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            Get the Best Automotive and Light Truck Aftermarket Parts from CTR Ltd.

            Central Transport Refrigeration (CTR) Ltd. is a manufacturer of all sorts of automotive parts, specifically air conditioning and cooling equipment, various automotive and light truck replacement parts, and brakes and wheels products. Aside from all that, the company also makes and distributes automotive bulbs, hoses, ignition parts, batteries, belts, lubricants, oils, chassis parts, drivetrain parts, suspension and steering parts, fuel systems and filters, engine components, tire repair or maintenance products, exhaust components, and miscellaneous auto and truck parts.

            The CTR Ltd. is a corporation that was incorporated in 1969 by the family of Ian Dessler. The Dessler family essentially started selling, installing, and repairing the refrigeration component brand of Carrier Transicold (which CTR has exclusive rights to) for trailers and transport trucks, helping the company grow. This eventually led to Carrier Transicold to become the fourth largest North American corporation, leading to the brand making $14.9 billion in revenue and hiring over 41,000 employees.

            Durable and long-lasting air conditioning and cooling equipment

            Anything related to refrigeration and automotive HVAC (Heater, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner) components will always remain one of the primary moneymakers for Central Transport Refrigeration Ltd., although it has branched out enough to also create OES aftermarket components for automotive and light truck usage as well as sale of various brakes and wheel products. It's practically an A/C supply center in its own right due to its roots with the Carrier Transicold brand.

            To be more specific, the company sells replacement parts and equipment for water pumps, radiators, blower motors, transmission coolers, rad hoses, antifreeze, serpentine belts, R134 Freon, A/C compressors, Red Tech, heater cores, and the A/C clutch, just to name a few. This is to be expected from a corporation that's considered one of the biggest transport refrigeration unit suppliers in the United States. These are all topnotch, durable, and corrosion-resistant OE-standard parts, at that.

            OES automotive and light truck electrical parts

            CTR's online store serves as a central hub of sorts for its wide selection of automotive and light truck electrical parts. The company carries stock from all the major manufacturers of battery cables, starters, blower motors, batteries, wiper motors, battery clamps, and alternators galore. There's no need to pay a fortune anymore in order to get factory finish, direct fit components every time.

            CTR Ltd. is an ever-expanding company that can respond quickly to many a customer's automotive demands thanks to its large collection of auto parts and consumables. These components are designed to withstand high electrical demands and extreme heat. The company has spare parts for all sorts of vehicles, plus they cover a wide variety of makes and models of car. Thusly, they ensure perfect compatibility for various automobiles, whether they're cars or light trucks.

            Protective and life-saving brakes and wheel products

            The CTR Ltd. Company also offers the best wheel and brake products around in the aftermarket industry such as seals, brake pads, brake cables, brake rotors, brake calipers, and bearing hubs, just to name a few products. After all, poorly made castings and brake components that lack the right hardness are likelier to crack under pressure and warp from high temperatures.

            What's more, the last thing a motorist wants is to have a car, van, SUV, jeep, or light truck that lacks any proper brakes as far as safety is concerned. It's imperative that they acquire good brakes to ensure safe driving as well as replacement components that don't compromise on their function, from the calipers that squeeze the pads against the rotor to slow a vehicle's forward momentum down.

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