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            CVJ: An Automotive Replacement Emission Air Pump Provider

            When it comes to automotive replacement or modification for your emission air pump check valves, vacuum tee connectors, and secondary air injection assembly, then look no further than CVJ Air Pumps. They've been handling air pump and emission system replacement, modification, and enhancement for many years. If you want your car to run better, then an air pump from CVJ makes perfect sense. They carry everything needed to finish the job, including grommets and hoses.

            If your check engine light is on and your vehicle has failed your state emissions test, then it's about time you looked into the many air pump offerings of CVJ. This is a brand that you could trust and is found in many an ecommerce aftermarket site. It has a whole aftermarket catalog of replacement emissions control system parts and components for your vehicular requirements.

            The multifaceted features of a secondary air injection assembly

            A typical secondary air injection assembly or air pump from CVJ contains topnotch equipment that justifies the brand's wide distribution among many aftermarket ecommerce sites all over the Internet. It's shipped quickly, comes at a great price, has everything required for easy installation, and can be ordered at the comfort of your home. As for the component itself, it meets and sometimes even surpasses the capabilities of stock air intakes.

            At any rate, CVJ-brand air pumps are perfect for secondary air injection (also known as pollution pump, smog pump, or air injection), which is a circa 1966 vehicle emissions strategy where fresh air is injected (hence the term) into the exhaust stream in order to ensure fuller exhaust gas combustion from your car. This results in better fuel usage, superior mileage, and improved performance for the car in question. That's what the CVJ air pump brings to the table.

            Emissions improvement with emissions control replacement parts

            When it comes to emissions parts replacement, it also makes perfect sense to go the aftermarket route not only for the sake of getting a cost-effective duplicate of your stock air intake; you could actually improve upon the factory or OEM part in more ways than one. Essentially, stock air intakes for most vehicle models only use disposable paper filters for debris catching that you have to regularly change.

            Aftermarket filters, on the other hand, are more long-lasting. To be more specific, they can last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 miles. They usually use better filtration methods that keep particles that could potentially wreak havoc to your engine trapped and sealed. The reason for this is because they're marketed as modification and improvements rather than OEM duplicates. They also serve as a better selling point compared to just replacing your emission control components.

            Increased acceleration and fuel economy with air pump check valves

            Speaking of which, as a car restoration and modification component, CVJ air pumps can give your vehicle-whether it's a city roadster or a rugged off-road jeep-increased horsepower. While the potential performance improvement varies from automobile to automobile (because of the car part interplay), it's generally agreed upon that extra air from new air intake pumps tack about five to twenty additional horsepower to your vehicle's current speed.

            Engine responsiveness can also be increased whenever you're in need of acceleration ASAP with that extra air injection pump. It makes all the difference. The fuel economy benefit, on the other hand, roots from extra oxygen that reduces gas usage. Furthermore, these emission reductions systems are environment friendly OES (Original Equipment Standard) duplicates to their OEM counterparts, ensuring compatible fitment.

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