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            Digi-Tails Flasher Relay

            If you thought fuel is the only source that your car relies on to function properly, well you're dead wrong. It also relies on the use of electricity to power not only its batteries but its other electrical components as well. However, not all electrical components installed in your car needs the same amount of electricity to function. Some require a small amount while other requires a huge one in order to function. So to help control the surge of electric current and ensure that a specific electrical component gets the right does of electricity, you'll need to equip your vehicle with a Digi-Tails Flasher Relay. The Digi-Tails Flasher Relay is a switch that's able to control the flow of electrical current. It's able to both initiate and end the flow of electricity in a circuit. Also known as an Automotive relay, this device is useful when it comes to providing your electrical components with the correct amount of electricity they'll need to function. So if a certain electrical component only requires a small charge of electricity, the Digi-Tails Flasher Relay automatically shuts down the line that controls the influx of the high electric current and then activates the line that's responsible for providing the small charge of electric current. This allows the electrical component to receive the correct dosage of electricity it requires. Since the Automotive relay is responsible for making sure that your car's electrical components get the right amount of electricity, this device should always be equipped in your vehicle. Without this, your car would not have a device that would be able to turn off the electric line that's not needed by the specific electrical component. If it ends up receiving the wrong amount of electrical current, this could lead to the part getting damaged. This will cost you more in terms of repairs and replacement. So to avoid this type of inconvenience, make sure that your car has a Digi-Tails Flasher Relay. To get one for your car, just drop by our website, Autopartswarehouse and pick one from our catalog. We'll have the item shipped to you once your order has been received.

            Digi-Tails Side Marker

            Imagine this scenario: you're stuck in a lane of vehicles that aren't moving. You're an hour late for your dinner with your family and you see no signs of the traffic improving. Suddenly the lane beside you starts to move forward and slowly increase in speed. You realize you have to make a move but without a Side marker to let them know of your plans, the other cars just keep moving forward without letting you pass. So you end up getting stuck where you are causing you to miss out on your dinner plans. This is just one of the examples of why having a Digi-Tails Side Marker is important. The Digi-Tails Side Marker is one of the lighting components of your car that can be found at both sides. Just like your other lights, its bulb is encased in a hard plastic shell to protect it from road debris and is usually amber in color. It's automatically activated when your car's parking lights and tail lamps are turned on. The Digi-Tails Side Marker is considered a vital lighting tool since it helps in informing the drivers at your side of your plans to change directions or lanes. This gives them time to make the necessary adjustments to avoid hitting you. Aside from letting other motorists know that you'll be changing lanes, this lighting component helps in letting them know of your presence when driving under low visibility conditions. It's also able to help you gauge the size of a vehicle since a Side marker can be found at the front and rear of the car. Side markers, despite not being as well-known as your car's headlights or taillights, are components that your car should not be without. They're able to help you avoid colliding with other cars by alerting the other vehicles beside you that you'll be making your move. This helps in not only protecting your car from damages but by also protecting you and your passengers as well. So, to ensure the safety of your passengers, play it safe by getting your car a Digi-Tails Side Marker at Autopartswarehouse. Just go through our catalog and get the one that's a good fit for your four-wheeled baby.

            Digi-Tails Tail Light

            During the Second World War, soldiers used to converse with one another using Morse Codes through the use of their flashlights. This method of using lights to talk or signal one another also applies whenever we drive. Whenever we decide to change lanes, turn a corner or when we have to stop to fix an engine problem, we make use of our available lights to make our intentions known to other motorists. One of the lights that enable us to signal our intentions are Led tail lights. Tail lights like these are what Digi-Tails specializes in. Here's a rundown on just how useful they are. The Digi-Tails Tail Light is one of the many automotive parts manufactured by Spaghetti Engineering. It's made up of different lighting components such as brake lights, turn signal lights and parking lights and can be found at the rear end of your vehicle. With the help of these components, you're able to alert the drivers behind you of what you plan on doing next. The brake lights enable you to alert drivers that you're about to stop, the turn signal lights tells them of your plans to either change lanes or make a turn, and the parking lights informs them that you're about to park your car. The Digi-Tails Tail Light often comes in pairs and is placed at both the right and left side of the vehicle. It's able to emit a light that's bright enough to let the drivers see you during night time and during harsh weather conditions. Taillights, just like the other lighting components of your lighting system, are important automotive parts that you're vehicle should have at all times. Without them, you won't have any means of communicating your intentions to other motorists. This could lead to all sorts of accidents, all of which could have been avoided if your vehicle was equipped with the correct lighting components. So to avoid this from happening, get your car a Digi-Tails Tail Light at Autopartswarehouse. Just visit our catalog of Tail lights and pick one that's right for your car.

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