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Breaking Global Barriers with EBC Brakes

In 1978, a young man named Andy Freeman founded the EBC company so he could sell imported car parts from the back of his van in Northampton, England. During the late 80s, his company started manufacturing brake products instead of just distributing them.

Over the years, EBC expanded its operations and increased its production while still being managed by Freeman, who remains its sole owner. In 2002, he acquired the shareholdings of a research laboratory called the European Friction Industries (EFI) as well. He joined EBC and EFI together to form the Freeman Group.

Today, EBC has factories in Cleveland, Ohio and Bristol, UK. It has also expanded its operations by opening warehouses and distribution centers in Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Austria. It proudly claims to have over 400 employees in different countries all over the world and manufactures the largest range of over 5,000 disc brake pads and rotors for various vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Brake pads that give the right bite

The brake pads are very essential to make things work in a disc brake system. The blocks are installed to the ensemble to provide the bite whenever you step on the brake pedal. But there is no single solution for the different kinds of vehicles out there. Each ride is engineered for a specific purpose and might not share the same level of performance with another one. This is why it is also important for the pads to match the engine output, environmental conditions, and purpose of the vehicle.

EBC takes on this challenge by offering its colorful choices of pads. The Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads is considered to be the flagship product of the brand. It is designed for street-legal vehicles that are capable of churning out over 200 horses. With that much power, you definitely need something that gives substantial amount of friction to counter a huge amount of momentum. Other product lines include the Greenstuff series designed to provide slight improvement on brake response compared to OE pads. EBC also produces the Yellowstuff series to support trucks pulling heavier loads on the road.

Unwavering brake rotors

The brake rotor is the component that gets clamped on whenever you hit your pedals to stop. The friction it encounters to accomplish the task produces heat and dust. When these accumulate, they can negatively alter the effectiveness of your components. Therefore, EBC sees to it that its rotors can handle the punishment on the road and on the track. The brand uses quality materials that will remain intact and be easy to cool down after being used. Aside from the conventional design, EBC also produces drilled and slotted rotors for performance applications.

Reliable brake accessories

Aside from components for brake assemblies, EBC also provides kits and other necessary materials for your brake maintenance. In a way, it serves as a one-stop brand for your needs. Products in the accessory line-up include brake lines, lubes, brake fluids, bleeding kit, brake cleaner and many more.

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