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            IAT Sensor Relocator or Relocation Kit: How to Go About It

            The IAT sensor relocator or relocation kit is equal parts a modification and a way to fix your faulty IAT (intake air temperature) sensor to make your car work better. It's said by car modifiers that by relocating your IAT sensor (usually at your intake manifold), you'll be able to get more out of your car by improving its performance, reducing fuel consumption, decreasing startup time, and so forth.

            Difficulty Level: Moderate

            What You'll Need

            • Harnesses
            • Zip ties
            • Duct tape
            • Wire mesh
            • Silicone buffer
            • Tubing (optional)
            • Hacksaw (optional)
            • IAT sensor relocator or relocation kit

            Step 1:Open the hood of your car then find the intake air hose. This hose comes out of the air cleaner assembly. This hose will lead you to the IAT sensor, which is what you're supposed to access and move to a better place in your car.

            Step 2:The IAT sensor might be combined with the mass air flow sensor and located in the air intake duct together in the case of a car model with a double-overhead cam engine. At any rate, you'll need to remove your IAT sensor next.

            Step 3:When relocating your IAT sensor, it should be placed somewhere that protects it from bugs, rocks, and the elements. There should be a balance between unrestricted airflow and ensuring its wellbeing.

            Step 4:The IAT sensor "relocator" is essentially tubing that assists and improves airflow for your car component. If you don't have such a locator, you can make one with a ½-inch 1-ply silicone tubing in your garage that you've sawed off with a hacksaw.

            Step 5:Stick your tubing or relocator on the sensor's end. Usually, half an inch provides the snuggest fit for your IAT component. The tubing snippet should be long enough to protect your sensor but not too long to the point of hampering its supply of free-flowing air.

            Step 6:A good relocation kit should have male and female plugs included in the package so you don't have to cut anything. You can make plugs yourself by snipping two wires in the middle to the sensor, then splicing the desired length and finding a suitable cover for it.

            Step 7:You can add duct tape to add weatherizing and stabilization to your wire-ends. Afterwards, snake the cable through the front of your car by going at the top of your upper radiator baffle on the passenger side (mostly to get it out of the way of airflow maximization).

            Step 8:You can secure the cable to your modular auxiliary cooling unit or some other nearby component with a zip tie and more duct tape. Your zip ties and duct tape will also help in putting all extraneous cables and tubes away.

            Step 9:As for ensuring IAT sensor protection, you could make use of a silicone buffer and a wire mesh to maximize airflow to your relocated IAT sensor while at the same time keeping it shielded from sleet, rain, insects, and critters.

            An IAT sensor relocation kit can either include a special tube that allows you to relocate your IAT sensor at another place while still being powered by your car or a whole kit that even includes a spare IAT sensor. However, as a matter of full disclosure, there are car owners that warn against doing this modification, alleging that its improvements are minimal and amateur modifiers can wreck their vehicle in the process.

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