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            Cold Air Intake Products

            What's so great about a cold air intake and why would I want one on my vehicle? The answers are really quite simple. A cold air intake is a system to bring down the temperature of the air going into a car for the purpose of increasing the power of your engine. Cold air is much denser then warm, humid air. Since this is true, cooler or cold air holds more oxygen for any given amount. Therefore, the more oxygen going into an engine equals the more powerfull the combustion. Thus, you're getting more horsepower with the same or better fuel economy. Check out our cold air intake system brands in our awesome performance accessory catalog. These cold air intakes are guaranteed to be the very best on the market. You'll get the added torque and horse power you crave when you install any of our cold air intake system brands. You can expect a 8-25 horsepower gain depending on the application. We've got a huge selection of cold air intake systems in stock and ready to ship. What's also great is that you'll find these cold air intake systems are easy to install by yourself! We offer Free Shipping on all of our cold air intakes. For the lowest prices and highest quality cold air intake systems on the web, shop with us! Our wholesale pricing is unbeatable. Order your new cold air intake safely and securely with us. And don't forget if you see a better cool air intake price anywhere else, call ua and we'll beat it!

            Buying Guides

            Which Cold Air Intake is Right for You?

            With the right cold air intake, you can get strong horsepower surges, nonstop torque boosts, quicker throttle response, and throaty engine sound. This modification is perfect for drivers who want an effective upgrade without the need of shelling out more bucks and spending lots of time for installation.

            If you're on the hunt for the system that matches your vehicle perfectly, here's a quick guide to help you out in your search.

            How does a cold air intake work?

            The cold air intake is designed to make things a whole lot easier for your vehicle, specifically the engine. It helps minimize restrictions and interfering parts that rob the engine of its horsepower. This component places the air filter far from the engine to keep the air cool.

            This system works under these principles:

            • Cooler air within the engine helps produce greater horsepower.
            • Increasing airflow aids in maximizing fuel combustion efficiency.

            What are the different types of cold air intakes?

            There are no specific types of cold air intakes; the main differences lie on the design, appearance, material and price.

            • Design and appearance: Some companies provide longer piping with a few bends, and others offer shorter pipes with a single bend.
            • Tube (pipe) and air filter material: Low-end air intakes feature tubes made of plastic while pricey ones typically have tubes crafted from aluminum. Some products feature oiled air filters and some possess cotton gauze air filters.
            • Price: Cold air intake prices range from $40 to as much as $1000, depending on the manufacturer and added features.

            How much horsepower or torque increases will a cold air intake provide?

            Installing a cold air intake on your vehicle provides no specific amount of horsepower or rate of torque level increases. Manufacturers usually claim that power boosts range from 5 to 20 hp; however, these rates are not just influenced by the product. It may be different for certain vehicles because it is also affected by the following factors:

            • Engine specs
            • Cold air intake design
            • Cold air intake placement

            Most aftermarket cold air intakes (especially those provided by known brand names) are customized to fit specific makes and models. The important thing to remember before you purchase any air intake product is to know the specs of your engine and check if the cold air intake's design suits the said specs.

            Also, make sure that the component is street legal in your state or else, you won't be able to benefit from the installation.

            Repair Guides

            How to Upgrade Your Cold Air Intake

            If you're looking to add a massive kick to your ride's performance, there are plenty of options. You can get superchargers, turbochargers, exhaust mufflers, and many more. But in spite of all the modifications available, lots of auto enthusiasts still choose a cold air intake because of its low price and DIYer-friendly installation.

            Difficulty Level: Moderate

            Things You'll Need:

            • Owner's manual
            • Cold air intake kit
            • Hose clamps
            • Flashlight
            • Socket wrench and sockets
            • Pliers (needle nose)
            • Screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips-head)


            1. Remove your stock air intake system. Start by detaching the tube between the air box and the throttle body. Afterwards, detach the clamps holding the vacuum hoses.
            2. Once you're done, loosen the clamps holding the attach tubes to the stock box and the clamps that connect the intake tube to the throttle body. Take out the air intake tube.
            3. Remove the mass air flow sensor and other components that block access to the stock box's bolts.
            4. Unscrew the bolts and detach the stock box from the engine bay.
            5. Get the new air filter and attach it to the end of the pipe using a hose clamp.
            6. Count the number of vacuum hoses in your auto and see if it equals the number of hoses on the cold air intake pipe. If not, use the grommets to cover the extra holes.
            7. Attach the silicone coupling to the throttle body and tighten it at the end using a hose clamp. Place a clamp on the other end, but keep it loose.
            8. Carefully slide the intake tube into the silicone coupling. Check if there are obstructive parts-the pipe should be connected to the throttle and located far from the engine bay.
            9. Secure the other clamp on the silicone coupling and the brackets on the tube. Reattach the mass air flow sensor.
            10. Perform an engine check; make sure that the engine is operating smoothly while on idle.
            11. Cold air intake installation may take around 1 hour (60 minutes) for an experienced DIYer.

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