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            Exhaust System Products

            One of the most important components of a car is the exhaust system. You see, not all the air-fuel mixture gets burned during combustion. The result, exhaust gases. If these gases are not expelled from the vehicle, they can cause damage to the engine. It is the system's responsibility to rid your car of these harmful gases, which primarily cause backpressure. Backpressure can prompt the engine to exert more effort (something that it can sustain only for so long) when operating. This leads to your engine components enduring more stress, which in turn can bring about premature wear. As such, having a well-functioning exhaust is indeed important to keep the engine in great shape. The system is made up of several parts-exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust tip-that must be kept in top condition at all times. Each of these components has specific roles to perform for the entire system to function effectively. Their functions are connected like a chain: if one fails to operate, the continuity of the chain will be broken. Thus, a defective exhaust part must be replaced immediately to avoid inconvenience. Many ready replacement parts are available in the market today. In fact, even the entire exhaust system can be replaced all at once. But though there may be numerous performance exhaust systems available today that will surely boost your car's performance, be sure you are getting only quality items. So, shop only at Auto Parts Warehouse. Check our expansive online catalog for the auto parts you need now!

            Buying Guides

            Useful Tips for Finding the Right Exhaust System

            Your car's engine cannot completely burn the air-fuel mixture that gets into its cylinders. This leads to the production of exhaust gases. To make sure these gases are moved away from your engine, your car has an exhaust system. Due to the high temperatures that the exhaust system has to deal with, many of its components are prone to wearing out over time.

            Here are some tips to make sure you get the right exhaust system to replace the old one in your car.

            What does the exhaust system do?

            The exhaust system makes sure that all of the exhaust gases produced after the combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the engine's cylinders are diverted away from the engine. It uses a series of connected pipes of different shapes and sizes that are specially designed to channel noxious gases away from you and your car.

            The exhaust system also has other components that help it clean up your engine's emissions.

            What are the parts of the exhaust system?

            As said earlier, the system is made up of several pipes of varying lengths and shapes. It has an exhaust manifold, which channels all of the exhaust gases produced by the engine's individual cylinders into one pipe.

            The gases are then made to pass through a catalytic converter, a device that helps transform the exhaust gases into less harmful substances.

            The exhaust system also has a muffler to help reduce noise.

            Finally, there's the exhaust tip, which is where the emissions come out of.

            What to look for in an exhaust system?

            There are a lot of things that you have to consider when choosing your new exhaust system.

            First off, make sure you get an exhausts system that contains all the necessary parts. As we said earlier, the system has a lot of components. A complete set should make installation quicker and simpler.

            Consider the material that the pipes are made of. We recommend that you go for stainless steel pipes. Corrosion is a major problem when it comes to metallic exhaust pipes. Stainless steel pipes should be able to hold off rust for quite some time.

            Make sure that your old and new manifolds match. Your new manifold should fit right in your engine block.

            As always, we recommend that you get only those products that are made by trusted and reputable brands. The exhausts system is very crucial to your car, so getting one with high quality and excellent durability is of utmost importance.

            Repair Guides

            How to Deal with a Busted Exhaust System

            Your car's exhaust system moves harmful noxious gases away from you and your car. Over time, the system's many components are going to wear out. This would necessitate a replacement.

            Here are the tools you will need and steps you can follow to replace your busted exhaust system.

            Difficulty Level: Easy

            Tools that you will need:

            • Jack
            • Jack stands
            • Flash light
            • Scraper
            • Screwdriver
            • Socket wrench set

            Before you begin, make sure your car is held securely by jack stands. You can't rely on a jack to hold your car while you work underneath it.

            Take note of the order in which you will remove the components of the exhaust system.

            Step 1: Inspect your exhaust system from the exhaust tip all the way back to the inner parts. Check the components that are most heavily damaged.

            Step 2: Use a jack to support the exhaust system. Starting from the rear, carefully remove all of the exhaust system's components. Use the screwdriver or the socket wrench to loosen any bolts that hold the parts in their respective places.

            Step 3: Locate the oxygen sensors. Slowly remove them from the exhaust system. Cover the tips of the oxygen sensors and put the sensors in a safe place to avoid contamination.

            Step 4: Disconnect the components from the hangers that support them. Remove and discard all old gaskets.

            Step 5: Install new gaskets as you install your new exhaust system components. Start from the area near the engine and go outward toward the exhaust tip.

            Step 6: Set your car down from the jack stands. Start your engine and do a test drive to verify the repair that you've done.

            Your car's exhaust system will be as good as new right after you finish this project.

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