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            Fram Products

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            Fram: Pioneering the Aftermarket Industry’s Revolutionary Filters

            With its proven high quality standards, Fram has established itself as one of the leading providers of automotive filters. With 75 years of experience in developing innovative filters, this company has contributed to the aftermarket industry's advancements when it comes to filter technology. Fram's product line includes oil filters, air filters, and PCV valves.

            To provide groundbreaking filters for various vehicle applications, this company uses one of its own techniques in engineering its products—the Fram proving grounds. Using this system, all filters and valves undergo several tests to ensure that high quality is achieved and maximum efficiency is delivered. The process involves the Burst Test, Clog Test, Dirt Test, Valve Test, and Hell Test.

            Thanks to its founders, chemists Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldam, this company has achieved its sterling reputation in producing heavy-duty filters over the past 75 years. With continuous enhancements in its products' design, Fram has continued to provide consumers with aftermarket parts that meet or even go beyond OEM capability.

            Resilient air filters

            Don't you hate it when you get stuck in traffic and you see all the air pollution swarming around you? It becomes harder to breathe because you feel dust and other particles trying to get into your respiratory system. This works the same for your vehicle. As it is exposed to thick layers of smog in urban areas or dusty country roads, the engine might become a little bit asthmatic. The particles will clog the air filter which is the first line of defense for the engine. The Fram Tough Guard Air Filter is developed for this specific kind of environments. It is designed to filter more particles to prevent them from getting into the engine. It includes a pre-oiled medium that improves the filtering capacity of the component. It also has the Pleat Lock glue bead for a more consistent passing of air through the intake. Aside from its filtering capability, the materials used in this filter should be more durable than OE-spec replacements. This will work on environments where abrasive particles can take a toll on weaker filter materials.

            Refreshing cabin air filter

            Things can turn ugly in the interior when your air conditioning system sucks in air that is already carrying foul odors from nearby trash sites and sewage systems. The bad thing about the smell is it can linger inside your vehicle for quite some time. It sticks to the fabric, carpet and even to your clothes. By the time you step out of your road, you don't smell fresh at all. The Fram Fresh Breeze cabin air filter can help you prevent this from happening. It is made up of Arm & Hammer baking soda mixed with other ingredients. When you use this, it will be able to prevent contaminants from messing with your driving pleasure.

            Helpful fuel filters

            In the combustion section of your vehicle, it is ideal to keep your fuel as clean as possible to be able to get the most power of out of your engine. For this kind of work, Fram offers direct fit fuel filters for your ride. It should be able to sort out the particles mixed with your vehicle's power juice before being fed to the block.

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