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Clutch Kit Products

Everything you need to replace a ACT clutch, Exedy clutch or Centerforce Clutch is included in these awesome clutch kits! We've got clutch kits of all kinds, performance and replacement, so shop with us! It's never been easier to do it yourself! We only offer the highest quality clutch kits around. The wholesale price tags on all of our products ensure the lowest pricing possible. Up to 60% in savings on any of our auto parts is just the beginning! Our online catalog is safe and easy to use and we offer free shipping on any orders that exceed $50.00. Top brands including Centerforce, Exedy, Sachs, Valeo and ACT Clutch Kits.

Buying Guides

Helpful Tips in Getting Your Clutch Kit

Most people think that clutch kits are used only for vehicles with manual transmission, but the fact is, all automobiles use clutches, even those with automatic trannies. So whether you drive a stickshift or not, if you notice that your RPM gauge is higher than usual and your vehicle takes a long time to accelerate, you have to replace your old clutch.

With all the products available in the market, choosing the right clutch kit for your vehicle can be tricky. Apart from the differences in specs and features, every kit also varies in application. Here are some tips to help you find the right kit for your ride.

  1. Find a kit that suits your lifestyle.

  2. If you are a trucker who does a lot of towing or a driver who is in the business of hauling, you should get a heavy-duty clutch kit. This type of kit is perfect for utility, off-road, and performance street trucks. It comes with thicker clutch plates and discs, so it is capable of withstanding the truck's high torque levels.

    But if you are the type of guy who can never get enough of performance and speed, you might want to consider getting a racing clutch kit. These are designed to withstand the high pressure and heat levels and to allow quick gear shifting during high-speed drives. This type of kit has a thin clutch disc made from organic friction material for better durability against excessive heat.

    On the other hand, if you are a daily driver who only uses his vehicle to get around town, you can opt for a stock street clutch kit. Stock kits have discs with medium thickness and padding that is perfect for automobiles with medium horsepower.

  3. Choose kits manufactured by reputable brands.

  4. Quality should always be the priority, not just budget. You should be careful when buying cheap clutch kits-most of these kits do not come with warranties. Purchasing a kit may also be considered as an investment, so if you are going to pay for a new part, you'd better go for one that can withstand extreme use and is guaranteed to last for years.

  5. Get comprehensive kits that are designed for easy installation.

  6. Installing, replacing, and upgrading car parts by yourself will save you loads of dollars. So if ever you choose to take the DIY path, get a kit that is easy to install for less installation effort and shorter completion time. It should also come with all the parts you need to avoid the hassle of having to find other components that match its specs.

Repair Guides

How to Replace Your Car's Busted Clutch

Having trouble shifting gears? Notice any slipping or grinding sounds from the engine during acceleration? If your answer is yes, then your clutch has probably gone south. When this happens, make sure you switch it as soon as possible-get a new clutch kit. Driving with a damaged clutch system does not only affect vehicle performance, it may also put lives in peril.

Before deciding to install this component by yourself, make sure you have a detailed manual to help you out in the task. Improper replacement of the clutch may damage your transmission permanently, so be sure you are experienced enough to do this on your own.

Difficulty: Hard


  • Jack
  • Hoist
  • Clutch cover gasket
  • Clutch springs
  • Clutch alignment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Scraper
  • Pry bar
  • Different sizes of wrenches
  • Pipe gaskets

Step 1: Use the screwdriver and wrenches to disconnect all the exterior parts around the clutch, including the negative battery cable, clutch cable, exhaust pipes, speedometer, hydraulic cylinder hose, etc.

Step 2: Grab the jack and lift your vehicle to access the transmission system. Use the hoist to support the engine or spread the load by putting the jack under the oil pan and using a piece of wood.

Step 3: Remove the busted clutch by taking out the transaxle, pressure plate, flywheel, and clutch disc. Take note of the marks on the components to index them properly. Make sure there is no sign of leaking around the engine seal, and that the needle bearings are properly lubricated.

Step 4: Clean the area around the crankshaft. Get your clutch kit and install the new components: flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, etc. You can use the clutch alignment tool to check that the parts are properly aligned.

Step 5: Re-install all the components you removed: transaxles, bolts, mounts, hoses, gaskets, cables, etc. Once everything has been set to place, lower your vehicle.

Step 6: Turn on the engine. Check your clutch pedal and perform a road test to see if gear shift and acceleration improved.

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