its status as an industry leader for more than two decades to date.

            Versatile clutch accessories

            Other than its well-received clutch system products, Centerforce also offers a range of clutch accessories to complete its product line. Standard alignment tools for universal applications, high-quality OE replacement pilot bearings and bushings, and premium-grade throw out bearings are the available accessories consumers can expect from an industry leader like Centerforce.

            Centerforce Clutch Disc

            The clutch disc is the most important part of the clutch system, and when it is worn beyond usefulness, the Centerforce clutch disc is an outstanding replacement. Also known as the clutch plate, the Centerforce clutch disc provides the essential friction between the flywheel and the pressure plate. The Centerforce clutch disc is made of material similar to the brake pads in your vehicle, and this is what provides the friction. Compared to the stock clutch disc, the Centerforce clutch disc can provide up to ninety percent more friction, making it more efficient and longer lasting than the original unit. Order your Centerforce clutch disc today from our secure website or via our toll-free number and you'll soon be back on the road in fine condition.

            Centerforce Clutch Kit

            When your clutch goes bad, there are very few better replacements than the Centerforce clutch kit. A new pressure plate and clutch disc is included in the Centerforce clutch kit. Available in four levels of performance, the Centerforce clutch kit offers anywhere from thirty percent to ninety percent more friction between the pressure plate and flywheel. If you need high-performance and less weight, the aluminum Centerforce clutch kit can be used with an aluminum flywheel for optimum weight reduction. The Centerforce clutch kit is manufactured for manual transmissions in almost any vehicle. Designed to exceed OEM durability, the Centerforce clutch kit is a great value.

            Centerforce Flywheel

            In a manual transmission, the Centerforce flywheel serves two functions. When you turn the key of your car, the battery sends full power to the starter, which moves the pinion gear into the Centerforce flywheel, turning the engine over. In addition, the Centerforce flywheel is an essential link in the clutch system, which transfers power from the engine to the transmission. When you replace your flywheel and its missing teeth with a Centerforce flywheel, your vehicle will start and run almost as if it is brand new again. The Centerforce flywheel is available for almost any make and model of vehicle with a manual transmission.

            Centerforce Pressure Plate

            The pressure plate is an essential part in the drive train of your vehicle, and if it goes bad, there is a Centerforce pressure plate available for your vehicle. The Centerforce pressure plate transfers the power from the engine to the transmission. Designed using exacting specifications, the Centerforce pressure plate is tested thoroughly for proper fit and operation. The Centerforce pressure plate is available for almost any make and model of vehicle with a manual transmission. The Centerforce pressure plate is made of the highest quality materials, carries a full manufacturer's warranty, and it will normally outlast the original pressure plate. Our secure online ordering and toll-free number make buying your Centerforce pressure plate from us a fast and pleasant experience.

            Centerforce Release Bearing

            Without a properly operating clutch, your vehicle is going nowhere quick, but we have all the parts to repair it, including the Centerforce release bearing. Also called a throw-out bearing by some people, the Centerforce release bearing compresses the levers of the pressure plate when it moves forward, disengaging the clutch. A new Centerforce release bearing can repair a clutch system that is not properly disengaging. Made to very exact specifications, the Centerforce release bearing will often outlast the original release bearing in your vehicle at a much lower price. There is a Centerforce release bearing made for almost any clutch.

            Centerforce Products

            In competitive fields like racing or drifting, clutch performance is serious business. It only takes split-seconds to decide the outcome of a race, so proper gear changes are extremely vital for victory. When it comes to high-performance clutch parts, few brands have a good name and history like Centerforce. It has a reputation for durable and reliable products that perform superbly. In the early 1980s, renowned hot rodder Bill Hays developed the Weighted Clutch System as an answer to the problems inherent in conventional clutch systems back then. This system utilizes properly-distributed weight and centrifugal force to improve clutch effectiveness while keeping the pedal easy to depress. The Hays family established Midway Industries, Inc. in order to produce and market Centerforce products better. The company is a long-time member of SEMA and PWA, winning numerous awards such as Best New Performance Street Award and the 1998 PWA Manufacturer of the Year, to name a few. Over the years, Midway Industries has grown from a small shop in Midway City, California into a large company with a 48,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Prescott, Arizona. The company pays a great deal of attention to research and development, quality control, and customer service. That’s why it’s the leading brand of performance clutches in the market today. Aside from the patented Weighted Clutch System, Centerforce also manufactures the Dual Friction, LMC, and DFX Clutch systems and various other related parts. All of these products conform to the high standard of quality needed in tough driving conditions such as racing, off-roading, or towing. For comfortable pedal feel and excellent grip, Centerforce’s clutch parts are the best choice for your ride.

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