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            Cowl Hood Products

            Dull, boring, and lifeless - these are just some words to describe a car that's been in use for decades already. When a car gets too worn-looking, most owners trade it in for a new one. However, there's an effective yet affordable way of altering a car's appearance. You can make your ride look cool and attractive, for example, by installing a new cowl hood. Cowl hoods are readily available in the market these days. They vary in design, color, and finish so every car owner will find one that will surely enhance the overall look of his ride. They also vary in composition. Some of the choice materials used in their production is steel, fiberglass, and composite. These materials have different characteristics, though, so it's up to you to determine which one will work best for your car. On top of being stylish, these cowl hoods are durable as well; they're designed with a reinforced surface and a tough finish inside and out. Now, for Do-It-Yourself mechanics, here's the good news: installing the new hood isn't going to be difficult at all. To get the best cowl hood, make sure to buy it from reliable stores - like Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer an extensive catalog of cowl hoods for various makes and models, so there's definitely one that'll fit your car. Plus, we've got discounts ready for you. So don't wait! Bring back the character to your car and turn it into a more exciting road machine by ordering a new hood today!

            Buying Guides

            Cowl Hood: A New Level of Swag

            If you're looking to give your ride a stylish upgrade that exudes confidence, then you should replace your stock hood with a new cowl hood. This bad boy is sure to inject your auto with renewed swagger and turn heads wherever you drive. Cowl hoods come in various materials and finishes that help match your personal preferences. Here are just a few varieties of cowl hoods to choose from that will help you upgrade your ride

            Cowl hood materials

            Carbon fiber hoods

            This is a very hot item. Carbon fiber hoods are very lightweight, which helps in balancing out the weight of the entire vehicle and may even aid in boosting gas mileage. Carbon fiber hoods can also be easily painted, allowing you to enhance your ride's style even further. Carbon fiber is very durable and is actually the preferred material for aftermarket hoods. We recommend you get this material for its durability and budget0friendly price.

            Steel hoods

            If your main concern is durability, then get a steel cowl hood. This hood material is by far the strongest. The downside, though, is that can weigh your ride down because they're very heavy. In addition to that, they're pricier and rather difficult to install. So don't buy this type unless you're willing to spend extra and put in more work to mount it.

            Fiberglass hoods

            p>This hood variety offers numerous types of scoops and bulges that will increase your ride's appeal. The benefit of scoops is that they allow more air to enter the engine bay, which is sure to keep it cool. Fiberglass hood are also very easy to modify and are very light-in-weight. This is another recommended material that offers plenty of styling options.

            Hood designs

            1. Reverse cowl- has the raised opening at the rear, near the windshield
            2. Ram air cowl-has the raised opening at the front of the hood
            3. Cowl hood design just adheres to personal preference and holds little to no significance to the quality of performance boost for your vehicle.

              Recommended brands

              • Reflexxion
              • Keyparts hoods
              • StyleLine
              • Metro Moulded
              • APM Automotive
              • Keystone Restyling

            Repair Guides

            Auto Styling 101: Hooking Up Your Cowl Hood

            Boom! You finally got it, that stylish hood that will take your auto's appearance to the next level. But this bad boy wasn't meant to sit around in your driveway; it's meant to be on your ride and turning heads on every block. So get ready because it's time for you to install your new cowl hood. This replacement job is pretty much no different as installing any other hood, but if you have a lightweight cowl hood, then your DIY job will be all the easier. So roll up your sleeves, take out the elbow grease, and follow these simple steps and you'll have that cowl hood ready in no time.

            Difficulty Level: Moderate

            What you'll need:

            • Protective Gloves
            • Good lighting/ Flashlight
            • Cowl Hood
            • An Assistant

            Step 1: Hold your horses! Before getting started, put on some working gloves and closed shoes to avoid any mishaps. Safety first, guys.

            Step 2: Open up your hood and disconnect the windshield washer tubing.

            Step 3: Take out the washer tubing, hood insulator, and emblem, if applicable.

            Step 4: Depending on the vehicle, remove the hood prop and the hood struts.

            Step 5: Remove the bolts that connect the hood to the hood hinge on one side of the vehicle. Have your assistant support the hood while you remove the bolts on the opposite side.

            Step 6: Remove the hood and place it somewhere it won't become a hindrance to your work.

            Step 7: Have you assistant help you attach your new cowl hood. Install the bolts but do not tighten.

            Step 8: If necessary, install washer tubing, hood struts, and emblem onto the new cowl hood.

            Step 9: Close the hood and check its alignment. Make the necessary adjustments then tighten the hinge bolts.

            Step 10: Take your ride for a test drive and make your buddies green with envy.

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