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            Custom Autosound: The Originator of the Classic Car OEM Fit Radios Since 1977

            Custom Autosound is a company that's been around for over 40 years at the time of this writing and definitely for over 30 years because they're the originator of the classic car OEM-fit radios since 1977. It's partly because of them that aftermarket replacement radios came to rise in popularity all throughout the 1970s and all the way to the 2010s. They're not merely radio makers at that.

            They've also expanded to creating various audio solutions, such as speakers, subwoofers, CD changers, Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile devices so that they'd instead serve as your radio, and so forth. They offer services for quite a number of vintage cars as well as the newest offerings of car manufacturers at present. Their radios are designed to fit right into the dashboard with no jury-rigging or special assembly necessary.

            Sleek and cool slidebar radios

            The manufacturing of slidebar radios just happens to be one of many specialties of Custom Autosound. They offer some of the best radios of this type in their industry and market, particularly ones with hidden digital displays, a USB flash drive player, a CD controller, and an iPod dock on top of offering your requisite AM/FM RDS function. The idea behind slidebar radios is simple enough. This Custom Autosound innovation allows you to slide this radio to the right, making your analog AM radio display drop away to reveal a more full-featured digital display with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from such a device. It also offers large push buttons to give your radio the perfect look that seamlessly integrates itself into a classic car dashboard without looking out of place.

            The unique propriety hidden audio system

            Here's a Custom Autosound exclusive you'll be hard-pressed to find in other car radio providers. The Secretaudio SST product is a hidden audio system that provides motorists great mounting flexibility on any vehicular type. It's termed as hidden because it's not placed on the front-facing part your dashboard but instead hidden under your seat or operated behind the dash.

            This hidden aspect of this audio system makes it a lot safer against theft and robbery by criminal elements. What's more, it even includes a 10-foot cord from the tuner/amp plugs that you can connect to your LCD display for extra accessibility. This is a system that you can run even from 40 feet away with the help of an RF (radio frequency) remote. The system even includes a flush mount bezel for a sleek console mounting appearance.

            The most expedient CD changer technology

            Although nowadays, everything related to recorded music is all done through USB sticks and Bluetooth, there are still quite a lot of motorists out there that depend on 1990s to early 2000s tech involving the CD changer. Some oldies remain goodies, so if you have a CD collection from the past and present you want to blast out on your car, then you should consider investing in a CD changer instead.

            Having this piece of tech allows you to shift from multiple CDs without you having to manually change it yourself. This way, you can enjoy tunes without interruptions or radio commercials at all. You can easily skip from track to track or MP3 file to MP3 file as well with ease. It even features compactness that allows you to put it in your glove box or under your seat. Like a DVD player, it even remembers the last track you played before turning it off.

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