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About Infiniti

To Infiniti and Beyond

The 80s was the decade when Japanese automobiles started becoming popular in North America. Japanese automotive companies experienced a boom in the U.S. during this time as more and more Americans learned to appreciate cars that are more compact and less expensive than their American-manufactured counterparts. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan thrived and were able to get a sizable share of the mid-level automotive market. They didn't stop at that though-Toyota, Honda, and Nissan also looked to grab a share of the premium segment. However, luxury vehicles didn't fit with the more mainstream image of the three brands. That led Toyota and Honda to develop the Lexus and Acura brands respectively. Nissan, on the other, hand, was preparing to launch Infiniti-the company's very own premium division.

Competition for U.S. and European Brands

Infiniti's original goal was to go toe-to-toe with U.S. and European automakers that lorded over the luxury car market. Infiniti aimed to accomplish that via the release of their first two models-the Infiniti Q45 and the Infiniti M30. These two led the charge for Nissan's premium brand. Although very different from each other, the Infiniti Q45 and the Infiniti M30 were designed to compete with popular luxury models such as the BMW 7, the Mercedes S-Class, and the Jaguar XJ.

Looking Towards The Future

After two decades, Infiniti has firmly established itself in the premium automobile market. Today, the brand has turned its attention towards the future. With recent innovations such as the hydraulic body motion control system and the back-up collision intervention system, automotive consumers can expect cutting-edge technology from Infiniti automobiles.

Infiniti Highlights

2012 Infiniti M35h: A World Record Holder

Not many automobiles have the distinction of being referred to as a Guinness record holder. The 2012 Infiniti M35h, a full hybrid automobile from Nissan's luxury brand, is one of the select few that has made it into Guinness' records. And mind you, the M35h's record isn't for something that's as trivial as being the vehicle with the lightest side mirrors or whatnot. Instead, the 2012 Infiniti M35h holds the record of being the fastest full hybrid automobile in the entire globe-a record that Infiniti can truly be proud of. That's not an easy feat by any means.

A Hybrid of Performance and Economy

The 2012 Infiniti M35h set the world record by finishing quarter-mile runs in an average of just 13.9 seconds. The M35h was able to go beyond the 100mph-mark in each run with the help of its 3.5-liter V6 engine that's capable of 302hp and its electric motor that's capable of 67hp. This impressive accomplishment puts it a notch above its competitors such as the BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF and proves that performance need not be sacrificed in favor of fuel economy.

A Testament to Infiniti's Commitment to Innovation

Infiniti has brought the automotive industry many firsts. Examples of these are the hydraulic body motion control system and the back-up collision intervention system that are equipped in Infiniti vehicles. While the 2012 Infiniti M35h may not be the first manufactured hybrid car in the world, it's certainly one of the best as evidenced by the world record it holds. You may be aware that Infiniti started working on hybrids quite a bit late when compared to its competitors; but despite that, it was able to match-and in some aspects surpass-the technology employed by other automakers. Again, there's no better proof of the statements above than the Infiniti M35h.

Infiniti Trivia

Trivia Time: Infiniti Edition

  • Carlos Ghosn, Infiniti's CEO, is not just a businessman. He’s a superhero too—at least in Japanese comics. The manga comic book “The True Story of Carlos Ghosn” was based on the CEO’s life.
  • The Infiniti G35, one of the brand's most popular vehicles, is often referred to as the Japanese BMW.
  • Infiniti’s M35h car holds the record for being the world’s fastest full hybrid automobile. It’s powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that’s capable of 302hp and an electric motor that boasts 67hp.
  • Infiniti is Nissan Motors contribution to the luxury automobile industry with its full-line up of models that include the Sedan, M sedan, G Coupe, Convertible, QX full-size SUV, and EX and FX crossovers. Nissan started marketing the Infinity luxury vehicle line, together with Infiniti parts and Infiniti accessories in the United States in 1989. It went up against established brands from Europe like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz and almost folded, a decade after. But Nissan knew that it was just part of their growth process as an Asian automobile manufacturer, trying to break into the European and Northern American automobile luxury market. So Nissan just went ahead and made sure that everything about Infiniti, including the manufacturing of original Infiniti parts and Infiniti accessories were not just at par, but well and above the competition. Over time, the Nissan Infiniti line developed a top-notch sport-tuned formula, up-to-date technology, and electrifying design-befitting of vehicles with a $50,000 price tag and above. They've left no stone unturned when it came to their line's development from comfort and safety to form, performance, and prestige. Today, Infiniti continues to run along the bigger names and as proof of its continued success-they've recently unveiled their new division called the Infiniti Performance Line. This latest addition to the growing Infiniti family has an emphasis on style and performance, as well as on OEM-level fit and finish. So if you're a proud owner of an Infiniti vehicle, and are looking for quality Infiniti parts and Infiniti accessories at an affordable price, stay right where you are. Even though your Infiniti is a luxury vehicle, did you know that its replacement parts and accessories need not be bought at a luxurious price? At Auto Parts Warehouse, we have a wide selection of your Infiniti replacement needs on a low price guarantee. Just tell us how much other sites are selling their Infiniti products for and we'll match it and lower the price for you. So why not place that order right now?