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            Thinking about adding some fender flares to your favorite ride? We think it's a great idea. Although fender flares were originally manufactured to prevent mud and other kinds of debris from splattering across the side of your vehicle, nowadays, fender flares are just as fashionable as they are useful. Our fender flares for cars and trucks are made by top manufacturers. All of the fender flares we offer are custom molded that attach easily to your vehicle. There are many fender flares to choose from with different styles that give your ride different, distinct looks. Check out our online catalog to find the fender flares that you're looking for. All of our fender flares look great and are sold at low, discount pricing. Our wholesale prices are unbeatable and our quality unsurpassable. Save up to 60% on your next set of fender flares with us. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00 and if you place your order before 3pm on any business day, we'll send it to you the very next day.

            Buying Guides

            Style and Protection Combined: Choosing the Right Fender Flares for Your Ride

            Tougher roads call for tougher style. If you're the type who likes going off-road or wishes to navigate rougher trails, then getting a set of fender flares should be at the top of your list. These flares add width to your vehicle's wheel openings by extending and expanding the size of your fenders. They are usually mounted to the wheel wells, and they give additional protection to the vehicle's body. Basically, fender flares keep mud, sticks, stones, and other road debris from hitting the sides of your vehicle and causing unsightly damage or dents. These accessories also add a more rugged style to your vehicle that's perfect for off-road driving.

            What are the things to consider when choosing fender flares?

            1. Know which set of fender flares will best fit your vehicle's make and model. Don't go buying a beefed-up set only because you think it will look good on your Toyota 4Runner. Fender flares that are made specifically for Jeeps will not go well with Chevy models, and vice versa. Know your vehicle's OEM requirements before paying for a new set. Consult your owner's manual to be sure.
            2. Pick the right size. For purely aesthetic purposes, any size will do. Of course, you may want to go for bigger ones to get a tougher look, but if you're not really after the function, size doesn't really matter. However, if you really want to protect your vehicle against damaging road elements, then make sure you get fender flares that extend beyond the lip of the actual fenders. Flares that are made for Jeep models extend the fenders by approximately three to four inches to completely cover the tire.
            3. Consider the materials used. Fender flares are usually manufactured from durable plastic, and this can mean anything from ABS to polyurethane. Fiberglass is also commonly used. If you have big, chunky tires, then go for fender flares that are specifically made for heavy-duty applications to keep road splashes from mucking up your vehicle's shiny sides. Most importantly, get UV-resistant fender flares, as plastic tends to deteriorate quickly under the heat of the sun.
            4. Get a set of paintable fender flares if you want them to match your vehicle's look. Most fender flares are black, but some are also available in OEM colors to save you the hassle of having the flares repainted.

            It all boils down to style and protection. Make sure you get fender flares that serve both purposes so that you can get the best value for your money.

            Repair Guides

            Steps in Replacing a Fender Flare

            Installing fender flares is one of the easiest ways to add style and protection to your vehicle. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast or you just want a more customized and rugged look for your ride, fender flares are great exterior accessories. Aside from adding width to the wheel wells, these flares also protect the sides of your vehicle from damage. Rocks, mud, and other potentially harmful road elements may chip off the paint job and bring unsightly dents to your vehicle panels. Install fender flares to maintain your ride's shiny and polished look. Here are the tools you'll need and the steps in installing fender flares:

            Difficulty level: Easy

            Tools that you need:

            • Safety glasses
            • Protective body equipment (gloves)
            • Drill and metal drill bits
            • 3/8-inch adjustable ratchet and socket set

            Step 1: Prepare the fender flares for installation. The preparation process may include painting the flares to match your vehicle and cleaning it to remove grease or any other residue. Wash the interior of the wheel wells.

            Step 2: Remove the bolts from old fender flares using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set. Reach behind the fender to access these bolts more easily.

            Step 3: Align the new fender flare against your vehicle's body to check if it fits correctly. The front edge must be aligned with the bumper, while the lower portion must be aligned with the bottom of the fender.

            Step 4: Drill holes for the new fender flares. You may drill bits if your car doesn't have pre-drilled holes for fender flare installation yet.

            Step 5: New fender flares come with double-sided adhesive tapes, so you can easily install them on the wheel wells. Press the flare flat against the wheel well's under-lip for a few minutes to ensure the adhesive sticks properly.

            Step 6: Fit the new fender flares tightly into the holes you drilled and bolt them securely using a set of mounting screws.

            Installation takes about 10 to 15 minutes for each fender flare.

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