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            Spoiler Alert: Freedom Design Is Your Best Bet When It Comes to Spoilers, Air Dams, and Strut Bars

            Freedom Design is a company that makes strut bars, air dams, and spoilers for the sake of vehicular improvements and modifications. Their products beat the competition in terms of chassis-stiffening performance. These pieces of equipment are built to last, simple to install, great for your engine, and uncomplicated to use. This brand has been making these quality products for years.

            Their strut bar in particular is perfect for anyone who wishes to increase their vehicle's wheel or tire size. It's the bar you install along with your bigger tires so that the chassis is stiffened enough to adapt to them and improve your steering control. Meanwhile, the spoilers and air dams are installed on the car to increase their aerodynamic capabilities as well as improve its looks in more ways than one.

            Achieve true aerodynamic prowess with the right spoilers

            The aftermarket provider known as Freedom Design isn't only teeming with strut bars. It also sells high-performance spoilers that serve as car enhancers. Their development team has come up with a myriad of designs that's assured to fit in over 200 makes and models of cars. A spoiler is a must-have vehicular modification component because it reduces the amount of lift generated by the new shape of your automobile. They're also quite easy to install.

            In turn, it helps you maintain traction, increase fuel efficiency, reduce weight, add visibility, create a more stylish look to your vehicle, and increase the stability of your brakes. To be more specific, spoilers increase the positive downward pressure on your vehicle, which ensures better performance from it and guarantees you'll get more bang out of your gas money. The downward force also helps out in affecting aerodynamic drag in a beneficial manner.

            The vigorous air dam serves as your hood spoiler

            It makes perfect sense that Freedom Design would also sell air dams since they're essentially front spoilers or spoilers you put on your front bumper as though it's a functional hood ornament of some sort. After it's been integrated unto your car, it helps affect the aerodynamics of your car up front, which helps in better handling and driving management even when faced with high speeds.

            That's because you now have a "dam" that keeps the air from reducing your speed or making your vehicle go out of control. The air at the front of your vehicle can now be used to improve the drag coefficient of your car as it speeds through the road. It's also helpful in generating down force. The air dam has a secondary function of cooling down the engine bay by redirecting airflow into it.

            Get bigger tires with a strut bar installation

            The main claims to fame that the Freedom Design strut bar has over other strut bars root from its polished aluminum crossbar with red painted end mounts. It doesn't only look gorgeous (as many a sports car enthusiast would praise and rave); it's also designed to provide stability and strength between the strut towers of your automobile.

            The more rigid your chassis is thanks to this strut bar, then the less likely it is that you'll need pay for damages due to tire wear and metal fatigue. This bar will assist any vehicle that shimmies when it's speeding over 65 miles per hour. It's also dependable when it comes to making your vehicle feel more solid as well as smoothening out bumps. This strut bar is indeed just what your mechanic ordered

            Freedom Design Spoiler

            Freedom Design Spoiler is a high performance enhancer built by Freedom Design to fit over 200 models of cars. The spoiler is a performance enhancer by reducing the amount of lift generated by the shape of the car and increasing positive pressure downward on the vehicle. This helps your cars performance by increasing traction allowing better traction between the tire and road surface. Spoilers also increase aerodynamic drag. If your car is not resisting the air but using it for better traction and less drag, consider installing a Freedom Design Spoiler. They are made with lightweight materials such as blow-molded co-polymer materials and fiberglass. Freedom Design Spoilers come complete with hardware and are easy to install.

            Freedom Design Strut Bar

            The Freedom Design Strut Bar is a polished aluminum crossbar with red painted end mounts. It also comes with high recommendations by consumers. A Freedom Design Strut Bar is an added suspension accessory to provide extra strength and stability between strut towers. By improving chassis rigidity, it will save on tire wear and metal fatigue. The Freedom Design Strut Bar will help any car that shimmies when the speed is over 65 mph. It also will help smooth out the bumps and makes your car feel much more solid. Enjoy the solid and smooth ride that a Freedom Design Strut Bar can give you.

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