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            Ford Parts and Accessories

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            About Ford

            Ford Motor Company: A Leader of Innovative Production

            A milestone was achieved by the Ford Motor Company when, on August 31, 2012, it produced its 350,000,000th (350 millionth) vehicle. The vehicle, a 2013 Ford Focus, was built in Ford's newest manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand. With its founding in 1903, the Ford Motor Company had been around for over 109 years. 350 million cars in 109 years equates to an astounding production pace of 8,797 vehicles every day, with one vehicle rolling out every 10 seconds. We give you a quick look at some of the innovative practices that have made this possible.

            International production (1911)

            The Ford Model T was the first car to be produced simultaneously in different countries. One innovation that made this possible was the use of knock-down kits, which were essential car parts that were packed and shipped for final assembly elsewhere. Starting with production in Canada and England, Model Ts were soon rolling out of facilities in different countries including Japan, Germany, Argentina, France, Norway, and many others. Today, Ford has over 90 facilities all over the world.

            The assembly line (1913)

            Back in the early days of car manufacturing, production was very slow because vehicles were individually assembled by hand. The assembly line changed all that. While Henry Ford did not invent the concept of the assembly line, he is largely credited with revolutionizing it. In 1913, he and a few others developed the assembly line for producing the Ford Model T. By using conveyor belts to speed production, they created the world's first moving assembly line. The rate of production dramatically increased. It used to take 12.5 hours to complete one Model T. With the moving assembly line, that time was reduced to 93 minutes, with a new Ford Model T coming off the assembly line every three minutes.

            RUTH Machines: Quality-checking robots (2012)

            Sheer quantity of output is not the only mark of a great car maker. Consistent quality is also important—if not more so. Ford appreciates the value of quality assurance so well, it actually designed a robot for that purpose. The Robotized Unit for Tactility and Haptics (RUTH) machine, a giant robot arm with six joints, is programmed to feel its way around and interact with a vehicle's interior areas in the same way a person would. It allows engineers to quantify attributes like temperature, softness, texture, and comfort. While customers are still involved in the quality testing, RUTH is there from beginning to end to ensure the most accurate measurements and findings.

            With this combination of rapid production and stringent quality testing, Ford is sure to remain a dominant fixture in the automotive industry.

            Ford Top Sellers

            Ford Highlights

            Ford's Biggest Hits

            On August 31, 2012, the Ford Motor Company produced its 350,000,000th (350 millionth) vehicle: a 2013 Ford Focus. With the company's 109-year history, such a feat is described by John Fleming, Ford's executive vice president of global manufacturing, as equivalent to one vehicle being produced every 10 seconds of the company's existence. As the company celebrates this milestone, we take a look at some of Ford's most highly-acclaimed and best-selling creations.

            The Ford Model T (1909-1927)

            "I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one—and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces." -Henry Ford (1922)

            True to that vision, the Model T is generally considered the world's first affordable automobile (costing as low as $440 in 1915). The Model T had a 2.9L inline four-cylinder en bloc flathead engine that produced around 20 hp and gave the vehicle a top speed of 40-45 mph. It also had a 2-speed planetary gear transmission. Built at a time before paved roads became common, the Model T is the first automobile mass-produced via assembly line and the first to be simultaneously produced in different countries. Even today, it is listed among the top ten best-selling cars of all time. An international poll has also named the Model T as the most influential car of the 20th century.

            The Ford F-Series (1948-present)

            This series of full-sized pickup trucks, known for its reliability, style, affordability, and wide-ranging variety, is listed as the second best-selling vehicle of all time (just behind the Toyota Corolla). The F-150, the most popular in the series, has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for more than three decades.

            The Ford Focus (1998-present)

            Other than being the landmark 350 millionth vehicle produced by Ford, the Focus also has a monumental achievement of its own. With its impressive handling, competitive pricing, fuel economy, sleek style, and versatility, the Ford Focus edged out the Toyota Corolla to become the world's best-selling car for the first half of 2012.

            From producing early cars on dirt roads to innovative, best-selling modern cars, Ford is an automotive legend that refuses to slow own.

            Ford Trivia

            Fun Ford Facts

            • Ford vehicles made an appearance in at least 11 James Bond movies. A Ford Mondeo Mk4, a new model at that time, was introduced in a scene in Casino Royale (2006).
            • A Ford Ka, a Ford Edge, and a Ford Bronco II were all used in the 2008 James Bond flick "Quantum of Solace."
            • Henry Ford manufactured supplies and war material for both the United States and Nazi Germany during WWII. On his 75th birthday in 1938, he even received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.
            • In the 1940s, Ford produced as many as 9,000 B-24 bombers for the American war effort.
            • Henry Ford is America's first ever billionaire.
            • The "F" in the widely popular Ford F-Series of pickup trucks stands for "Farm."
            • A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one." That's what Henry Ford once said when he was still alive and kicking-kicking tires to check if their automobiles are ready to be hauled out of the factory and beat the dirt roads in Michigan. If you got a vehicle that came off the assembly line of dear old Henry's company, then better keep in mind what he said when looking for Ford parts or Ford accessories.Not that we're not being too patronizing to the founder of the fourth largest car manufacturing company on the planet, but Mr. Henry really did great and blessed the auto industry by creating a company that produces vehicles that remains popular to this day, thanks to the remarkable Ford parts and auto systems that make them up. Wherever you are in the world, it shouldn't take you long to know that people really love Ford cars, trucks, and whatever Ford models there are. Aside from their looks that could be a bit sophisticated while rugged at the same time, Ford vehicles are known for their remarkable performance both on and off road. That's why if you got one and it needs a replacement part, don't get just any component from just any brand from just any store. Because if there's one store with an auto parts selection that's as "saturated" with good Ford parts as the rest of the market is with bad ones, it's got to be Auto Parts Warehouse.We got a very comprehensive, user-friendly online catalog that carries parts for all the automotive systems in a Ford vehicle. And those Ford truck parts, car parts, detailing products, and whatnot? We source them only from the best and trustworthy auto part manufacturers in the industry. So when you buy here, you can expect not only quality, but also the assurance of excellent performance, which comes in the form of manufacturers' warranties. On top of all that, you can enjoy our flexible payment options and fast shipping that becomes free if your order costs more than $49. So once your Ford tells you it needs an upgrade or new components, well, here's another set of wise words from old Henry again: "Don't find fault, find a remedy."Well, you can easily do that by ordering your Ford parts online only from Auto Parts Warehouse.