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            Hummer Parts and Accessories

            We have 4,066 Items for Hummer In-stock.

            About Hummer

            Hummer: From America's Battlefields to Her Streets

            It's certainly a glaring testimonial for any vehicle to be able to hold up to the rigged and strict standards of the United States Army. In every battle America has fought since 1984, the Humvee has been the workhorse the troops counted on. Ruggedness on any and all terrain, versatility, and modular build made her ideal for any military engagement.

            Though AM General had originally planned to release a civilian version, it took the persistence of no less than action star Arnold Schwarzenegger to bring that plan to fruition. The problem was that the Humvee was too powerful and dangerous for civilian use. This fueled a wave of innovations that Hummer users now enjoy.

            Duramax V8

            In battle, there was nothing wrong with a vehicle that could charge into any trouble and come out unscathed. The problem AM General had was that quality might not translate to safety on roads across America. As a result, the first Hummer to come out, the H1, was deemed underpowered by the buying public. This caused much difficulty for GM, who eventually took over marketing responsibilities.

            The answer was the 6.6-liter Duramax V8. It struck the balance between the consumer's need for power, and GM's need for peace of mind. With an impressive 305 bhp at 3000 revolutions per minute, the Duramax was perfect to carry the bulk and weight of the massive Hummer and transform it into the vehicle of choice for the off-road adventurer.

            CITS (Central Tire Inflation System)

            When it comes to off-roading, power is just one part of the equation-tire pressure is another. On flat, level roads, higher pressures are required-on rougher terrain, that high pressure can cause you to pop a tire real quick. Enter the CITS. This handy innovation allowed Hummer owners the unique ability to inflate or deflate their front tires or their rear tires, or even all four altogether.

            Under normal driving conditions, the Hummer's tire pressure rests at 26 psi up front and 28 psi in the rear. Should the driver require it to carry heavier loads, he could bring that up to 45 psi with just a flick of a switch! Off-roading? Bring it down to 20 psi. Driving through deep snow or mud? Cut it lower to 10 psi. The system even warns the driver if he goes too far either way!

            Do they work?

            All these are good to talk about, but how well do these innovations perform under real life conditions? Well, in 1990, a pair of Hummers ran a gauntlet of extremely rough terrain from London to Beijing, through the former Soviet Union-a tough journey if there ever was one-yet the Hummer completed it with great ease!

            Hummer Highlights

            When a Hummer is More Than a Hummer

            If you haven't seen a Hummer limousine, you are missing half your life. They seem to be an affront to all things normal. Too wide already to fit most parking spaces and smaller roads, the Hummersine seems to stretch that even more-pardon the pun-by making it unwieldy length-wise. One has to admit, however, that it makes for a spacious and luxurious interior.

            Versatility in ruggedness

            That kind of set up represents the extreme range of customizability that the Hummer gives you. If you're not into that kind of ludicrous extravagance, there are other options in customization that might be more up to your tastes. Here are a couple of ideas that might help you get the most out of your Hummer.

            The hipster

            This custom job brings together a lot of different components to make your Hummer stand out in a crowd. The first things you can customize are the lights. Off the bat, you can change out your front headlights with more powerful Xenon variants. Complement this with a light bar up top for an outdoor party, some h-racks up top to stow the drinks and supplies, and even a tricked-out audio package to make good use of the real estate out back.

            The hero

            The hero set up focuses on the immense potential for rescue and recovery operations that the hummer makes possible. First off will be a couple of winch options-these you can mount up front to help you pull things out of mud or water. If you have the SUT variant with the open bed at the back, you can put in a covered slant back or tonneau to helps shelter people or supplies for rugged transport.

            The sky (and your budget) is the limit to the amazing things you can do on and with your Hummer. One word of advice if you want to start building that dream Hummer: make sure you're getting parts that fit the right variant!

            Hummer Trivia

            We Bet You Didn't Know that...

            • While filming "Kindergarten Cop" in 1992, Arnold Schwarzenegger saw military Humvees drove by
            • Since 2001, Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies (HOPE) has been using Hummer vehicles for disaster relief and rescue. Volunteer autos were prominent during the 9-11 attacks and Hurricane Rita.
            • The H1 can ford over 30 inches of water. But, while the military version can ford deeper, the civilian Hummer has one up over its military equivalent due to its waterproof driver compartment!
            • If you got a Hummer, it's hard NOT to stand out on the road. With your ride's signature Hummer parts such as its extra wide windshields, solid top, and sophisticatedly rugged front grille and bumper, it should only take you a few seconds to spot it even in a jam-packed traffic. But as you must already know as an owner of a high-capacity and stylish off-road vehicle, having a Hummer isn't just about sporting a good-looking ride and eclipsing most of the vehicles on the road. It's also about unleashing the power it packs under its hood with the least effort and fuel intake. You can do that by regularly maintaining and servicing the systems in your ride. And most important of all, you should never settle for sub-standard Hummer parts, or even Hummer accessories, when it comes to upgrading, tuning, and replacing worn components in your ride. Good thing, looking for heavy-duty Hummer auto parts for your ride is easy at Auto Parts Warehouse. We got thousands of Hummer performance and accessory components in stock. From exterior parts, such as vent visors, mud flaps, and nerf bars, to interior and underhood components such as air filters, struts, and switches, our catalog carries almost any part you'll need and possibly want for your Hummer-be it an H1, H2, or H3 model. Just go over our online shelves through our user-friendly search tools that you'll find on almost every page of our site; you can use our search bar and you can also use our Part Finder search box where you only need to enter your Hummer's specs to get a comprehensive list of items available for your ride. We also offer our products at really good prices and with a low price guarantee, so you can really save a lot whichever item you choose. But that's not all-shipping is free for orders worth $50 and up! So keep your ride's performance and looks outstanding by getting Hummer parts only from Auto Parts Warehouse.