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            GE Lighting Products

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            GE Lighting for Automotive Use: A Long History and Heritage Enjoyed Up Until Modern Times

            The world-famous General Electric has a lighting line made specifically for automobiles. They've been on the forefront of automotive lighting for many years, creating bulbs for headlights, rear lights, and some of the widest selections of automotive lamps ever made. It's an American multinational conglomerate that got its roots from Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, and his Edison General Electric Company.

            What better company to get you the absolute best headlights and lamplights for your car than the longstanding, historically significant corporation that continues to innovate one of Edison's primary inventions? Even in the automotive front, GE Lighting remains a leader, offering all sorts of 12-volt to 24-volt systems. What's more, GE is on the approval lists of many an auto manufacture because it's the epitome of a trusted product. It has earned its stripes and then some.

            High-performance light bulb for indoor lighting

            Quality and performance are key measurements when it comes to every last GE Electric product, and its Megalight Ultra +120% line is no exception to this rule. It's a bulb that epitomizes what General Electric Lighting and its automotive solutions are all about. This is an auto light bulb that showcases excellent consistency with every sample; every one of them is certified high-grade, showcasing GE's international-grade quality control.

            Furthermore, it has a wide light hotspot that showed definition, intensity, and reach, particularly in the 75-meter point. It's the best light to have when it's a touch closer to your vehicle (as in the case of interior lamps and indoor auto lighting).When GE Lighting promises 120% more light, then it truly delivers. It's a high-performance lamp that doesn't disappoint at all and doesn't betray the legacy that GE has established as a two-century lighting fixture giant.

            Rugged and intense sports vehicle lamp light

            You can't beat what the GE Lighting Sportlight brings to the table. True to its name, it's a light best used in "sports", whether it's for auto racing, for a sports-utility van, or for usage on a competitive boat. It is anything-goes with this anything-sports-related kind of lamplight. It's essentially the sportier version of the Megalight Ultra +120%. Its primary feature is the wide spread of its beam.

            Although it's admittedly pricey, it's more than worth the price because any sportsperson would want to get that extra edge when driving at night on a drag race with piercing-bright headlights (although it's definitely a must-buy bargain if you can get it on a 2-4-1 kind of offer). As expected of General Electric Lighting, this bulb is many lumens brighter than its closest competitor.

            A light bulb that lasts longer than the average lamp

            Extra Life is a light bulb that's supposed to last many times as long as your usual lamp. It's approved with the test label Highway Code "E1" and is certified as a premium-quality bulb taken from the Megalight Ultra +120% mold. If you wish to drive safely by day and night, then the Extra Life H7 12-volt halogen bulb is your best bet.

            It's the perfect lamp for your car because it's a cost-effective bulb that requires fewer changes in a given period. It's durable, long-lasting, and offers a consistent stream of light at pitch darkness or even if it's daytime but you've ended up somewhere with either the sun covered by storm clouds or an area with low-lighting conditions. Don't buy easily disposable lamps any longer; get something that gives more bang to your buck.

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