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            EGR Delete Kit Price

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            EGR Delete Kit

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            Select your EGR Delete Kit vehicle from the list below.

            Select your EGR Delete Kit vehicle from the list below.

            EGR Delete Kit Products

            In the diesel performance market, the EGR delete kit has gained popularity among car enthusiasts and car builders. The kit can do wonders-it helps minimize intake, coolant, and exhaust temperature. Not only that, it's also a great solution to plugged VGT, sticking EGR problems, and even head gasket troubles. Got a problematic EGR system? Suffer no more from lackluster vehicle performance. Get an EGR delete kit that is complete with all the parts you'll ever need. The pipe, tube, and even the valve cap plate in the kit should be engineered and constructed for maximum durability. Some kits require only basic tools for installation and come with detailed instructions. It will definitely be easier if the kit doesn't require the intake manifold to be removed. Top brands subject their EGR delete kits to rigorous testing to prevent leaks and to make sure that each and every piece included in these kits are designed for specific applications. To assure you of top quality, some manufacturers even offer a reliable warranty. If you want what's best for your ride but still want to save some cash, it's good to know that the dealership is not your only option. Auto Parts Warehouse is a trusted source of OE replacements and performance parts that meet or can even exceed your expectations.

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            Repair Guides

            How to Replace Your EGR Delete Kit

            The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Delete Kit is a valve-based system used in the continuing attempts of the government to reduce pollutants from diesel vehicle exhaust. It was implemented back in 2007 and its specific purpose is to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions that worsen air pollution all around the country and the world. If it gets damaged, here's what you need to do to install a new kit onto your vehicle.

            Difficulty Level: Moderate

            What You'll Need

            • New EGR delete kit
            • Wrench
            • Metric socket set
            • Slot screwdriver or pliers
            • Torx head screwdriver
            • Solvent spray

            Step 1:Park your car or place it in neutral with the emergency brake on. Raise your hood and remove the negative battery terminal. Before going through EGR replacement, make sure the engine is cool. This is to protect yourself from injury when handling the EGR since its valve sustains heat and can burn your bare hands if it's not allowed to cool down.

            Step 2:There's metal tubing that extends upwards and is connected to the driver's side exhaust manifold. It's through this tube that exhaust gas is sent to the EGR valve. Trace the tube to find the EGR's mounting location. Where the EGR is depends on the size of your engine. Regardless, this is the easiest way you can find the valve and the kit.

            Step 3:The EGR valve is on the intake manifold. It also looks like a small diaphragm with vacuum hose connections all over it.There's a nut that secures the tube to the EGR valve. Loosen up the nut with an adjustable wrench. From there, pull the tube off of the valve then unplug the wiring harness connected to the EGR valve's opposite side

            Step 4:Pull the vacuum hoses on top of the EGR body free or loosen the clamp that holds them in place if it's equipped that way. Make sure to mark the hoses in the exact order of removal then wedge them aside to get them away from the valve.

            Step 5: Also remove the clamp holding the hot air supply hose on the EGR body's bottom. This clamp could either by a hose-type or spring-type clamp. Use a pair of pliers for the spring and a slot screwdriver for the clamp. The hose should be twisted from side to side while being pulled in a downward direction without forcing it.

            Step 6:There are also bolts to the engine that connect the EGR valve to it. Use the Torx driver to remove these particular bolts.If the mounting bolts are rusted in, then you should spray them with solvent spray and let them soak for a couple of minutes.

            Step 7:Remove the bolts with the correct hand wrench or metric socket. Pull the EGR off of the engine. It's recessed into the engine, so it's required that you pull it up hard in order to break it free altogether.

            Step 8:Put in a new EGR valve and unit in replacement of the old one then put everything back to their places in reverse order, from the bolts to the hoses to the metal tubing you removed to access the old valve in the first place.

            The EGR valve is there to make your engine burn fuel more efficiently and cleanly without the resulting emissions by recirculating exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. This should save you money by ensuring you're using more of your fuel to power your vehicle.

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