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            Headlight Products

            Replacing auto headlights or just looking for a hot new set of Headlight Covers? No problem! We've got standard auto headlights and some trendy new styles that you're gonna love! Check out our phenomenal Headlight Covers and auto headlight selection by clicking on our online catalog. We know you'll find the set of replacement headlights or headlight covers that you've been waiting for. Weather it's an easy replacement or if you want to show off your car, truck or SUV's uniqueness, we can help. Expressing yourself with a new set of replacement headlights is easy and inexpensive when you shop with us. We've got what you're looking for at low, wholesale pricing!

            Buying Guides

            Picking the Perfect Headlight for Your Car

            Next to your brakes, headlights are the most important safety features of your vehicle. The headlights allow you to see the road clearly, and they especially become a lot more important during nighttime and bad weather. But eventually, your car's headlights will become damaged, and when that happens, you have to be ready to get a replacement. Before you scramble to the nearest shop, you have to know the right kind of headlights that you can use for your car.

            Which headlight bulb is right for my car?

            If it's your first time to replace the headlight bulbs of your car, then most likely, it's a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs are the most commonly used today, and they typically last from 400 to 600 hours. These actually come in many different types. And and to know which kind your car has, you better remove the bulb from the socket and read its bulb type, which is indicated at its base.

            Meanwhile, most vehicle owners simply replace the current headlight bulbs of their vehicle. However, it's also possible to go for an upgrade especially if you think that the light being emitted by the headlights is too dim for your own taste.

            Which type of headlight should I buy?

            When your car's headlights already have to be replaced, there are several headlight types that you can choose from. Here they are:

            • Halogen Headlights
            • Halogen headlights are the most commonly used headlights today because they're cheap and easy to install. With the right maintenance, they can last up until 1,000 hours, although their drawback is that they're dimmer compared to other headlight types.

            • Xenon Headlights
            • If you happen to see vehicles that have bluish-white headlights, then they're definitely xenon headlights. These headlights have become popular these days because they provide better illumination resulting in improved peripheral vision and seeing distance. Because they're brighter than halogen headlights, a driver will be able to see color much better especially at night.

              Another thing that drivers love about xenon headlights is that they can last up until 2,000 hours while using just a quarter of the power that halogen headlights demand. The only drawback of xenon headlights is that they're expensive.

            • Adaptive Front Lighting Systems
            • Adaptive front lighting systems are actually "smart" headlights because they're able to adjust to various situations. They provide superb illumination and modify the beam pattern depending on the vehicle's speed and road conditions. Too much glare isn't a problem with AFS headlights because they're regulated by a computer. Another great thing about these headlights is that they're moved by the computer to where light is mostly needed. The downside to AFS headlights is that they use halogen bulbs, and they're even more expensive than xenon headlights.

            • Light Emitting Diode Headlights
            • Just like the AFS headlights, LED headlights are "adaptive" lighting systems because they adjust to where the light is needed with the help of a computer. Though they're very similar to AFS headlights, LED headlights use much less power. Since they use less power, they emit almost zero heat, so there's no way that they will overheat even if used extensively.

            Aside from that, LED headlights offer around 30,000 hours of useful life, and that's longer than any other headlight type could give. The only thing you have to take into consideration is that LED headlights are pretty expensive.

            Headlights can actually spell the difference between safety and accidents on the road. Because of how crucial these components are, it's important that you'll be able to find the right one that would meet your needs.

            Repair Guides

            A Complete Guide to Maintaining and Fixing Your Headlight

            Because headlights are crucial when you're driving on the road, it's important that they're always in great shape. Unfortunately, since headlights are positioned in front of a vehicle, it's not surprising that they end up being damaged easily. Here are some of the things that you can do to maintain, repair, and install brand-new headlights to your vehicle.

            Headlight Lens Maintenance

            Because headlights are exposed to different elements, their lenses become cloudy over time and when that happens, their lighting ability is affected. What you can actually do is to clean the headlight lenses with either a glass cleaner or plastic safe degreaser. For glass lenses, you can use toothpaste or various rubbing compounds. However, you can't use them on plastic because these substances could ruin it. For plastic headlight lenses, use only a non-abrasive acrylic solution that comes from a proven brand.

            Meanwhile, if you've noticed that there's condensation inside the lens, you have to remove them carefully before cleaning it. Since moisture has already invaded the lens, there's a good chance that the seals are already broken, so you have to replace them as well.

            Headlight Repair

            Sometimes, the headlights only end up with a minor damage. When this happens, there's really no need to look for a replacement because there's a good chance that the bulb is still intact, which means the entire assembly is still functional.

            For minor damage, you have to immediately seal the headlight assembly to prevent moisture from getting in. If a real seal isn't available, you can improvise by using a clear plastic tape to hold the assembly together.

            Though minor problems like this can be solved by using a clear adhesive tape, it's not meant to hold the entire assembly for a long time. That being said, replacing the entire headlight assembly is a must.

            Headlight Bulb Removal and Installation

            When the headlight bulb of your car is already busted, there's only thing that you can do and that's to replace it. Here are the general steps that you can do when replacing busted halogen headlight bulbs.

            Difficulty Level: Easy

            Tools Needed: None

            Step 1: Locate the bulb holder by opening the hood. Find the back of the headlight assembly to reach the holder.

            Step 2: There are three wires that come out of the holder and they're attached to the headlight bulb. The holder is held together by three possible things: a plastic catch, a metal clip, or a screw cap. For the plastic catch and the metal clip, just pull them lightly and they'll come off. For the screw cap, use a screwdriver by turning it towards your left.

            Step 3: Once the wires have already been taken cared of, you can now remove the bulb by holding the base and pulling it.

            Step 4: When the busted bulb is already removed, you can now replace it with new one. Before putting the new bulb in place though, make sure that you don't touch the glass part because it could lead to premature burn out.

            Step 5: Hold the plug end of the new bulb and put it directly into the headlight assembly. Make sure that there's no rubber gasket showing to ensure that it's installed properly.

            Step 6: Re-plug all of the wires and once you're done with that, you can now test your brand-new headlight bulb.

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