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            Dash Cap Products

            Even if you don't notice it, your car's dashboard is constantly exposed to all kinds of elements that can damage it. Because of these, it's not surprising that they end up being cracked and faded over time. To hide all these ugly battle scars, you can use our world-renowned and trusted Dash Cap. Made of durable plastic, this cap gives the dashboard the protection that you're looking for. Unlike other dash caps out there, they're perfectly compatible with almost all kinds of dashboard designs out there. Once installed, our dash caps will surely improve the look of your ride's interior by several notches. When it comes to installation, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the product's manual and you're done. The best thing is, there's no need to use any special tool because a screwdriver is all you need, and that's it. If you think that your vehicle's dashboard isn't getting enough protection, then it's time to shop for a Dash Cap right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Here at our store, you're just a few clicks away from getting the parts and accessories that you want. Once you're done shopping, we'll deliver what you asked for right away. For complete dashboard protection, get only the best Dash Cap right here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Buying Guides

            Things to Consider When Buying a Dash Cap

            You don't have to endure the unpleasant sight of your dashboard fading, cracking, and wearing out. It's time to give it a break. A cheap, easy-to-install and customizable dash cap can put an end to all your dashboard insecurities. Here's how you can find the perfect dash cap for your old dashboard.

            Check the dash cap features

            Since dash caps are specific to the make, model, and year of cars, it is best to know these details first before looking for the right dash cap. Next, check if the cap that you are buying is equipped with UV rays protection to ensure that it will not fade or wear easily, as well as glare resistance for steady, worry-free driving.

            Double-check the accessories

            Brand-new dash cap kits usually include an installation manual and a free silicone adhesive. Check the kit for the adhesive, as this is the most important tool to use when installing your dash cap. The kit should also include a warranty seal, in case your dash cap does not fit exactly in your dashboard. You may also ask for your preferred color of the dash cap.

            Buy a dash cap

            Dash caps are made from thin ABS plastic that helps prevent warping, cracking, or peeling. Every dash cap is molded using original factory dashboards in mind, so there will always be a perfect-fit dash cap for your old dashboard. Dash caps, however, are sold in kits, so you can revamp your dashboard without having to buy additional accessories and tools during installation. A brand-new dash cap kit may cost you around $100 or so, depending on your car's make, model, and year. You can also choose which side of your dashboard you want to replace-the driver's or the passenger's side. But we recommend that you have them both replaced.

            Repair Guides

            Need a Dashboard Makeover? Install a Dash Cap

            If your car's dashboard has been showing signs of quitting like cracks, discoloration, and wear, then it is the perfect time to buy a dash cap. You don't have to replace your entire dashboard, but a new dash cap can do the job just right. It can hide all the signs of a worn-out dashboard, and make your interior as good as new. Installing a dash cap is very easy; you can finish it in only 15 minutes.

            Difficulty Level: Easy

            Tools that you'll need:

            • Clean cloth
            • Hard-surface cleaner
            • Utility knife
            • Sandpaper
            • Replacement dash cap
            • High-strength silicone adhesive (included in the dash cap kit)

            Step 1: Park your car under a shade, or in your garage. Sit on either of the front seats. Now, using a clean cloth and a hard-surface cleaner, clean the dashboard to ensure that the adhesive will stick properly. Use another cloth to dry the dashboard surface.

            Step 2: Using a utility knife, scrape the rough edges of the dashboard to ensure that it will be flat. This will make the dash cap fit perfectly without any slopes or rough edges. Next, use sandpaper to smoothen the dashboard.

            Step 3: With your dash cap ready, apply a thin bead of silicone adhesive one inch in from the outside edges and openings. Do not apply it in the center or ends of the dash cap; it may cause premature warps and cracks, which can void the dash cap's warranty.

            Step 4: Place the dash cap over your clean dashboard. Secure the sides by pressing clean cloth over the dash cap to ensure that the silicone sticks perfectly. Leave your dashboard overnight to cure.

            Optional: If you want to paint your dash cap with your preferred color, you may do so before installing it. Let it dry overnight before placing it in your dashboard. Use automotive vinyl paints, which you can buy from any hardware store. You may also ask for your preferred color, however, if you do not want to paint it yourself.

            Every dash cap is customized for every car based on its make, model, and year. Before you go to an auto parts store, make sure to provide these details to get the specific dash cap for your car. Your new dash cap gives a basic leather grain texture, and is made of thin ABS plastic that can prevent warping or cracking. Enjoy your do-it-yourself dashboard makeover!

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