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About Honda

Honda's Power to Dream

When Soichiro Honda set out to revolutionize the automotive industry, he built his company on a foundation of--supposedly--impossible dreams. His forward-thinking attitude led his company to grow and become a leader in the automotive industry. Honda's vision is to be at the forefront of innovation--to develop leading-edge technologies for motorcycles, automobiles, robotics, and aviation. Through the power of dreams, Honda strives to create products of the highest quality and at an affordable price.

Walk Assist: The next step in human mobility

Fueled by passion and a desire to improve human mobility, Honda developed the Walk Assist Devices: Stride Management and Body Weight Support Assist. These devices were designed to help people regain their freedom of motion. The Stride Management Assist device, for instance, helps a person who can still walk but with weakened muscles. It helps them regulate their pace and lengthens their stride. The Body Weight Support Assist device, for its part, helps support a portion of a person's body weight to reduce the load on the muscles and joints. This device lessens physical exertion and reduces physical fatigue. Honda strives to develop innovative technology to go far beyond its status as a leading automobile manufacturer.

ASIMO: The future of humanoid robots

Empowered by pursuing the impossible and years of research in many scientific fields, Honda developed ASIMO, a sophisticated humanoid robot. ASIMO was created to make people's lives easier, and it evolved from being an "automatic machine" to an"autonomous machine". Using the latest technology in intelligence capacity, task-performing, and physical abilities, ASIMO can now be programmed to do many things such as recognize a face and voice simultaneously, change its behavior while interacting with people, and avoid collision by predicting a person's walking direction within a few seconds. Perhaps most impressive of all, ASIMO was also designed with a compact, sensitive, and functional multi-fingered hand so it can twist off a glass bottle's cap with close to the same precision of a human hand. Ultimately, Honda hopes that ASIMO will be able to help people who are lacking in mobility.

FCX Clarity: Harnessing the power of the fuel cell

Driven by the spirit to revolutionize technology and pursue clean energy sources, Honda developed the FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The engineers at Honda designed a car that was easy to refuel, operable in freezing weather conditions, comfortable, sporty, and fun to drive. The heart of the FCX Clarity is its V-Flow Fuel cell stack, which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity to power the car. It's certainly very green--with the only byproducts of its energy-producing process being heat and water vapor. The FCX has a new compact and high-output electric motor that is quieter, faster, and more efficient. Clearly, Honda found creative solutions to give the next generation a cleaner environment to enjoy.

Honda wants everyone's dream to be a reality. Through its desire to serve humanity, it will continue to develop technologies that will benefit the future of mankind.

Honda Highlights

Honda's Green Machine: The Fit EV

The Honda Fit is known to be a fun car to drive because of its sporty handling and overall quality. With the advent of the electric vehicles or EVs, Honda introduces its own specific brand of green machine into the mix--the Fit EV. This particular EV is packed with features designed to address all the demands of an urban excursion. The Honda Fit EV promises to paint a smile on your face, every time you drive.

Li-ion Batteries are Included

Honda's commitment to research and development led them to a breakthrough: a 20kWh Li-ion (Lithium ion) battery module. The durability and capacity of these batteries have increased dramatically--it can be charged up to 4,000 times and it only takes 3 hours to charge from a 240-volt outlet. Fit EV owners can also program the car's charger to turn on or off, via its Multi-Information Display or a smart phone app. Now, people can take advantage of their power company's off-peak hours and save more money.

Fast, Nimble, and Powerful

If a 1.5-liter gasoline-fed Honda Fit produces 106 lbs-ft of torque, then you're in for a surprise. The Honda Fit EV produces 188 lbs-ft of toque, thanks to its 92 kWh high-density coaxial electric motor. Honda also included the 3-Mode Drive System which allows the driver to choose his or her driving style: Normal, ECON or Sport mode. It gives you the freedom to either stretch its miles between charges or a race down the freeway. The Fit EV lets you personalize your desired driving experience.

Fitting Style and Comfort

Sugarcane-based material--what is this? It may surprise you but the Fit EV's seats are made from it. Honda's engineers chose this material to lessen the demand for nutritional crops like corn. Aside from its plant-based seat fabric, this car also has automatic climate control which sets the cabin temperature for you. You can easily set it, and it will remember your desired settings. If you need to find the nearest 240-volt charging station, the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System can help you by pushing its TALK button. Honda made sure that the Fit EV will fit your style while giving you a comfortable ride.

Fit for Safety

Enhancing the safety designs and features of all vehicles is Honda's commitment to everyone. The Fit EV has been installed with standard safety features like the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), six airbags, and an Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) system. An Occupant Position Detection System is also installed to help the driver and passengers by deploying front and front-side airbags during a collision. Engineers also included an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure to improve occupant protection during frontal crashes. The LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) safety feature provides an easy and convenient way to attach child seats. Honda will continue to research on new innovations to help enhance road safety.

Although the Honda Fit EV's production will be limited to only 1,100 units over the first three years, and it's only on a lease program, this car's 82-mile range and its 118-mpg fuel consumption beats the other EVs in its class. The Honda Fit EV is paving the way towards a sustainable future.

Honda Trivia

The Honda Initiatives

  • The "White Pearls" or high-quality soybeans grown by local farmers in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan are exported by Honda to Japan.
  • Honda created two walking assist device prototypes called the"Walk Assist" to help people who are physically challenged.
  • Honda's commitment to safety inspired it to install driver and front passenger airbags as standard safety features, the first automaker to do so, even before the federal government mandated it.
  • To minimize injuries sustained by pedestrians during accidents, Honda's engineers designed a pedestrian test dummy to help them identify what areas of a vehicle can cause the most damage.
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