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            Edelbrock Carburetor

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            Looking for a great way to improve your vehicle’s systems? An Edelbrock Carburetor is always a great choice. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive and what kind of applications you regularly encounter, there is sure to be an Edelbrock Carburetor out there that is right for you. Edelbrock manufactures two basic styles of carburetors: the Performer Series carburetor and the Thunder Series AVS carburetor. While both series boast a bright burnished lightweight zinc carburetor body that resists warping while releasing heat quickly as well as superior performance out on the street, you’ll still be able to choose the right part for your needs. Look for metering rods that transition smoothly between circuits (meaning there are no power valves to blow out) and can be changed easily without removing the carburetor and draining all the fuel. Plus, an Edelbrock Carburetor of any sort will give you consistent power and function and steady calibration: you won’t find yourself digging in to recalibrate your components once you’ve got things up and running. Since 1946, Edelbrock has been a trusted name in the manufacture of incredible automotive components – so go ahead and feel comfortable choosing an Edelbrock part to round out your fantastic vehicle. Auto parts buyers desire superb technical support when shopping for good quality auto parts for a car or truck. For our valued customers, we've built a twenty-four hour a day information and support bureau to help you with your needs. Nobody likes to pay for shipping, so you get totally free shipping for every order $50 or higher. If you can find a better price, give us a call - we will meet or beat any legitimate auto part price.

            Edelbrock Carburetor Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 4
            • Quality 3
            • Price 3.5
            Overall Rating 3.6

            If you have an old car model, you are probably aware of how a carburetor works. This is the counterpart of the fuel injection system in modern cars, and it is responsible for creating a good mix of air and fuel in order to make the engine work. Your carburetor has venturis, which are small tubes where kinetic energy is created, and below these venturis is the throttle plate that controls the speed of the engine by regulating air flow and air-fuel mixture. You might not appreciate how this old fuel-delivery system works, but what you have to understand is that your carburetor needs to be replaced when you experience engine missing, rough idling, hard starting, and black exhaust smoke. When your carburetor is problematic, you might replace it with one from Edelbrock. But before doing so, let us first put the unit to the test.


            • New component
            • Calibrated
            • Direct-fit
            • 49-state legal
            • With manual choke type
            • With square flange
            • For gasoline engines
            • With four barrels
            • With a single fuel inlet
            • Carries a 90-day Edelbrock limited warranty

            We tested this component on a 1990 Ford Country and a 1984 Chrysler Executive, and here is what we have to say:

            Thumbs up

            • When we ran the Country and the Executive, we experienced a generally better idling. Moreover, there was a good kind of chirp when shifting to the second gear on the two cars' automatic transmission.
            • The Country and the Executive started without any delay. When we sprinted down the highway, we noticed that the exhaust of the two cars looked lighter than before.
            • We checked the pressure inside the carburetor and got a good 4.5 psi. The float level was also at around 7/16 of an inch.

            Thumbs down

            • When the unit came, we were surprised to see a lot of metal shavings inside. The air screw would also not seat.
            • We needed to purchase a linkage adaptor separately in order to connect the transmission kick-down rod. Aside from that, we needed a throttle cable plate kit, for the kick-down adaptor was getting in the way of the plate location.
            • The unit did not come with instructions for the installation, making it a little of a guesswork to install, especially for those not so familiar with this old component.

            The verdict

            This product is cheaper than other brands by a few hundred dollars, but the warranty provided is somewhat meager. The product is not actually what we wanted it to be, especially that we had a negative first impression when we opened the package. However, when we planted it on each car, it somehow performed, although we could be sure that products from other brands would surely do better.

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