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            Hawk Brake Pad Set

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            If you have a high performance engine under tucked your hood then you know how horsepower and torque can really make you move away from a stop light. But all the power in the world cannot make what ever you drive stop any quicker. When you want the finest brakes in the world, you need to install a new Hawk Brake Pad Set. Made of the finest materials around, all Hawk brakes promise to give you miles of worry free stopping. With a new Hawk Brake Pad Set you can stop 20%, 30% even 40% quicker than with the brakes that came stock from the factory. Also, these brakes resist brake fad like no others on the road today. No matter what kind of car, truck, van or SUV you drive, chances are Hawk makes a brake pad set just for you. Why settle for second best? Stay with the name that car lovers always turn to for quality and reliability. A Hawk Brake Pad Set can stop your car like nothing else. Stay safe when ever you hit the brakes. You car can really go. Trust Hawk to make sure that it can stop every time. Customers always deserve first-rate help when considering quality auto parts. For our valued customers, we make available an always-open technical support bureau to assist you with your questions. Everyone hates paying for shipping, so we always provide free shipping for all orders $50 and higher. If you find a better price, call us - we will beat any price advertised elsewhere.

            Hawk Brake Pad Set Review

            Date Published:
            • Performance 4
            • Ease to Use/Intallation 5
            • Quality 5
            • Price 5
            Overall Rating 4.8

            Whether you are a performance driver or an ordinary street surfer, you will never settle for anything less, especially when it comes to your four-wheeled buddy's brake pad set. Although the ideal brake pad material varies from one vehicle to another, there are still some general considerations in finding the perfect brake pad set for your vehicle. These include high-friction material, zero squealing, superior stopping power, heat crack and fade resistant, and zero to low dust production. When your stock brake pads fail, it is imperative to look for the best possible replacement. Of course, you would not want to risk your driving comfort and performance, all the more your life with a lousy and second-rate brake pad set. Let's find out if Hawk's brake pad set can meet your standards.

            Hawk brake pad set features

            • Asbestos-free
            • Made with top-quality ferro-carbon compound for extended lifespan
            • Semi-metallic brake pad material
            • Has higher coefficient of friction compared to other OE brake pads
            • Has higher resistance against fade and cracks
            • Direct-fit
            • Available in two-wheel sets
            • Carries a lifetime limited warranty from Hawk

            We tried Hawk's brake pad set on our very own street surfer, which is a Nissan Skyline, and here is what have to say:

            The good stuff

            • The Hawk brake pad set installation was a breeze. It fits our tire setup perfectly without the need for minor modifications.
            • The brake pedal was stable, and the modulation was great.
            • Although the brake pads provided superior stopping power, they produced very little dust.
            • The pads' semi-metallic material was perfect for race tracks, but it also had an above-average performance for daily street driving.
            • There was little noise produced, especially during low-speed driving. But it is not enough to make other people look around for squealing piglets.
            • Both the pads and rotors were durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures and driving conditions, which are actually normal in performance driving.
            • The brake pad set's complementary break-in instructions were very helpful. If the bedding instructions were followed strictly, the pads and rotors are guaranteed to have longer life spans.
            • The price is also reasonable compared to other brands of brake pad sets.

            The bad stuff

            • Hawk's brake pads were a little weak in terms of pad bite but only during the first few stops in the morning. The brake pad set managed to redeem itself when it was fully warmed up.
            • There are some signs of minor rotor wear, but the level is still acceptable.

            The judgment

            The Hawk brake pad set installed in our Nissan Skyline underwent several painstaking tests to seal its spot as one of the top brake pad set replacements we've tried. Even after consecutive turns and sudden stops, the brake pads and rotors did not falter. The amount of dust produced was minimal, and the noise was low and very much tolerable. The semi-metallic material of the pads increased the set's versatility, making it suitable for both race track and street use. Equipped with these Hawk pads, our Skyline surfed through the tracks and the streets like a certified pro.

            With the brake pad set's unwavering pedal pressure and robust grip, the pad bite failure prior to warming up is no longer important. The obvious signs of rotor wear were also too minor, so deducting points for this glitch is really unnecessary.

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