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            Corsa Products

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            Corsa: A Quality Manufacturer of Exhaust Air Intakes, Air Filtration, and No-Drone Exhaust Technology

            CORSA or Corsa is a company that's driven to deliver the best automotive driving experience with advanced engineering technologies that create cutting-edge, market-leading products for motorists all over the world. Automotive enthusiasts depend on CORSA in order to get the best air intake, filtration, and exhaust system components and replacements possible by employing unique acoustic innovations and manipulating airflow through them.

            Corsa is a maker of all sorts of exhaust and intake assemblies that not only serve as decent duplicate aftermarket replacements but also as modifications and improvements to automotive factory parts. This airflow system business specifically offers additional power to your car and unmistakable exhaust notes that meet your car's unique demands towards better fuel efficiency and improved mileage in more ways than one. CORSA's advanced understanding of airflow has resulted in better, more economical engine usage as well.

            High-performance exhaust air intakes

            The exhaust air intake components and assemblies manufactured and distributed by Corsa are among the best in the world. In particular, the Corsa Performance Exhaust PowerCore Air Intake is an air intake kit that improves upon fuel delivery and potential while efficiently cleaning out the resulting waste at the same time. It reduces emissions and makes the most use out of your gas so that you're getting more from your fuel intake investment every time.

            What's more, this kit offers high-temperature plastic tube material that optimizes your engine's performance by ensuring leak-free air flow delivery. It also ensures optimum horsepower because of its unique sculpting of air ducts with huge diameters that maximize your engine's breathing abilities to their utmost. Meanwhile, the air intake for this product is composed of silicone connectors, ensuring flexibility while maintaining thermal stability and unmitigated strength.

            The purest air filtration technology

            As for the air filtration technology of CORSA's products, it offers the following capabilities. The PowerCore filtration system is designed to also ensure clean air to efficiently enter your engine through special channels and filter boxes that increase air volume. It also mitigates entrance of hot air while the air ducts maximize breathing capacity. Corsa PowerCore technology also offers closed box air intakes, which provide healthier breathing and better performance for your engine by the way they're set up.

            The air flow is further filtered out with cellulose media. The Ultra-Web Nanofibers of a typical PowerCore filter is much smaller than conventional cellulose fibers, so even the finest of dust particles and impure air won't end up in your intake chamber. Ordinary filters have larger spaces between their fibers, allowing certain microscopic yet damaging contaminants to load into the depths of the media, leading to eventual airflow path interference. This is not the case with the nanofibers of Corsa's PowerCore.

            High-tech no-drone exhaust technology

            In 1998, CORSA had a hand in rewriting the rulebook on standards and what a performance exhaust is defined as when it entered the exhaust industry around that time. To be more specific, it launched its revolutionary Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology that ensures not only efficient, low-emission exhaust but also a noiseless and vibration-free exhaust system.

            The RSC innovation enables Corsa exhaust products to lower their tendency to drone by reflecting sound waves out of phase, which effectively eliminates the resonant frequencies that cause the noise in the first place. This even custom-tunes the exhaust note for good measure. This acoustic solution goes hand-in-hand with CORSA filtration that ensures an environment-friendly exhaust system with the desired output that's manufactured with multiple OEM designs in mind.

            Corsa Down Pipe

            The stock down pipe on your truck is designed for standard engine performance, but if you want higher performance, the less-restrictive Corsa down pipe is an easy upgrade. The Corsa down pipe is the essential link from the exhaust manifold to the rest of the exhaust system. With the more efficient flow from the Corsa down pipe, your entire exhaust system will be improved. The Corsa down pipe is constructed from the best quality materials, and bolts directly to the stock parts. Installation of the Corsa down pipe is easy with all the necessary hardware included, is legal in all states, and will not void your vehicle's warranty.

            Corsa Exhaust System

            Offering extreme gains in horsepower, the Corsa exhaust system can literally double the exhaust flow of your sports car versus the stock system. With consciously created bends and supreme engineering, the Corsa exhaust system is designed for performance. The entire system is made from the finest polished stainless steel, ensuring that the Corsa exhaust system will look great on your car. The installation of the Corsa exhaust system requires absolutely no cutting or welding and is compatible with all of the stock mounting locations. The Corsa exhaust system is legal in all fifty states and is guaranteed as long as you own your car.

            Corsa Exhaust Tip

            To add that finishing touch to the look of your vehicle, install the Corsa exhaust tip. Made from high-quality stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, the Corsa exhaust tip makes a bold statement. In just a few minutes, the Corsa exhaust tip can be installed over the stock tips on most applications. All of the instructions necessary to install the Corsa exhaust tip are included in the package. With the easy-to-use clips, fasteners, and the included drill bit, putting the Corsa exhaust tip on is very simple. No cutting or welding is necessary, and every Corsa exhaust tip we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty directly from Corsa.

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