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Curt Manufacturing: A Leader in High-Quality Towing Products

In 1993, Curt Tambornino and his wife, Tammy, began distributing imported hitch balls from the trunk of their car. Demand quickly grew for them to sell more towing products, but Curt couldn't find any that met his standards. He thought that the trailer hitches sold in the market at that time did not look good and they rusted too quickly. So, he decided to create several products himself with some help from his father-in-law's business. The result became the most cosmetically appealing trailer hitch in the industry, and the Curt Manufacturing Company was born.

Today, the Tamborninos still owns Curt Manufacturing. Despite employing almost 350 employees and owning 10 warehouses across North America, Curt Manufacturing remains the largest privately-held manufacturer of custom-built trailer hitches in the automotive industry. Headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, it creates towing products, original equipment trailer parts, and specialty equipment apart from its custom trailer hitches. Every day, this company strives to answer one challenge: to create each product so that it outsells any other product it is placed next to.

Top-notch hitches

With over a thousand of hitches to offer, Curt Manufacturing definitely deserves to be one of the leading producers of towing accessories. Its wide product options caters to the needs of various vehicles, including trucks, RVs, passenger cars, and SUVs. Driven by the goal to produce the best towing products in the market, Curt Manufacturing ensures that it employs state-of-the-art production processes and techniques from start to finish.

Curt Manufacturing hitches are custom-made to fit seamlessly on specific vehicles. The production processes that are used to create these accessories basically set them apart from their competition. These hitches are precisely designed and prototyped until they meet the requirements of a particular vehicle. They undergo strict testing to ensure that they pass the industry standards. Curt Manufacturing also ensures that these hitches are resistant to the effects of UV rays, oxidation, and extreme physical impact by dipping each of them in liquid Aquence® coating before applying a carbide powder or high-gloss finishing coat. Customer satisfaction is truly guaranteed with Curt Manufacturing's high-quality hitches.

Strong ball mounts

Proudly made in the USA from premium-grade steel, the Curt Manufacturing ball mounts boast durable quality and striking appearance. With the company's commendable capabilities in CNC forming and robotic welding, it's able to produce ball mounts in various designs, sizes, and gross trailer weight ratings to satisfy the towing needs of various customers. What's more, these ball mounts are also dipped in Curt Manufacturing's very own high-quality coating, Aquence®. This additional coating is applied to make the ball mounts tougher against corrosion and UV damage. To top it all off, drivers can also install these accessories using just the basic hand tools and they're good to go. With Curt Manufacturing's wide product selection and high quality guarantee, getting a top-of-the-line ball mount has never been this easy.

Outstanding hitch balls

When it comes to towing accessories, Curt Manufacturing fully understands that even the simplest components have a great effect to the overall performance and safety of the entire assembly. This is why the company strives to produce hitch balls that offer great quality, fit, and durability.

Constructed from high-strength steel material, Curt Manufacturing hitch balls are custom-made to precisely fit specific towing couplers. Finding a product to suit a vehicle's looks is also made easier with their nickel-chrome, raw, and stainless steel finishes. Like the company's other products, these hitch balls are also tested to ensure that they meet and exceed the high industry standards. All the effort and attention exerted into the company's production process just goes to show that Curt Manufacturing is truly committed to producing the best towing accessories for the automotive industry.

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