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            Delphi Blower Motor

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            Delphi Blower Motor Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 4
            • Price 4
            Overall Rating 4.0

            The moment will come when you no longer enjoy the feel of the air circulating inside your cabin. There might be several reasons for that, but one that can be a likely cause of poor air quality is a problematic blower motor. This component is responsible for sending air through the heating, venting, and air conditioning unit of your car. When this motor is low on voltage, you will typically be unable to run the fan using the lower settings on the temperature knob. Generally, you will experience erratic temperature levels that can be uncomfortable for you and your passengers. Once your blower motor fails, replacement should be done as soon as possible. One brand where you can get a unit is Delphi, but before using its product, let us first check out its specifications and performance.


            • Front blower motor
            • Sold individually
            • Made of high-quality plastic
            • With factory finish
            • Original equipment replacement

            We tested this component on a 1999 Cadillac Evoq and a 2003 Lincoln LS Sport, and here is what we have to say:

            Thumbs up

            • The blower motor looked visually all right. There were no broken parts, the blades were not discolored, and the mount was made of hard plastic.
            • Installation of the component was just easy. We just had to remove the old unit and replace it with the new one. Then, we had to ensure that the wires were connected to the proper terminals to and from the unit. The entire procedure took only about fifteen minutes for each vehicle.
            • When we turned on the engine of the LS Sport, we listened right away for noise. The blower motor on the LS Sport functioned noiselessly. In terms of air quality inside the cabin, we definitely noticed a change. Cold air came out of the air conditioning vents within a minute after the temperature knob was set to the high level. The same happened when we set the temperature level to low. This kind of responsiveness could only be attributed to the good quality of the motor.

            Thumbs down

            • Once we turned on the fan, we heard a noise coming from the newly installed blower motor. We made sure that the connections were secure and tight, but we were really clueless about the source of that noise. There was no reason that the unit was incompatible with the Evoq, but we would really never know.

            The verdict

            Along with a competitive price, this Delphi blower motor also functions according to what is expected from it. If not for the noise we experienced with the Evoq, this unit could have gotten a higher rating. Nevertheless, this still seems to be a good money-saver. Just make sure not to over-tighten the screws that attach the unit to the mounting location, or else you would end up with a broken blower motor mount.

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