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Headers Products

Looking for a way to make your car or truck roar like a lion? Your ride will sound vicious when you install one of these awesome performance headers! Give your vehicle the attention it deserves when you drive down the highway or racetrack with the best headers money can buy! We've got the widest selection of headers on the market! You'll pay wholesale pricing for the most reputable names in the business using our online catalog! Install one of these performance exhaust headers for the undeniable power you deserve. Ordering is fast and easy when you shop with us. Come see what makes us the # 1 spot for performance auto parts and accessories!

Buying Guides

Heads up on Headers: How to Buy

Not sure if you're going to get headers for your car? Well, we'd like to give you a heads up on headers to help you come up with a decision.

Why you should get new headers

  1. Get to improve fuel economy. Your engine ceases to run efficiently if its components, such as the exhaust, are busted. With the exhaust manifold damaged, it can clog up the cylinders and kill your miles per gallon.
    Tip: Purchase headers with steel construction. This will make your motor running more efficiently. This kind of header will also take off a few pounds from your car's weight.
  2. Run on amplified exhaust tone. If you're tired of your old exhaust tone, you can definitely alter it just by upgrading your headers. Break the silence on the street and install new performance headers on your exhaust system.
    Tip: For sports use, you can get sports headers, which give off a sound perfect for the racetrack. If it's for city use, then you might want to purchase quieter headers to avoid being a nuisance on the road. But, you can always choose to stand out. So, feel free to choose the sound your headers give.
  3. Reduce the weight of the vehicle. Heavy cars force the engines to work more quickly. However, not only does it slow you down, but it also wastes fuel.
    Tip: For lighter weight, purchase headers made of steel.
  4. Get more horsepower and torque. The spent gases that occur during combustion are pushed out of the cylinder and to the exhaust manifold, which when clogged up can cause your engine to waste energy.
    Tip: Horsepower depends on the engine. Usually, you add 5 to 20 percent horsepower with headers. If you buy tubing a size too big or get the incorrect length, your engine can end up losing horsepower.

Dare to stand out

Aside from the aforementioned reasons why you should buy new headers, it also improves the overall look of your vehicle.

  1. Ceramic: If you want to get a NASCAR look, get one in this finish. This is the usual choice of experts.
  2. Nickel chrome/stainless steel: If your objective is just to capture attention on the road, then headers made from these materials will give your motor a dramatic look.
  3. Matching finish: If you want to match your headers and engine compartment, purchase new ones that will complement the color.

These are just tips to help you out with your decision on buying new headers. The choice is always in your hands. Good luck!

Repair Guides

How to Deal with Headers: A DIY Guide

Upgrading your headers can bring evident changes in performance to your vehicle. Your car would be able to regulate engine temperature to prevent it from overheating and provide efficient engine performance. Headers need to be replaced or upgraded if they become worn out; otherwise, these can develop exhaust leaks. Here's a step-by-step process to help you out to successfully change your headers to new ones.

Difficulty level: Hard

What you'll need:

  • 2 jack stands
  • Floor jack
  • Open-ended wrenches
  • Socket set and ratchet
  • Wire brush
  • Degreaser
  • Torque wrench
  • New gasket
  • New headers

Step 1: Lift the hood and take out any parts that are blocking the headers. Take note that this will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Step 2: Separate the headers where they are locked to the downpipe or the exhaust system. This will also depend on your car's make and model. Usually, there are three bolts holding the headers to the downpipe; otherwise, these may slide into the rest of the exhaust.

Step 3: Take out the bolts that hold the headers to the engine by using the correct socket and extensions, as well as open-ended wrenches to be able to reach the bolts. Slip the headers out of the engine bay.

Step 4: Using the degreaser and wire brush, clean up the area where the headers mount. Make sure to clear the surface from oil, residue, and old gasket material. Put a new gasket onto the mounting surface. Lock the gasket to the engine using small pieces of tape on both ends to prevent it from moving while you install headers.

Step 5: Place the new headers into position on the motor. Loosely thread in a bolt on either to secure them in place. Put in all the bolts and tighten them using a torque wrench according the manufacturer's suggested settings.

Step 6: Connect the downpipe or the exhaust system to the back of the headers. Put back the engine cross-member if it was removed. Reinstall the fuel and manifold system parts that were taken out. Start the motor and inspect for vacuum leaks in the headers. Tighten the bolts after the car is driven to operating temperature and check if they are still tight. And you're done!

With these steps, you can surely get your job done in no time. Good luck!

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