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About Chrysler

Chrysler Cares

Chrysler-what's so special about this name? For starters, Chrysler is one third of the Big Three, the triumvirate of the largest domestic automakers, which also includes Ford and General Motors. Founded in 1925 by a brilliant machinist, Walter P. Chrysler, this automaker is responsible for many innovations in the automotive world. In fact it is the first automaker to use power hydraulic brakes (1932), make alternators standard across all models (1961), and make driver side airbags standard on all cars (1990), among others. By introducing many improvements in engine, efficiency, safety and even in-car entertainment, Chrysler established itself as an undisputed industry leader.

Enhanced Engineering

Before Chryslers are sold in the market, they undergo rigorous crash tests that involve a trillion calculations. Though it only takes a matter of hours to complete each test, it greatly contributed to the knowledge base. By the time sample parts came out of the tools, the vehicle passed all the crash standards. The assembly process is also known and all the components fit well together since the computer automatically monitors the new parts for welding, fit, and assembly access.

Enchanting Entertainment

Make the vehicle your favorite room in the house, said CEO and chairman of Chrysler, Bob Nardelli. This is what the company desires to become. Inside Chrysler cars, you get enchanting entertainment that make you feel that you're in your own home. Last fall of 2008, it released the Sirius Back-Seat TV application that has a nine-inch screen. The rearmost one can also be swiveled to face forward to let the middle seat passengers be able to see it as well. If that's not enough, Chrysler even made Internet connectivity possible. It connects to WiFi antenna making your automobile a wireless hotspot. Surely, this has become your favorite room.

Efficiency and Safety

Though the Blind-Spot Monitoring is nothing new, Chrysler still did something to make it extra special. The Cross-Path sensing is the company's trick. This enables you to reverse with the sensors, broadening their view to 65 feet and looking both ways as you back out of a parking spot. It also alarms if another vehicle is moving down the aisle from either direction.

So, what's so special about Chrysler? With all these innovations that the company built into its models, it is truly exceptional. From the time it was conceived and until today, Chrysler really puts the comfort of the people first.

Chrysler Highlights

Chrysler 300C: One of the Most Awarded Cars of All Time

The Chrysler 300 Series is a line of full-size luxury sedans from the Chrysler brand. The first generation of the high-end sedan line was introduced back in 2004 and became an instant hit with the premium segment of the market. Its success wasn't really surprising since the original Chrysler 300 was sleek, classy, and high-performing after all. Its relatively affordable price compared to other luxury cars also contributed significantly to that success.

Chrysler 300C: An Important Release

The sedan line's impressive sales numbers led the brand to release more variants of the Chrysler 300. Chrysler came out with a station wagon variant, a diesel version of the car, a Touring model, a Limited model, the Heritage Edition model, and even models that are built for the racetrack. But out of all the variants of the original Chrysler 300, the Chrysler 300C (a top-of-the-line version of the original Chrysler 300) is arguably the most important release. Indeed it is, and it has a pretty solid argument for the previous statement-it's the most awarded new vehicle of the 2000s and one of the most awarded new cars of all time.


Below is a list of some of the Chrysler 300C's accolades:

  1. Smart Money's Best Full Size Sedan for 2004
  2. Auto Week's America's Best Sedan for 2004
  3. Money Magazine's Car of the Year for 2004
  4. 2005 North American Car of the Year
  5. 2005 Canadian Car of the Year
  6. Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 2004
  7. Automobile Magazine's Automobile of the Year for 2005
  8. Edmunds Editors' Most Wanted Vehicle for 2005
  9. Made it to Car and Driver's list of Ten Best Full-Size Sedans of 2005 and 2006
  10. Maxim Magazine's Car of the Year for 2005
  11. Road and Travel Magazine's Car of the Year for 2005
  12. Automotive Fleet's Fleet Car of the Year for 2005
  13. Automotive Rhythms' Urban Elite Car of the Year for 2005
  14. African-Americans On Wheels/Urban Wheel Awards Car of the Year for 2005
  15. Detroit News' Car of the Year for 2005
  16. Made it to The Sexiest Cars of 2005 list of Life Magazine
  17. Made it to Advertising Age's 10 Hottest Cars list of 2005

Chrysler Trivia

Chrysler Tidbits

  • The Chrysler Building in New York City was the tallest in the world for a total of 11 months, right before the Empire State Building was erected.
  • The Chrysler Building was completed in May 20, 1930 and became the tallest structure in the world, as it exceeded the height of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Chrysler introduced the world's first streamlined car, which was known as the 1934 Chrysler Airflow.
  • Known as the luxury cars that are more budget-friendly than most vehicle makes out there, Chrysler vehicles definitely provide value for your money. Aside from their affordability, these cars are also known for their innovatively engineered vehicle systems and the high-grade Chrysler parts that make them up. As a matter of fact, this brand has earned several engineering firsts when it comes to parts and accessories that are made to perform well and last long. These achievements include the first-ever one-piece windshields, downdraft carburetors, and oil filters that can be easily replaced. Because of such trademarked features, Chrysler was hailed as the "engineering company" of Detroit during the 1930s.Among the automotive systems that Chrysler was one of the first to use was the hemispherical combustion engine. The company first used it in its Imperial and New Yorker models. And if you think the car maker led the industry only by using performance-related Chrysler parts, then you probably have never heard that the company also released special edition units back in the 1980s. They were released in 1981 and 1982 as Imperial FS-with FS standing for "Frank Sinatra" Edition-and they came with Ole Blue Eyes music cassette tapes and CB radios. They were almost considered Chrysler parts! Absolutely interesting, right? Well, today, the people behind Chrysler continue to shake up the automotive industry with their unique and innovative Chrysler car parts that are meant to make driving a more enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling experience. So, indeed, even though decades have passed since the brand entered the auto industry, Chrysler has never lost its appeal and its dedication to its "design with purpose" philosophy.Now, as an owner of a car that comes from a brand that has gone a long way and has cemented its name on the automotive history's walk of fame, you need to do at least one thing to keep your ride always performing well. That is to use only Chrysler parts that are up to the challenge of being part of a high-performance vehicle. So, to make sure you enjoy the same performance level and durability you can expect from genuine Chrysler parts and accessories, replace them with OE-quality parts only from Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer a huge selection of both Chrysler accessories and performance parts at great prices and with great discounts. You can also depend on our excellent customer service, safe shopping environment, and reliable processing of orders. So for the best Chrysler car parts at the best prices on the net, shop only at Auto Parts Warehouse!