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            Conti Alternator Belt

            As long as the alternator belt is intact, then power will be continuously provided to the running engine to keep your car driving for hours even if the alternator is bad. The alternator has basically the same job like the battery, which is to produce power for the engine, except that the former recharges the latter for it to continue supplying the power. When the alternator becomes bad, you have to make sure its belt is still in good condition in order to stop disruption of the operation of your engine. A bad alternator is indicated when the alternator light turns on, with usually two reasons ? damaged alternator belt or the alternator itself. An alternator belt may have gone loose, from which can be re-adjusted. If it is gone, it needs to be replaced to avoid running the risk of engine overheating as it is also tasked to drive the water pump. Here at our company, a replacement Conti Alternator Belt is available to replace bad alternator belt.

            Conti Engine Mount

            When the engine mount of your car is damaged, this must be fixed the soonest possible time. If left untreated, it results to vibrations and noises coming from the engine combustion process. When kept it this way for longer period, you feel the vibration and noise causing the car to accelerate. Another alarming situation it could result to is the increased risk of a puncture in the radiator. Leaking exhaust pipes is another detrimental result that a worn engine mount could generate. These consequences are situations that must not be ignored; otherwise, you increase chances of unsafe road incidents. Just like any function of other mounts found on cars, an engine mount allow the engine parts to keep moving without letting you feel the vibration. These parts are kept properly aligned so the engine should be safe as well in its place. When symptoms of bad engine mount starts to spring up, immediately contact and order for a new Conti Engine Mount. This replacement unit is tested enough to withstand the rigors of an engine environment so your car is safe from its high-quality features.

            Conti Timing Belt

            Timing belts are usually preferred over chains because they are less noisy and more cost-effective. However, if this type is used, it is expected for a limited life expectancy; hence a periodic inspection must be followed as it may break at the most unnecessary time. Once worn-out signs are showing up, a timing belt requires replacement. Timing belts are typically what they call, the notched rubber belt (sometimes also called Gilmer belt). Its function is to allow the crankshaft to drive your camshaft in a quiet and flexible connection and allow opening and closing the valves in synch with piston movements. The engine of your car would not do well without a timing belt working properly. A bad timing belt may result from incurred cracks, excessive slack, shredding, and even oil leaks. This is the reason why a timing belt needs regular inspection as it easily shortens its life once triggered with those wear signs. Sometimes it gets the belt loosened, which happens once it is already hitting your plastic timing belt cover. Once you suspect these signs, look for a Conti Timing Belt through for a high-quality replacement product.

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