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            Comp Engineering Products

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            Comp Engineering Shock Absorber

            Want more speed and control for your racecar? Get them with the Comp Engineering Shock Absorber designed to give you excellent auto handling and superb ride quality. This shock absorber can be adjusted in three ways, letting your car easily adjust to different track conditions without compromising your control over your vehicle. You can adjust your shock absorbers in three ratios: 50/50, 40/60, and 30/70, depending on the demands of the track. Race safely and easily by investing in a high-quality Comp Engineering Shock Absorber from one of the most formidable auto parts manufacturers today. Comp Engineering features the best suspension and chassis components for both strip and street applications. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide selection of premium-quality Comp Engineering products like the Comp Engineering Shock Absorber. Get this awesome racecar component from our catalog now, and your vehicle will be revving and roaring at high speeds in no time.

            Comp Engineering Strut Assembly

            When it comes to auto racing, you need to ensure maximum vehicle performance without compromising your safety and auto handling. To do this, equip your car’s suspension system with the Comp Engineering Strut Assembly. Each Comp Engineering Strut Assembly is meticulously designed to give your auto better dampening and weight transfer when maneuvering and cornering. The assembly has low-pressure gas charging that dispels any sort of foaming within the shaft. Its piston shaft is micro-polished and plated with hardened chrome to help reduce friction and improve reaction. Easy installation is also guaranteed. Simply bolt the piece into its proper place and follow the instructions provided. Comp Engineering manufactures heavy-duty chassis and suspension components for extreme racing conditions, so rest assured you’ll give your car only the best with the Comp Engineering Strut Assembly. Improve your racecar’s performance by purchasing your own Comp Engineering Strut Assembly from Auto Parts Warehouse catalog today.

            Comp Engineering Suspension Kit

            Upgrading your auto into a lean, mean racing machine- Then get a racing component like the Comp Engineering Suspension Kit! This suspension kit consists of a crossmember crafted from solid industrial steel, giving your rear shocks a sturdy frame member to mount on. The Comp Engineering Suspension Kit will help give your ride the right amount of balance and height it needs to help you speed through road irregularities safely and easily. With this suspension kit, you can rest assured that your auto will give you superior ride quality and handling both on and off the racetracks. With Comp Engineering being a trusted manufacturer of high-quality racecar components, you simply can't go wrong with this suspension kit-just as you can't go wrong if you purchase it from Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer you the only best suspension products at the best prices on the market. So, check out our catalog today and maximize not only your suspension system's performance, but also your budget.

            Comp Engineering Sway Bar

            Wish your auto can make that sharp turn like a high-performance racecar- Consider your wish granted with the dependable Comp Engineering Sway Bar. Your car's sway bar or anti-roll bar is found at the rear or front of your vehicle, connecting your auto's left and right suspension systems. As its name implies, it's primarily responsible for reducing your auto's body roll and swaying when turning or suddenly braking. So what sets the Comp Engineering Sway Bar apart from similar replacement units- This sway bar from Comp Engineering is crafted from extra-durable DOM tubing for greater stability and longer service life. Coming from a renowned street and strip auto parts manufacturer, this sway bar is designed to counteract chassis twists and body rolls during particularly hard launches more efficiently. All necessary instructions and hardware are already included in this product for easier installation. What's more- Auto Parts Warehouse offers the Comp Engineering Sway Bar at a price that will surely make you want to buy one. So check out our catalog now and shave a couple of seconds off your best time.

            Comp Engineering Tie Rod Assembly

            Whether you're driving on the street or racing on the track, you need an excellent steering system to execute every maneuver as smoothly and as perfectly-timed as you can. And what else forms an excellent steering system but equally excellent components like the Comp Engineering Tie Rod Assembly- The tie rod kit links your auto's tires to the steering mechanism. Each Comp Engineering Tie Rod Assembly includes an adjustment sleeve, as well as outer and inner tie rods. The adjustable sleeve or shaft lets you fix the alignments of your wheels, while the outer and inner tie rods serve as pivot joints that move the wheels. All of these components are crafted from the hardwearing, sturdy materials to prevent the usual snapping of tie rods that sometimes also damage other auto components. Worn-out tie rods make your tires wander and wear more quickly, so don't think twice about replacing your overused tie rods. Invest in a high-quality Comp Engineering Tie Rod Assembly available and very affordable only at Auto Parts Warehouse. Get this topnotch auto component today, and don't let sloppy steering ruin your drive.

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