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Centric: The Product of Expertise Combined with Dedication to Quality

Managed by experts in the aftermarket industry, Centric has been producing high-quality brake components and systems for over a decade. Its products are suitable for daily driving, heavy-duty applications, and spirited motorsports. With continuous research and development, Centric is able to provide brake products that address the consumers' needs.

Centric offers products that are designed by skilled and seasoned experts in the automotive industry. The executives in this company have earned significant experience in different parts of the auto industry, resulting in a combination of various fields of expertise such as materials engineering, aftermarket business, and manufacturing. Some of the famous names that make up Centric's meticulous team include Dan Lelchuk, a previous officer of Beck and Arnley, and Stephen Ruiz, an established industry expert with over 20 years of brake and friction materials experience.

Serious performance brake kits

Motorsports has been a significant part of the heart and soul of the automotive industry across the fifty states. There are many enthusiasts that spend time building their dream machines using aftermarket parts. They beef it up with huge blocks, rebored cylinders, bigger heads, superchargers and other components to get the maximum horsepower and torque for their applications. But this will not really matter if you are not able to control your vehicle when you need it the most. To be able to counter the massive force from the time you mash on the gas pedal, you will also need good brakes. But for a street legal weekend warrior, stock brake components will just not make the cut.

StopTech is Centric's answer to that. The StopTech Balanced Brake Upgrades are crafted for production vehicles that are modified to go real fast. These big brake kits offer discs with more surface area to be able to help high-powered street machines stop with ease. But it does not stop there. With the thoughtfulness of the design crew, the products are offered in vibrant color schemes to tell people that your ride means serious business. You will find these brakes installed on daily driven cars, as well as pro street and pro touring rides. But of course, you might have to put on bigger wheels to make room for the brakes.

Capable brake pads

Not all vehicle owners are inclined on boosting their vehicles to get pleasure from the extra oomph modified machines produce. Some of them are happy preserving their beloved rides to stock specifications. Centric addresses this segment with its own line of OE-spec brake pads. This product line is devoted to true blue American vehicles. Loyalists of these models should be happy campers with the array of products they can get like the C-Tek Ceramic Brake Friction. This pad is designed to last over a good period of time with minimal dust production.

Reliable hydraulic systems

To make your brakes bite, you also need other components for your hydraulic system. Centric produces these parts as well. Continuous research and updates help the brand craft products like master cylinders, brake boosters and brake hoses for different makes and models. The quality standards in its manufacturing processes ensure that you can get reliable replacements when it is already time to discard your old part.

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