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            FT-Elektronik 101: The Specialists of Electronic Handheld Service Reset and Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

            FT-Elektronik is a German-based company full of specialists that manufacture quality electronic handheld vehicle diagnostic and service reset systems used for the repair, maintenance, and diagnosis of the mechanical ailments of many a vehicle out there. It's a company that specializes in creating software-based diagnostic applications and the hardware used to distribute them (that is, handheld devices developed for auto service reset and diagnosing whatever is wrong under the hood of your car).

            It's been a trusted name when it comes to automotive diagnostic hardware and software production since 1987. They also produce their own line of various car tools that better assist in repair and maintenance of your vehicle. Every tool and product in their library of service reset and vehicle diagnostic system devices are built in accordance to the demands of the newest car models, which means they're regularly updated and improved upon.

            Convenient and cost-effective service reset tools

            If you're having issues with your service reminder lights that go off every 10 kilometers that make you second guess whether there's something wrong with your car or not, you can use the service reset tools from FT-Elektronik like the and SIR-VIII 2010. This will save you lots of money because shops tend to charge $50 for every reset. Buying this $170 gadget allows you to do it yourself in a mere 10 seconds, saving you a minimum of $50 every reset or $1,000 every 20 resets.

            FT-Elektronik has loads of service reset tools in its inventory, such as the SIR-VII 2008 airbag service reset tool made for resetting a whole host of airbags for various makes and models of cars, from the Astra to the Meriva. The company also manufactures the EPB 2010 for electronic park brake service resets, the SBC 2007 to deal with sensoric break control, SRIV V 2000 to handle airbags, and so forth.

            Safety-ensuring diagnostic system devices

            The FT-Elektronik diagnostics tools offer the best High-Speed CAN Bus Technology for your vehicular diagnostics needs. Incidentally, the Control Area Network (CAN) Bus is a vehicle bus standard that enables microcontrollers and devices to communicate with one another in software without a host computer to help them out. Every maintenance and repair tool in the FT-Elektronik line of products takes full advantage of the message-based protocol.

            While CAN Bus was originally used for an automobile's multiplex electrical wiring, it's also been used for many other contexts, including service reset and system diagnostics. System tools like the SIR-VI 2010, SIR-VIII 2010, and FTRS-3 make use of the CAN bus system to do their system diagnosis and testing. The company also makes devices like the 12-volt socket tester for thermo-couple control resistors and automatic trailer detection without the control flash for the trailer.

            Dependable and bright LED handlamp

            Aside from diagnostic system and service reset hand tools that work with the CAN Bus protocol and could reset lights and various services in your car (from brakes to airbags as well as dashboard service lights and the Drive Information Module as required), FT-Elektronik also manufactures helpful gadgets like the LED ACCU hand lamp. It provides a perfect beam of light in any situation.

            This ultra-bright lamp works better, shinier, and longer than your average flashlight or torch when using FT-Elektronik handheld devices under the hood or through the dashboard. LED ACCU hand lamps from FT-Elektronik work for three hours of operation. It also uses three AAA batteries and measures 17 centimeters in length by 5 centimeters in width. You can choose between 520 lux and 600 lux models as well.

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