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            Hitachi Products

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            Hitachi: Keeping Its Philosophy of Quality, Cost, Development, Delivery, and Speed

            Established in 1985, Hitachi manufactures premium-quality drivetrain components and electronic-control technologies. This company has been one of the largest industrial corporations in the world, and it produces over 20,000 automotive components. Its product line includes fuel injection relays, car starters, and ignition coils among others.

            Hitachi dedicates itself to creating automotive components that deliver maximum performance. It sets quality as one of its major priorities, ensuring that each product it offers carries superior quality. This company consistently improves its products, services, and processes in order to redesign its quality management system. Client relationships are equally important as product quality for Hitachi. This company believes that customer satisfaction is one of the metrics of a company's success. In fact, Hitachi has been a leading JIT (Just in Time) supplier for various automotive companies. It values customer feedback and uses it for the improvement of its services.

            Highly adaptable ignition coils

            Hitachi takes pride in its precise machinery of aftermarket components that match or even go beyond OE specifications, giving consumers enhanced vehicle performance without compromising quality. The firm's ignition coils come as induction coils that convert the 12-volt current from a battery into the high-voltage electricity needed by the spark plugs to ignite the combustible gas. What's unique with these ignition coils is that they are designed to be located close to the spark plug so that the vehicle can get the most efficient spark and eliminate the necessity of having spark plug wires. In addition, these aftermarket components are precisely machined to offer outstanding durability and the least current fluctuation. Their connectors are also gold-plated to prevent rust from building up and eating the ignition coils. With the options of a plug top, pencil design, and plug-hole types, consumers can surely choose the perfect ignition coils for their automobile.

            Well-calibrated mass air flow sensors

            Found in the intake air stream, the mass air flow sensors are responsible for measuring the mass of the air that goes into the engine. The sensors from Hitachi take pride in effectively controlling the engine's air-to-fuel ratio to provide the car with better fuel economy and minimized emissions. Unlike most aftermarket air flow sensors, Hitachi's sensors are made of high-quality components that give way to an improved durability and a boost in the vehicle's performance. Each of these mass air flow sensors are calibrated for each application to promote engine efficiency and fuel mileage. Plus, the brand's replacement parts are 100% air flow-tested, making them ideal for long-term use.

            Rugged alternators

            With the rise in vehicle electrical requirements year on year, alternators continually receive heavier loads to properly operate the car. That is why Hitachi has dedicated time and effort in researching the specifications required to make a tough and functional alternator. Through its in-house manufacturing techniques, Hitachi now offers alternators that are capable of handling the higher demands of 12-volt systems as well as supporting the future course for implementing 42-volt systems. Designed to deliver high-output and air-cooling mechanism, the corporation's alternators come as OE-style replacements, allowing customers to have speedy installation using only basic tools for car repair.

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