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            Gas Cap

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            Gas Cap Products

            Nowadays, fuel is a commodity that's just as precious as food, clothing, and shelter. That's why it's not a surprise for people to go after it with gusto. So, if you want to keep thieves from siphoning your vehicle's fuel supply, make sure you have a way of protecting it. This is where having a gas cap comes in handy. Although not as fancy as your vehicle's other components, this device protects your fuel supply by providing a cover for your fuel tank. By doing this, thieves won't be able to access and steal expensive gas from your fuel tank. Aside from preventing fuel theft, having this device installed can prevent gas vapors from seeping out. This keeps gasoline from being contaminated. The cap can even help improve fuel economy by preventing fuel from evaporating. Finally, it's able to reduce hydrocarbon emissions that can further damage the ozone layer. To give drivers more options, this component comes in various designs. Some can be snapped in place, while others can be locked with a key. The locking cap has gained more popularity since it can secure the fuel tank more effectively than the snap-on type. Nevertheless, no matter what design you choose, a gas cap is still a must for every vehicle. Not only will it keep your fuel supply secure, it'll also prevent fuel from being contaminated with dirt and dust, which may affect your engine's combustion. Make sure you get this component today from Auto Parts Warehouse. We guarantee to give you only the best online shopping experience.

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            What You Need to Know about Gas Caps

            Gas caps are common victims of neglect as they're either left at the gas station or not properly maintained. This is a big no-no, though, because driving around without a gas cap-or with a faulty one-can be very problematic. First off all, in case of an accident, you'll be less equipped to prevent fuel spills and decrease the chances of fire without a handy gas cap. Secondly, if you're missing your gas cap or you have one that's seeping out fumes, then both you and the environment can be put at risk. In addition to that, your fuel may evaporate faster if you don't have a functional gas cap. So as you can imagine, this component is very important, and that's why you should have one at all times. Now, before buying a replacement gas cap for your auto, here are some things you need to know.

            Types of gas caps

            Non-locking Gas Caps

            These babies meet OEM specs and can serve as direct replacements for your missing or busted stock gas cap. Such gas caps are simple, but they get the job done. In fact, non-locking gas caps are guaranteed to provide utmost safety and are the preferred caps of many drivers.

            Lock Gas Caps

            Some people are getting desperate nowadays due to the rising gas prices and are resorting to stealing fuel from other vehicles. With that in mind, many motorists are now opting for locking gas caps that prevent fuel theft. These caps come in various finishes and styles, and feature outstanding fuel protection.

            Some gas cap options

            Stant 10504 Locking Fuel Cap

            A reliable locking fuel cap that prevents fuel theft.

            Stant 10819 Fuel Cap

            A simple yet functional cap that makes for an ideal replacement unit.

            Repair Guides

            Bust a Cap on Gas Cap Problems

            Did you know that you're likely to lose about 30 gallons of gas in a single year if you drive around without a functional gas cap? That's a lot of valuable fuel and hard-earned dough down the drain. To prevent any wasted fuel-and to help you save cash and the environment-you should buy a new gas cap right away. These babies are relatively inexpensive and are sure to be a worthwhile investment. After all, they don't just save you cash but they protect your health as well. Fortunately enough, installing a new gas cap is a pretty straightforward deal. Here are a few simple steps that will help you replace your missing or busted gas cap.

            Difficulty Level: Easy

            What you'll need:

            • Gloves
            • Hanky or Face Mask
            • Clean Cloth
            • Needle Nose Pliers

            Step 1: Make sure that your new gas cap matches your vehicle's year, make, and model. Keep in mind that what you're looking for is a perfect cap fit that will prevent the seeping out of gas fumes. This means that you shouldn't settle for just any gas cap.

            Step 2: Before you get started on your installation job, make sure that you're taking all the safety precautions. Wear gloves to ensure that you don't get fuel residue onto your hands, and wear a face mask/ hanky over your nose to protect you from the fumes that may seep out of your fuel tank

            Step 3: Clean off your fuel tank opening using a clean piece of cloth to ensure that it's free from debris that can enter it.

            Step 4: Identify whether or not your stock cap has a cap retention ring, which prevents it from falling out.

            Step 5: If it does, then slip the tip of your needle nose pliers underneath the edge of the retention ring's base. Remove the retention ring and place it into your new gas cap. Twist the ring into the cap and see to it that the part of the cap that connects to the vehicle is located on the left side.

            Step 6: Twist your new cap clockwise into place until you hear it click three times.

            Step 7: Double check if it will fall off easily and then you're all set.

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