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            Fidanza: Showcasing Dedication and Innovative Engineering

            US-based top manufacturer Fidanza boasts over 15 years in the business and is best known for its premium-quality lightweight aluminum flywheels. In 2013, All Wright Enterprises LLC bought the company and installed Jeff Jenkins as the new president. The change in management also saw Fidanza's rebranding to Fidanza Performance from Fidanza Engineering.

            Officially founded in 1997, Fidanza has made a name for itself for becoming the leading source of high-grade flywheels compatible with a range of applications from Europe to Asia. But Fidanza's beginnings root from the innovative engineering showcased by Lou Fidanza in his award-winning Grand Tourismo Jaguar. This design and build earned him 11 consecutive SCAA National Championships, sparking the beginning of what would then become the world's leading company trusted by professionals and enthusiasts across the world. A pioneer of self-servicing aluminum flywheels now based out of Perry, Ohio, Fidanza has expanded to manufacturing other parts like performance clutch kits and adjustable cam gears.

            Premium-quality flywheels

            Fidanza began its success story by manufacturing flywheels. Today, it offers four kinds, including steel, nodular, and custom. But the most popular of all are the lightweight aluminum flywheels. Touted as the distinct product that represents FIdanza's innovative engineering, the lightweight aluminum flywheels are preferred in over 35 countries for the product's impressive features and benefits.

            These lightweight aluminum flywheels promise faster acceleration and throttle response while also reducing parasitic losses that results in more horsepower. Vehicles with these flywheels on will also experience a significant reduction of clutch wear and major improvements in breaking, shifting, and slowing. Truly a world-class US product, the flywheels engineered and manufactured by Fidanza are guaranteed to transform a regular driving experience to one that is friendlier, safer, and more convenient.

            Optimum performance clutches

            Giving prime importance on durability and drivability, Fidanza designed its performance clutches using its tested technology. The top manufacturer named this line the V-Series clutches that come in two variants: V-1 and V-2. Both versions have undergone rigorous tests on top of careful design and engineering to ensure maximum performance and grip. Fidanza even paired them with a reasonable price tag, making them a sure winner against other clutches on the market.

            Those choosing between the two variants should take note that the V-1 clutches are the better choice in terms of drivability and performance, especially with its full-face organic street disc with sprung hub design. The V-2 clutches, on the other hand, feature a sprung hub ceramic six puck that is built for street or track. Both designs reduce vibration, but the V-1 clutches can give faster and crisper shifts. Moreover, high-quality materials are used to complete these clutches for long-lasting performance.

            Reliable cam gears

            Fidanza rolled out three kinds of cam gears: machined silver, red anodized centers, and blue anodized centers. These adjustable cam gears have a lightweight design and anodized finish for performance and durability. They are also manufactured using the latest technologies and have been exposed to a series of quality control. Featuring exact fit and high-quality characteristics, the adjustable cam gears from Fidanza stay true to the reputation the brand has showcased over the years.

            Fidanza Axle Assembly

            Strength: it's the name of the game for the Fidanza axle assembly. Think of your stock axle assembly. It's worked relatively well, hasn't it? This axle assembly from Fidanza is pretty much the same—only stronger. It has CV joints 30 percent stronger and more efficient than your vehicle's stock joints. It has parts made from 4340 chromoly (chromium-molybdenum steel) material, which makes it significantly more durable than ordinary steel. Even its center tube is made of high-tensile steel that's 30 percent thicker than other brands! Plus, the Fidanza axle assembly uses thicker, rugged boots that have high-temperature, high-pressure synthetic grease. This grease protects and lubricates your vehicle's CV joints, making it more resistant to its abrasive environment. You know that no other brand can give you this toughness and reliability—at least not at the same affordable price. So you've now got every reason to choose the Fidanza axle assembly. Simply browse Auto Parts Warehouse's online catalog and place an order for this product through our online ordering system. We'll make sure that you'll get what you ordered on time.

            Fidanza Camshaft Gear

            The Fidanza Camshaft Gear—one of the strongest, most reliable camshaft gears that can give you excellent vehicle performance for a very long time. Made from top-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, it is more capable of handling the heat and pressure than other camshaft gears. But what really makes this camshaft gear a standout is that it has more precise tolerances because of its CNC-machining (Computerized Numerical Control). It lasts longer than other gears, too, because it has beveled tooth edges. And with the Fidanza Camshaft Gear's 12-degree advance and retard laser-etched adjustments, tuning is more precise and accurate. This product has an extra string inner ring, stainless steel studs through the backside of the outer gear, and stainless steel nuts and lockwashers to secure the inner gear and to help improve torque. Knowing all these features, you'll certainly agree that the Fidanza Camshaft Gear is a smart, practical choice because it‘s bound to make your engine perform better at a reasonable cost. So what are you waiting for? Get one from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

