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            ContiTech Timing Belt Kit

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            ContiTech Timing Belt Kit Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 3
            Overall Rating 3.6

            When was the last time you saw a car being towed? Perhaps, that has been long enough, but what you must be aware of is that vehicles are commonly towed due to a worn timing belt. This component is responsible for timing the closing and opening of the engine's valves. Without it, the camshafts and the crankshafts will not jive accordingly, causing damage to the engine. Because this component is only similar with other belts in your car, it naturally deteriorates over time due to wear and tear. A broken timing belt will render your car inoperable even though it has sufficient amount of fuel. Thus, if your timing belt has been servicing your car for more than 75,000 miles, you have to replace it already. ContiTech is one brand where you can get a good unit, but before opting for this brand's timing belt, let us first put the product to the test.


            • Made of rubber and plastic
            • Includes drive belts, hoses, a pulley, and a tensioner
            • Sold in kit
            • Original equipment replacement
            • Without a water pump

            We tested this component on a 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and a 2008 Audi A6, and here is what we have to say:

            Thumbs up

            • The rubber and plastic materials used for the belt and the other parts were of good quality. The hoses, the tensioner, and the pulley looked all right.
            • The installation was not that straightforward but turned out okay after all the delicate positioning of the cam and the crankshaft. The challenging part was keeping the marks on the pulleys aligned, but with the right tools and parts, we were able to complete the installation in just under an hour for each car.
            • When we finally ran the two vehicles, we noticed nothing weird or suspicious about the behavior of the engines. The cars did not shake when idling, the start-up was smooth, and the exhaust was relatively normal to what the cars usually gave off.

            Thumbs down

            • When we measured the thickness of the timing belt, we found out that it was 0.015 of an inch less thick than the ones on the Lancer Evolution and the A6. We were worried that this discrepancy would result to a difference in performance.
            • We also found out that the heights of some teeth of the belt were uneven.
            • The manufacturer did not include detailed instructions on how to install the component.

            The verdict

            This product is generally affordable, but because it does not have a warranty that matches that of others, it is quite hard to give it your trust. Your timing belt and its peripheral parts are very important components, so it is better to spend more and get quality than skimp and risk replacing the units after only a few thousand miles.

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