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            Dyno Tab Power Booster Products

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            Dyno-tab®: Innovative Formulator of Additives for Fuel Treatment

            Manufactured by Chemplex Automotive Group Inc., Dyno-tab® debuted at the Las Vegas Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo in 2000. Based in California, Chemplex was established in 1992 with a product line of conventional liquid additives for automotive vehicles. The company's initial products include the Valve & Injection Purge, Quill® Fuel System Cleaner and Supertech Diesel Treatment that are all still popular today. In 1998, the company formulated a unique tablet technology fuel additive and developed a line of private label products for the market. As of today, the product line has over 30 items on its list. Some well-known fuel additives include the Fuel Treatment, Injector Cleaner, Octane Booster, Ultra Fuel Booster and Cooling System products. Dyno-tab® offers options that are suitable for various markets and available worldwide through different channels of distribution.

            Chemplex/Dyno-tab® is a proud member of Auto Care Association, Overseas Automotive Council, US Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers.

            Fast-working fuel treatment

            Dyno-tab® offers a fuel treatment additive, known as the Dyno-tab® Fuel Treatment, which is safe and fast-dissolving and eliminates fluid carrier component. This fuel additive is in tablet form and made from 100% active ingredients. It is environmentally friendly with its effective formula of reducing transportation costs, storage requirements, packaging waste and build-up of carbon deposits within the combustion chamber and exhaust valves. This treatment includes a combustion catalyst that releases a cleaner and more complete burn and is directly put in the fuel tank at fill-up where it dissolves fast. Dyno-tab® fuel treatment additive increases power and maximizes performance. It boosts octane and helps improve fuel economy while minimizing smoke and exhaust emissions. Registered with EPA, this fuel additive is safe and effective for all diesel and gasoline engines and will not damage catalyst converters or oxygen sensors.

            Safe injector cleaners

            To combat against the damaging effects of fouled fuel injectors and fuel stabilizer, Dyno-tab® formulated a multifunctional fuel additive, the Dyno-tab® Plus, that blends the benefits of Dyno-tab® Fuel Treatment with a powerful agent that slows down the build-up of gum, varnish and sludge. This fuel additive improves power and performance, saves more fuel while keeping it fresh and free from contaminants. It further reduces smoke and exhaust emissions and promotes faster acceleration. With clean and proficient-working injectors, a fine and symmetrical fuel mist is spray into the combustion chamber, resulting into a potent, complete and efficient burn sequence. This is available in two formulations.

            Dependable fuel stabilizers

            Both modern diesel and gasoline fuels degrade very fast. Any fuel that is stored especially for a long period of time can cause stubborn start-ups, rough idling and awful smoke due to gum and varnish. Dyno-tab® Fuel Stabilizer keeps the fuel fresh and free from contaminants and gives protection against rust and corrosion while in storage. Showing exceptional performance in retarding gum formation, it has 100% active ingredients packed in a safe, fast-dissolving tablet. Ideal for many kinds of uses such as boats, motorcycles, farm equipment, lawn mowers, and snow blowers, this fuel stabilizer is quick and reliable and can be added directly into the fuel tanks or stored in fuel container.

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