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            Gila DIY Films Will Change Your Perspective on Automotive Windows

            Gila is a maker of window films based in St. Louis, Missouri (with factories located in Martinsville, Virginia) that lower ultraviolet ray exposure from behind the glass, particularly automotive glass. Your vehicle-whether it's luxurious, practical, and/or sporty-is more than a mode of transportation to put you from Point A to Point B. Rather, it's a way to show off your style and a place where you spend a surprisingly huge amount of time at, necessitating a bit of bodily protection on your part.

            That's because no-tint, no-film windows tend to roast people inside their cars with concentrated amounts of sunlight that's beyond the healthy dosage. Gila Window Film is one of the best companies and brands for the job of window protection because they make tints for everything, from cars to trucks, from interiors to exteriors, and from on the road and off-road applications.

            Professional-grade basic tint

            Gila Window Film makes the Basic Tint product that's actually a lot more complete and comprehensive than what many of their competitors offer. For something so "basic", these scratch-resistant and clear tints are more than enough to suit all your window tinting needs. For example, the Basic Tint of Gila offers special features such as a variety of shades and three levels of tint concentration choices (which includes dark, medium, and light).

            What's more, the Gila Basic Tint provides superior sunlight protection so that you won't get wrinkled skin from excessive sun exposure from a vehicle that doesn't provide as much shade without the tint. It blocks 99% of UV rays to help protect you and your car's interior from the sun's radiation. It also helps protect your privacy and can be customized in accordance to your personal aesthetic tastes.

            Specialized heat shield tints

            The Gila Heat Shield Tint offers everything you could get from the Basic Tint-from advanced deep-dye technology to DIY auto tint application using special adhesives-plus extra heat protection from the sun's rays. You'll get all the superior optical clarity and durability you'd acquire from going the basic route, but this time around the tint comes with more bells and whistles. It makes use of topnotch propriety heat-blocking technology.

            On top of blocking 99% of UV rays, it also blocks heat produced by sunlight, which translates to a cooler vehicle and less coolant usage. It's only really outdone by the Heat Shield Plus Window Tint, but even that variant owes its existence to the Heat Shield serving as the foundation for its creation. With Gila Heat Shield Tints, you'll get 5%, 20% or 35% light transmission available in long, narrow rolls for even the curviest of rear windows.

            Sophisticated and advanced heat shield tint

            The Gila Heat Shield Plus Window Tint improves upon its predecessor by having more size options present. What's more, this new-and-improved Heat Shield tint product has more mileage to it since it caters to more discerning motorists, thus it's been made to last longer and take a lot more radiation damage than an ordinary Heat Shield Tint or a Basic Tint package.

            You'll get the whole shebang of heat protection from this tint variant. It's easy to find the best fit for your individual needs, plus the adhesive-backed film offers optical clarity, scratch resistance, and superior durability that characterize the Gila brand. It's made to last for the long haul, dealing with your heating and sun protection needs in one fell swoop. It's a deep-dyed shield that totally rejects heat and allows a precise amount of light to come through.

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