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            Hellwig Products

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            Hellwig: Taking Vehicle Handling to the Next Level

            Hellwig was established in 1941 when Rudy Hellwig was recognized for his remarkable spring prototype. Since then, he developed more spring products that aim to improve the handling, clearance, and stability of vehicle s on the road. He did this in his first shop in Glendale, California, which was named Hellwig Products in 1946. His business boomed even more when the well-known Hot Rod Magazine praised his unique stabilizers, which further became the reason of his business' expansion in Visalia, California. Until today, this has been the place of Hellwig's headquarter. And in the present time, Hellwig Products is passed on as a family business, which continues to stay strong and remarkable in the automotive industry.

            Well-built sway bar kits

            When it comes to tough sway bar kits, Hellwig is a brand that can be relied on. Made of chrome steel material that underwent heating processes, the sway bars are sure to last for a long time. They also feature a powder coated black finish, which helps in providing a protective layer to the sway bars. In addition, these sway bars are equipped with polyutherane bushings, which can resist abrasions and pressures. The sway bar kits also contain compatible mounting hardware to help in the installation process. And since Hellwig values its credibility to its customers, the sway bar kits that it manufactures are ISO certified so that the customers can guarantee that all the products are made from high-quality materials. Indeed, these sway bar kits are unlike the typical kits because these Hellwig products are specially engineered to improve the vehicle's handling performance.

            Reliable air leveling kits

            Aside from the sway bar kits, the air leveling kits are also offered by Hellwig. These kits feature air springs that help the leaf springs to balance the load of the vehicle so that the ride's stability can be maintained on the road. In addition, the customers can ensure the safety of using the air leveling kits because each air leveling kit from Hellwig is made to be compatible with the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. And in terms of installation, the customers do not need to worry because these air leveling kits contain service manual, hardware, and strut spacers that are compatible to a particular vehicle's make and model. Hence, installation and adjustment can be done without difficulty. All these features goes to show that Hellwig air leveling kits improve the control and drivability of one's vehicle.

            Innovative helper springs

            Hellwig is also a reliable manufacturer of helper spring kits. Unlike other helper springs, these Hellwig products are specially made with the Progressive Spring Rate and Fulltime Spring Rate. These designs allow the helper springs to be able to resist increasing loads while keeping the stability of the vehicle. In addition, the helper springs are made from alloy spring steel that enhance their durability in accordance to a particular Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Moreover, they can be easily installed because the helper spring kits have the necessary and compatible mounting hardware and fasteners. And because of the increasing demands for these helper spring kits, Hellwig made several lines from this product such as the Load Pro Series and the Medium Duty Helper Springs. These prove that Hellwig is truly dedicated in providing automotive products that have long-lasting efficiency and durability.

            Hellwig Air Leveling Kit

            To keep track of the actual suspension frame air bag pressure of your vehicle, you will need to have daily driving applications backed up with Hellwig air leveling kit for preventive maintenance. Whether you are carrying a maximum loading truck or domestically driven car, you need a good air leveling tool to make sure that your vehicle's suspension system is fit to go miles and miles of driving with no fail. The product is designed to be an air-assisted helper kit that tunes air spring pressure so you maintain driving control while managing any possible road conditions. More importantly, the product is designed to establish responsive handling characteristics particularly to heavily loaded vehicles so accidents will be kept far from intruding severe duty driving as well as towing applications. The product is designed to mount extreme duty suspension air bags of your vehicle's leaf springs to enhance stability over road irregularities while smoothening out ride quality by reinforcing a sturdy support to heavy duty driving applications. Go on and gear up your ride towards excellent drivability and driving control by doing timely and necessary adjustments to reinforce the suspension frame while it adapts to road irregularities hassle-free. Say good bye to sag, loading or driving sway, body roll, and rough ride by having your ride tough suspension frame equipped with and monitored by custom manufactured air leveling kit.

            Hellwig Helper Spring

            When it comes to strengthening the automotive suspension frame, any project aiming to improve drivability and smoothen out handling features will never miss the use of a Hellwig helper spring. Airbag helper springs have long been the perfect solution to establish soft and flexible suspensions without compromising its maximum towing capacity features. Surviving tons and tons of severe duty loading applications is simple with a set of helper springs as they are designed to be adjustable to the demands of vehicle loads as well as tow loads. As a result, your vehicle will never be dragged too harsh or too soft with severe duty loading applications over any possible road conditions. A helper spring is the main spring that you notice between the perches when your vehicle's suspension is at full droop. Typically, it is made strong enough to push the main suspension spring up against the upper spring perch. As a direct-fit and OEM match replacement, the product is engineered to feature for up to 1000 to 1500lbs level of loading capacity which is best fitted for medium to heavier loading applications. By reducing leaf spring wrap up, it helps lighten up load while establishing better driving control and stability while the suspension frame adapts to any possible road conditions. To address the structural weaknesses of conventional helper spring replacements, the product is crafted from high quality steel to exhibit superior strength which ideal among active suspension frame components.

            Hellwig Helper Spring Mounting Kit

            When it comes to purchasing helper spring mounting kits, your selected kit must pair up with your helper spring replacement. To conveniently locate the right mounting kit, you must first measure the width of your stock leaf spring and input that to our product search box. While helper spring applications usually come in pairs, all they need a tough Hellwig helper spring mounting kit to have them securely fitted at the suspension frame. While helper spring constructions and applications have specific loading capacities, your selected mounting kit must be rigid enough to match the application features of the spring to optimize its service life. The product is designed to provide all the necessary hardware for helper spring installation. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with premature damages due to weaker mounts that wears or tears on the spring too early. To match the strength and great functionality of the part, quality helper spring mounting kits are engineered to be equally dependable so it will last longer. While the product is manufactured from high grade and durable materials, it comes treated or plated with anti-rust material to address the need to be protected from street and off road hassles to which your vehicle's suspension frame is constantly exposed. While Hellwig springs and mounting kits are designed to maximize the loading capacity of your vehicle, you must not exceedingly beyond the maximum gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicle to prevent failure.

            Hellwig Sway Bar

            Among the active components of your ride's suspension frame, your factory sway bar will eventually need to be overlooked for replacements. While it works to strengthen the frame as it adapts to road irregularities, it is also constantly exposed to all forms of contaminants which come inevitable with daily driving applications. For equally dependable and tough sway bar constructions, Hellwig sway bar makes a perfect candidate once the factory part needs replacement. Its strengthened construction is rigid enough to withstand the rigors of daily driving applications. Fitted for medium to heavier loading applications, the product is engineered to enhance the weight distribution throughout the suspension frame of your vehicle. To establish better driving control and vehicle stability over any possible road conditions, this high grade sway bar replacement is designed to reduce body roll which greatly improves cornering traction and cornering capabilities. As direct-fit and OEM match replacement, the product is manufactured to the factory dimension of the original part. It comes with a 4140 chrome moly spring tool depending on the package specifications with absolutely hassle-free fitment specifications. While it is engineered and developed to meet the demands of your vehicle' specific year, model, and make of application; you can enjoy great and lasting maintenance results when trusting Hellwig on your next scheduled replacement. With its million-mile product warranty, having your ride equipped with tough sway bar replacements offers cost effective solution to smoothening out your vehicle's handling features with optimized loading capacity.

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