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            Fuel Boss: A Steelworks Company that Deals with Production, Installation and Trade

            Fuel Boss or FUEL BOSS is a steelworks company and brand that was established back in March 1991. They specifically handle the production, installation, and trade of steel equipment and construction. They deal with various industries and are ISO-certified as well (for example, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 as well as OHSAS 18001, EN 1090-2: 2008-07, and DIN 18800-7: 2008-11). They also have experience in machine and component assembly for industrial facilities.

            Their steel and aluminum constructions are specifically used in accessory construction for industrial facilities, the building of sheds, and the usage of their metal pipes and modules for the assembly of fuel injection components. Their brand is also present for mechanical pump lift systems and various pump accessories for usage in the automotive industry. It's their knowledge in production and assembly of pipeline systems that allowed them to expand into vehicular market.

            Remarkable replacement fuel injection components

            The Fuel Boss brand has been used on products such as replacement fuel pump module assemblies,fuel injection wiring harnesses, and fuel pump driver modules. They make quality injection pumps that efficiently pumps diesel into the diesel engine's cylinders while being driven indirectly from the crankshaft by a toothed belt, chains, or gears that also drives the camshaft. Fuel Boss aftermarket replacement pumps are renowned for their OES capabilities.

            What this means is that it duplicates and sometimes even exceeds the specs of the stock pump component you have that you want replaced. The pump also has several ISO-certified safeguards included since it works in a high-pressure environment (15,000 PSI on newer systems). Its wiring harnesses further assist in better cable management while its fuel pump driver modules ensures dependable restoration and accurate voltage control.

            Performance-enhancing mechanical lift pump system

            The top offering of the Fuel Boss pump line is its mechanical pump system. This Fuel Boss product allows your car to increase pressure and output to match your engine RPM through the help of its belt-driven mechanical lift pump capabilities. A factory lift pump has quite a number of common electronic failures that are virtually eliminated with the easy installation of the FUEL BOSS mechanical lift pump system.

            There'sno need to worry anymore about carrying a spare pump in your tool box when you have this particular pump system installed. The Fuel Boss pump system kit also has a FB-1000 pump that's a straight-cut gear pump and has no bearings to wear out. It's capable of taking pressures rated 100 PSI and beyond, plus it runs at a 2-1 reduction, which means the pump turns only half of the engine's RPM. The reduced wear and tear means a longer-running pump that will last as long as your truck!

            Accessible and varied pump accessories

            To be more specific, the FUEL BOSS brand offers various pump accessories that assist in the betterment of your fuel injection assembly such as the adjustable Hobbs switch, hyper drive upgrade, the standard60T replacement belt, hyper drive 58T replacement belt, standard 56T replacement belt, hyper drive 54T replacement belt, bypass check valve, and GDP (Glacier Diesel Power) competition bypass turning kit, among many other offerings.

            Thanks to the extensive line of Fuel Boss brand gaskets, switches, filters, belts, drives, kits, and upgrades, many a motorist's fuel pump needs could be met by the FUEL BOSS Company alone. These gizmos and gadgets aplenty come complete with built-in gaskets, unmatched fuel-cleansing performance, highly durable and reliable components that are arguably industrial-grade, and easy filter replacement.

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