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            Denso Products

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            Denso: The Leading Manufacturer of Direct-fit Automotive Parts

            With the aim of offering consumers with the best-fit products, Denso has been producing high-quality, innovative aftermarket parts since 1949. It has always been keen on applying new technology to its products. In fact, during the 1960s, Denso was the first parts supplier to adapt integrated circuits in manufacturing automotive products. And in 1961, a few years after the company was established in Japan, Denso received the Derming-prize, a prestigious honor awarded only to chosen businesses that comply with Japan's very strict quality control standards. This company was the first auto parts supplier to ever receive such recognition.

            With seasoned experts and skilled engineers, this company continues to improve its products using the latest technological innovations available. It ensures that all their products are of high-quality and manufacturing processes are made cost-efficient.

            Cool air conditioning components

            The air conditioning system of a vehicle plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable throughout your drives to different destinations. Maintaining a favorable temperature in your cabin varies in the climate in your residence. Sometimes, it becomes very tasking to the components to keep their cool while being under the hot sun for hours straight. This Japanese company has been able to reassert its capability in the automotive industry in this area. It is able to manufacture quality a/c components suited for your vehicle. You will be able to enjoy the ingenuity, dedication, and attention to standards the Japanese are known for beyond the performance of your engine. The Denso First Time Fit a/c compressors are suitable OE replacements for your old part. The brand strictly follows the OE specifications on the thrust bearings, pistons, seals and other parts of the assembly.

            Capable engine electrical parts

            Denso is also known as a leading provider for spark plugs in petrol engines. Without the correct spark plugs fitted to the engine block, it is possible that not all your cylinders will be firing up properly. This part is essential for delivering electricity that ignites the air and fuel mixture needed in the chambers. The Denso Iridium Spark Plugs are designed to provide this jolt while enduring the extreme conditions in the block. Its material composition is meant to deliver better and consistent performance for you to enjoy the most from your vehicle. It is even supposed to outperform platinum spark plugs.

            On the other hand, the Denso First Time Fit alternators are crafted according to OE specifications to keep a steady supply of electricity throughout your vehicle. Without it, you will have a hard time being able to use your headlights, radio and other electrical parts. Only heaven knows how long your battery will be able to help your vehicle run on its own.

            Accurate system sensors

            In order for your vehicle to successfully monitor the condition of its systems, you need to have accurate sensors to send in the correct signals. Denso produces sensors for camshaft and crankshaft positions, coolant temperature, mass air flow and others. These products are designed to work well with the ECU in an effort to make your engine run efficiently.

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