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            Delphi Radiator

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            Delphi Radiator Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 3.5
            • Price 3.5
            Overall Rating 3.8

            Excessive heat is the number one enemy of your car's engine, and that is the reason why you have a radiator. Acting as a heat exchanger, this component maintains the safe temperature of your engine by collecting heat using a coolant and dissipating this heat through the radiator walls. That is the engine-cooling function of the radiator. But there is another important role that this part does: it makes the collected heat available for use to make your cab have a comfortable temperature during the cold season. So, your radiator and its peripheral parts--the expansion tank and the radiator cap--perform a crucial part in keeping your engine from overheating. There is nothing bad with replacing your old unit with one from Delphi. But before buying this brand's product, let us see if it has the specs you need.


            • Original equipment replacement
            • Direct-fit
            • With mounting brackets and hoses
            • With transmission oil cooler
            • Made of brazed aluminum
            • Compact and lightweight

            We tested this component on a Mercury Mariner and a Volvo 960, and here is what we have to say:

            Thumbs up

            • The radiator fit exactly to the mounting location. With the mounting brackets and hoses provided, the entire procedure took only thirty minutes for each car. The only challenging part was working on the transmission tubes, but that was the bittersweet part of it all.
            • We ran the two vehicles on the highway for thirty minutes to see if any leaks would be present. The component seemed to have a good construction, for no leaks developed around the critical areas.
            • During the drive with the two vehicles, the engine behaved normally and did not reach the unsafe temperature level. We also had sufficient heat coming into the cab when we turned on the heating system.

            Thumbs down

            • The product was packaged haphazardly. Some fins were bent, and some even looked stretched. We had to use a screwdriver to correct them out.
            • The unit did not have a drain spout at the bottom for easier draining of the fluid. The old ones on the Mariner and the 960 had that little spout at the bottom of the radiator.
            • The product could have been better if it had a coolant level sensor. We just used the old ones on the two cars instead.

            The verdict

            This Delphi radiator is actually one of the better-priced units out there that matches OE ones. It seems to be a quality product that also comes with a year of reasonable limited warranty. Of course, we cannot count the defects that happen with the fins, for careless handling is definitely unavoidable during delivery. Regarding the lack of a drain hole, well, we heard that some units have drain plugs that are just molded shut. Perhaps, you can do a workaround with that.

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