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            HiLift Jack

            The HiLift jack is a handy tool when it comes to taking care of your vehicle. The jack basically lifts part of the vehicle, to make repair or maintenance more convenient. A regular jack can do the job, but why entrust your vehicle to an average, run-of-the-mill jack? After two or three times of use, these ordinary jacks may even collapse under your vehicle's weight. A heavy-duty jack from HiLift ensures dependable lifting for your vehicle. The lightweight HiLift jack features a 4,660-pound rated capacity. This jack includes climbing pins that are carefully designed with 125,000 PSI tensile and 100,000 PSI yield. The HiLift jack's steel bar is constructed with specially rolled extra-high carbon steel, which has a minimum tensile amount of 80,000 pounds. The HiLift jack comes with bolts and adjustable clamps that guarantee safety and convenience in use. To aid in hassle-free dismantling, the jack automatically disengages when the load is removed. Since the HiLift jack's first release in 1905, HiLift now offers three types of vehicle jack: X-treme Jack, Cast/Steel Jack, and the All-Cast Jack. The three types of jack are all made from zinc-coated hardware for maximum resistance to rust and damage. This means that a HiLift jack lasts longer than other jacks on the market. However, a HiLift jack can only do so much in vehicle repair. You also have to do some of the work by taking necessary precaution in using a jack on the road. Make sure that your vehicle is steadily parked on a flat surface when you use the HiLift jack. Push the Hi-lift jack against the vehicle's frame, for the jack to properly support the vehicle's weight. If you're tired of inadequate support from flimsy jacks, head to Auto Parts Warehouse and order a HiLift jack. Browse our online catalog of aftermarket jacks and get the best deals on HiLift products.

            HiLift Tool Kit

            Driving is both fun and difficult. It takes a lot of knowledge and attitude to make driving a safe and enjoyable experience. However, if you want to enjoy your driving adventure, you have to arm yourself with the right tools to keep you safe on the road. One of the wisest measures to take is buying a HiLift tool kit. Bringing this HiLift tool kit with you is important since you never know what hazards you might encounter on the road. As a responsible car owner, you should always be equipped with essential tools needed for automotive repair and adjustments. The HiLift tool kit provides you with easy access to these tools. The HiLift tool kit includes an adjustable wrench that can be used on nuts and bolts of various sizes. This wrench is handy in loosening or tightening bolts and screws in your vehicle. Another essential tool in this tool kit is the continuity tester. The continuity tester checks if there is a smooth and uninterrupted electrical path between different electrical parts in your vehicle. The HiLift tool kit's funnels are convenient in loading fluid and oil. The kit also includes a car jack. The jack is the most indispensable tool in changing your vehicle's tires since a flat tire is the most common vehicle problem most drivers encounter. This is why HiLift makes sure that all the brand's tool kits carry a car jack. Tool kits are especially helpful in ensuring vehicle and passenger safety during an off-road travel. Having a HiLift tool kit in your vehicle is also beneficial for everyday driving. The tools in this handy kit should be enough reason for you to order a HiLift tool kit today. Check out our online catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse and order the tool kit you want. Only Auto Parts Warehouse can get you discounts on the HiLift tool kit.

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