            Fidanza Clutch Cable

            Quality replacement clutch cables don't fall from the sky, but that doesn't mean they're that rare. If you're having a hard time getting a high-quality clutch cable, that's probably because you haven't been looking for the right stuff. This is where the Fidanza Clutch Cable comes in. Made from reinforced steel and billet aluminum, this clutch cable is durable and highly resistant to damage and corrosion. It's designed in a way that you can change the release point of your clutch easily—a feature that becomes necessary if you're using a clutch with a high fastening force. You can be sure that you'll be using the Fidanza Clutch Cable for years because it has undergone strict and rigorous tests. And that's aside from the cutting-edge technology used in its production, which makes it a real winner in the clutch cable business. This clutch cable already comes with a complete instruction manual that tells you the step-by-step process on how to install it. Definitely, the Fidanza Clutch Cable has everything that you're looking for, so place your order for it today right here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

            Fidanza Clutch Kit

            If you want a great selection of clutch kits where you can choose one that suits your needs best, Findanza is the name to look for. Fidanza offers four kinds of clutch kits, namely the 2.1, 3.2, 4.3, and 5.4 versions. Each is made for specific applications from normal, everyday driving to zooming around the race track. With such a diverse lineup, there's surely a Fidanza clutch kit that's just right for you. And no matter what type it is, each kit is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Its parts are made from top-grade materials (carbon, Kevlar, and tough stainless steel), making them extremely durable and efficient through all driving applications. Given all these features, you can surely tell that the Fidanza clutch kit is made only with the best, latest technologies. What many might find surprising, however, is that this clutch kit line comes with an affordable price tag despite those amazing benefits. So if you want to have a powerful performance from your clutch assembly, better get a Fidanza clutch kit right from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

            Fidanza Flex Plate

            Fidanza—a company well known for providing top-notch steering and suspension parts. But what has earned it more prestige is that Fidanza has always kept its product offering updated with the latest innovations in the auto parts industry. The Fidanza flex plate is a testament to this commitment to quality. Made from high-tensile steel that is 0.030-inch thicker than stock flex plates, the flex plate from Fidanza is more durable than most flex plate replacements in the market. It provides superb strength and durability without compromising its flexibility. Plus, it can withstand tremendous stress, even from high-RPM engines. With the Fidanza flex plate, you can slow down and speed up smoothly without changing gears—ideal for racing and other off-road trips. And it's available at a very affordable price. Definitely a great buy for every quality-driven motorist! So look through Auto Parts Warehouse's online catalog and place an order for a Fidanza flex plate now.

            Fidanza Flywheel

            You know that it's not easy looking for a flywheel that both boosts vehicle performance and lasts that long—at a price that won't make you faint. So rejoice that a Fidanza flywheel is now within your reach! This flywheel will provide the extra strength you need, but it won't get easily corroded, like flywheels from other brands tend to do. It's available in two variations: aluminum and steel. Both are extremely durable, but have different qualities. The aluminum type works well with all kinds of clutch material such as organic, Kevlar, ceramic, metallic, and even sintered iron. It has replaceable friction plates, so you don't need to replace the entire flywheel assembly when it becomes too worn out. The steel type, on the other hand, can withstand almost every kind of driving condition. Both aluminum and steel Fidanza flywheels are versatile—you can use them for most kinds of driving applications. Get your every penny's worth; get a Fidanza flywheel from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

            Fidanza Flywheel Shim

            Every vehicle flywheel is built to do one thing: to store enough mechanical energy to keep the pistons, connecting rods, and crankshaft moving. However, loads of mileage can eventually catch up to it and thin it out too much that it fails to function properly. One solution here is to use a Fidanza Flywheel Shim. Made from high-grade 1045 carbon steel, it's designed to be inserted between the crank or starter and the flywheel. Placed there, it pushes the flywheel forward, so it can engage the clutch better. You won't have to worry about it breaking down, because it can survive even the high temperature and pressure in the engine compartment. That's supreme quality that other brands try hard to imitate, but always end up failing. But the best part is, you don't need to break the bank just to get a Fidanza Flywheel Shim, because it's more affordable than most brands out there. So if you're searching for one, simply click through Auto Parts Warehouse's online catalog and place an order for this Fidanza product.

            Fidanza Short Shifter

            When you have difficulty shifting gears even during easy driving conditions, well, that's not a very good sign. In fact, that's a sign that it's time to get a new short shifter. Go for a Fidanza short shifter—it's definitely one of the best in the market today. Nope, that's not just talk. Here's proof. Made from high-quality aluminum and hardened steel, this short shifter is a tough, durable product. It won't break off easily—even when you have to grab it suddenly. And unlike other short shifters, the Fidanza short shifter is manufactured using 3-D imaging. So you can be sure that it has the best profile and fit, no matter what your car is. It looks and feels good—not too many short shifters can beat that. Yes, a top-quality product for you without spending a fortune to buy it! So place an order for a Fidanza short shifter now using our online ordering system. We guarantee a quick delivery.

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