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            Fiat Parts and Accessories

            We have 1,998 Items for Fiat In-stock.

            About Fiat

            Fiat Innovations for Green Cars

            The need for car manufacturers to go green resulted to the creation of innovations such as the electric or hybrid vehicles. These technologies are totally different from the systems in today's cars. With Fiat, years of studies finally bloomed into useful and practical innovations as its own pursuit of green cars takes a different route. Instead of inventing new technologies, their relentless research department has come up with ways to improve existing parts to create environmentally friendly cars.


            One of the biggest contributors to the problems of pollution from cars is the hazardous and inefficient diesel engine. To combat this, Fiat created the MultiJet (the descendant of another Fiat innovation: Common Rail) to improve on the parts of the engines. With improvements like added injectors, the system can improve the mix of the fuel ratio and combustion sequence. The result is lower CO2 levels and an improvement in fuel economy. This transforms it from a slow and noisy machine into a smooth and powerful one.


            Their eco-friendly innovations are not limited to diesel engines. Gasoline engines have their share of improvement through the introduction of the MultiAir system featured in the Fiat Punto Evo and the Fiat 500 Twin Air. It works through a computer-controlled electro hydraulic system that manages the air flow coming into the engine. Air bypasses the throttle valve as it goes straight to the intake valve. The system boasts a 10% improvement in horsepower, a 15% torque increase, and a 10% decrease in CO2 emissions. The great thing about MultiAir is that is applicable to use for any gasoline powered engine.

            Dual Dry Clutch Transmission

            Other than the engine, Fiat also innovates to improve the existing automatic transmission system. Its innovation is a big improvement to today's systems. With the Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDCT), Automatic transmission cars will have the power and fuel efficiency as that of a car with manual transmission. Numbers show that using two clutches gives it a 4% decrease in gas consumption compared to a regular manual transmission. Even better is the 10% cut in consumption of DDCT to cars with an automatic transmission.

            Fiat Highlights

            When Italian Exports Collide

            Italy has shared a lot of its culture with the rest of the world (pizza anybody?). Among them are cars and fashion. Fiat combines these two exports by dressing its cars in designs worthy to walk the runways of the world. These further remove cars from the image of a purely brute machine by injecting them with stylish innovations in a truly Italian way. It's not just a car; it's a fashion statement.

            Designer cars

            Italy is the motherland of anything and everything that is style and fashion. To give the Fiat 500 a greater stylish edge, Fiat have released limited edition models designed in collaboration with fellow Italian brands: Gucci and Diesel. The one created by Gucci is so beautiful it even gained an award for "Best Convertible of the Year" by the Southern Automotive Association. These designer cars are a big break from the gray and stale landscape of the city.

            Gold and crystals

            One look at the Fiat 500 Pepita and you know you just might be looking at the most beautiful and awe-inspiring car ever created. What sets this 500 apart from any other car is its paint job infused with 24K gold! Even the most expensive gloss or pearlescent paint doesn't stand a chance beside this color. Never forgetting to pay attention to detail, interior trims are lined with nothing but prestigious Swarovski crystals. Ride this car and you'll be blinded by the rocks on the shifter knob and handbrake lever. This really gives luxury cars a new definition.

            Wardrobe change

            A car changing body color is the stuff of fantasy and science fiction. Fiat turns that dream into a reality with its Adventure Crossover Concept Car model. Based on reports, this 2-seater concept car is layered with paint that changes colors between yellow and red. Performance isn't forgotten as this car is fitted with a 167 HP engine. Stylish and powerful, this is a car to look forward to.

            A car right off the rack

            A visit to the Fiat dealer in London would transport you from a showroom to a boutique. Using bold colors, bright chrome, and glass finishes gives the place a feeling not usually felt in car dealerships. Cars are even lined up in such a way you might think there should be racks of clothes there instead of cars.

            Fiat Trivia

            Fiat: Beyond Cars

            • Fiat released its own line of cell phones in 2006 to reintroduce the brand to the market. Encased in a stylish blue and aluminum cover, these phones had a camera, an MP3 player, and Bluetooth.
            • In the 50th birthday of the iconic Barbie doll in 2009, Fiat collaborated with Mattel to create a Barbie-inspired version of the Fiat 500, appealing to both car enthusiasts and toy collectors.
            • Fiat and Italian Soccer giants Juventus FC are under the ownership of a local family. No wonder the strong fanbase of Juventus is also seen with the followers of the carmaker.
            • To build cars that are accessible, with attractive styling and exciting engines, and to improve the quality of everyday life ? this is Fiat's original mission. The company goes back to this mission so it could successfully move forward. Now, it focuses more on continuous and rapid overhaul of its products along with technological research. Fiat also pays more attention to making excellent designs and building new, positive relationship with its customers. To give credit to this new approach, the company has introduced a new logo that flaunts Fiat's new philosophy and historic continuity. In the future, Fiat's technology cars will not just display technological innovation; it will also exhibit the company's dedication to safeguarding the environment. Of course, it won't be able to do this without the help of high-quality Fiat parts. To come up with fully-fledged ecological vehicles, Fiat needs to outfit them with top of the line parts that will make each model more environment friendly without any compromise on safety and performance. If you own a Fiat, you better make it one that upholds the company's mission by restoring its like-new performance and replacing its damaged components. Good news, this site offers the industry's best-rated Fiat car parts at very reasonable prices. No matter what Fiat parts or accessories you need, you can find it here in less the time and effort. Yes, we got your Fiat spare parts, OE replacement parts, or aftermarket parts needs covered! So place your order now!