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            Glove Box Lock

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            Glove Box Lock Products

            Don't you just hate it when your glove box won't open because the lock is jammed? No matter how many times you try your hand at it, the key just won't do the trick. You have to call a locksmith or go find yourself the perfect metal pin or needle to pick the lock until your hear that click. Consider yourself lucky if you figured out a way to unlock the glove box without leaving any scratch or rough spot on the dashboard. So you won't find yourself in the same predicament all over again, you'd better get a new glove box lock for your car-one that fits perfectly. Just make sure that you have the right replacement for the key-type lock or push-button type. With a trusty, new lock, you can push aside some worries at the back of your head. No need to worry about the glove box spewing out all its contents when your car runs at highway speed or when it drives over bumps. You can stuff not just a set of good, ol' driving gloves in this dashboard compartment. The glove box can also be a safe place to keep your gadgets, some cash, important office files, and whatnot. Thank goodness, the glove box can be locked for your own safety and convenience!Don't you want to have the perfect replacement for that busted glove box lock of your car? Save yourself the trouble of scouring every online store just to get the good stuff. DIYers and smart shoppers come to Auto Parts Warehouse because we have a large selection of auto parts and accessories from top aftermarket brands. Guaranteed to be of premium quality, the OE replacements and upgrades we offer are sold at the lowest prices. If you think that's just another empty promise, we have a low price guarantee to back up this claim. On the off chance you find a much-better deal than ours, we'll offer you a price match or even beat the offer from other stores. The low, low prices are just the tip of the iceberg. We have so much more to offer our beloved shoppers like flexible payment solutions, fast shipping, and a secure shopping environment. Round-the-clock customer service is available through live chat and our toll-free hotline. Browse through our catalog to order a dependable glove box lock for your car right here, right now!

            Buying Guides

            How to Find the Right Glove Box Lock

            Your car's glove compartment is an important location for keeping valuable items. It has to always open and close without any hassle, so you must ensure that its lock operates like new. There is nothing more annoying than needing something urgently only to find that the compartment's lock has jammed. Keep that from happening by periodically checking your lock and replacing it with a new one if it starts malfunctioning.

            What design to choose?

            The design of your glove box lock-and the latch that accompanies it-depends on what your glove compartment looks like. Some locks are oriented horizontally or vertically, but this orientation does not really affect the function of the lock. Buy one that matches the configuration of your compartment's lock assembly. If your compartment has a rectangular panel where the lock is mounted, the design of the lock will not be noticeable at all and will not affect the neatness of your glove compartment.

            What color/finish to choose?

            Glove compartments typically have the same color as the dash. When it comes to choosing locks, opt for steel for its durability. If the lock is not exposed to moisture, it will definitely last a long time. However, if you notice some rusting in some parts of the lock, or when locking starts to jam, it is better to replace the lock.

            Locks generally have an outer cylinder made from black plastic. If you want your lock to have a neutral color as your dash, opt for a lock with a black cylinder. This color will blend well whatever color your dash is. Other color options are tan, chrome, and beige.

            What special technology to look for?

            Glove box locks are considered a security feature for the interior of your car. So, you must look for special features that will allow you to keep your stored belongings more secure. Some locksmith companies offer a special registration of the keys and the locks to prevent malicious duplication. If you do not want your compartment keys copied, then you must go for such extra security.

            What are other things to consider?

            When you purchase from an online auto parts store, make sure that the package includes an entire glove box lock kit with the installation instructions. A typical kit includes a lock cylinder, two keys, and washers. Warranty may be available only from some sellers. Also, you must be able to return the product in case it is different from what you ordered or if you want to replace it with another.

            Repair Guides

            How to Replace Your Glove Box Lock

            Annoyances can come from little things-like a jamming glove box lock. A glove box is a small compartment located beneath the dashboard, with a latch that lets you open and close the lid as well as a lock to keep stored items safe. Even if you can open your glove box fast enough when you need to get something, it is still a little irritating to operate it with a rusted or malfunctioning lock. Thus, to make your drive all right, replace your worn glove box lock right away. Glove box lock replacement only requires a few tools and simple steps to get you through.

            Difficulty level: Easy


            • New glove box lock
            • Phillips screwdriver

            Step 1: Open the glove compartment. Remove the screws that hold the decorative cover of the glove box to the inside panel. The number of screws varies from model to model. Set the screws aside.

            Step 2: Remove the glove box cover and put it aside.

            Step 3: Use the screwdriver to unscrew the latch assembly. Put the new lock. Replace the screws and tighten them.

            Step 4: Replace the glove box cover and secure it with the screws.

            Step 5: Close the glove box. Try if the lock works by locking and unlocking the compartment using the glove box key.

            If you have a glove box that does not open because of a broken lock, then you have to open the compartment first before you can replace the lock. Insert a string along the edges of the glove box and move the string back and forth while pulling down on the compartment door. Wait until you are able to depress the latch and open the compartment door. Another way is to drill a 1/8-inch hole near where the latch release is located. Insert a metal coat hanger through the hold and pry on the release latch.

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